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  1. What's good about GOT, even the minor characters or so we think, does a great deal of difference to the show :)

  2. I gave this episode a 9. This episode is the next best thing after the Blackwater episode so far, at least for me. Who would not like Brienne/Jaime scene with Brienne watching Jaime piss plus the sword fight. I think I will start to love Sansa this episode and throughout the season - Sansa/Olenna/Margaery scene was very satisfying Orell warging is so two-thumbs up. I would sooner want to meet Varamyr too! Arya scene was ok and Catelyn scene too. But it isn't too boring as most of them say. I just find it twisted with her mentioning loving Jon Snow -- then not again Theon too! I wasn't expecting him to appear this episode knowing that in the books he wouldn't appear that so soon, rather the series follows entire book plot. I found him cute tho, being tortured. LOL Ygritte's voice Hodor saying Hodor Jojen appearing to the scene with a SWAG. Just reminds me of Chuck Bass or Sebastian from Glee (Haha!) Anyway, Reeds with the Starks -- that scene is a milestone My first post. Yay! To sum it up, I really love this episode. Watching your most and least favorite characters in the books come to life while waiting them say the words in the books (or similarly), watching the scenes that formed up in your head while reading the books come to life just gives me tickles in my guts with a big smile! Good job! :D :thumbsup: :cheers:
  3. I want to be The Queen!