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  1. i watch castlevania and his, on the nose, james bond stories. it, also, is always a sound move to revisit transmetropolitan. it is still fucking relevant. the batman's grave seemed hamfisted, at first, but is coming around.
  2. whether it dies on the vine or not, if you stick wellis' name on something; i'm gonna read it. also, how brubaker is the doomsday clock movie??? i almost wish they'd have just left it out. i'm on issue 9 and it could turn back into to something that actually matters but jeez...it takes me outta the story every damn time.
  3. Good lord, babe. Didn't think you hit this anymore. I got a PM from Laron, that brought me out. Miss ya.

  4. have a good 4th, shannon.

    all the best,

    allen :)

  5. i just saw your comment..lol.

    have a good 4th baby. :)

  6. You will always be special to me :love:

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