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  1. I had to check, but no, they don't.
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    The Crypt

    isn't there a dragon egg somewhere? I think it is time for Tyrion to have one as well. Maybe the fires will hatch it
  3. I couldn't agree more. I try to remind myself not to expect something incredible from the story (just enjoy the visual stuff), but it is really hard to watch such a complex world portrayed as simple and plain as "an endless night". If there was a huge twist in our fierce NK's motivation (given the number of episodes left) they could have played it out in this episode imo. Also, something is "wrong" with Dany's character this season. I just can't find the logic in her actions or words. The conversation she had with Sansa was so unreal. She is not authentic at all. I read some of the opinions here on the forum, but I really don't get it. I feel like there is no end to the drama we get, but come on, it is the final season, I need closure. The song was a really nice touch though at the end. I just hope the show won't end like Lost. It will be nothing sweet in the promised bitter sweet ending if they don't give us some explanations. Am I the only one scared of a "Lost-like ending"?
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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Don't you think there is some kind of magic behind killing Shireen? Maybe this is them showing the magic Mel did with Mance? Or maybe I just try to find some answers, because it was sudden as hell.. Actually, I think it was a good episode. Yes, I liked the book version better (the whole dragon scene gave me the strangest goosebumps I have ever had, this beast so wild, it felt real, but in the show it was like "good guy Drogon saving the day"), but considering it all, it is hard to put something like this on TV, and they certainly get so much attention with it. It all makes it good.