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  1. I think he was leaving the rings for his little spiders. Also, did people think that Varys had already started to make a move against Dany, by potentially poisoning her food? Or was the fact that he was told by the little girl "[Dany] hasn't eaten anything for days" merely information? If so, why did he tell the little girl that rick and reward are commensurate?
  2. Ask Gwendoline Christie's agent! There's no real good reason that Brienne couldn't have been back at Winterfell for Lady Mormont's stiirring speech on behalf of Jon Snow (give that girl an Emmy now!)
  3. Word! I think everyone has their own definition of verisimilitude or suspension of disbelief. For some, since dragons are not real in our world they have their own rules of how they should interact with "reality," but since wooden stags ARE real in our world we should be able to predict how they would interact with reality.
  4. This!! If Rickon was smarter I really think he (maybe) could have survived Ramsay's little game. Either zig zag or turn around and look to see where the arrow is coming from. (I bet Ramsay would have had the whole archery section shoot him down then). But I was also really annoyed at Jon falling for all of Ramsay's traps. I don't know how I feel about Sansa. I know people are mad at her, but honestly I think she did the right thing. She knew Ramsay would have a trap for Jon and would use his entire army to do so. However, I expected them to have some kind of secret solution for how to get into Winterfell when the walls are down. If Wun Wun hadn't sacrificed himself wouldn't we be faced with a siege at this point? Did anyone see LF with the Knights of the Vale? I didn't... They were basically toast and would have all died (when the music started and Jon was being trampled I almost fainted because I thought Jon was going to be dead also!) Love, love, love that it was Sansa who watched Ramsay finally die, and that it was the dogs that did it. Where the f*** is Ghost?
  5. I think that Arya probably runs into the Theater troupe. I really hope that the whole ambush is a set up to kill the Waif. To me, it was immediately obvious that the kindly old woman approaching Arya was the Waif with a new face, why wouldn't Arya have been suspicious as well? I'm intrigued by the "note" that Margaery passed on to the Queen of Thorns. It's just a picture of the flower on the crest of House Tyrell, right? What's its significance? Is it evidence that Margaery still has House Tyrell on her mind? Why not have a note with actual words on it instead of an easily misinterpreted sketch?I am glad that we got confirmation quickly that Margaery is not a religious zealot. Does anyone think that Tommen is faking his zeal?
  6. Many questions.... In Bran's Flashback/FlashForward how is he seeing things where a Weirwood is not present? can he "greensee" any moment any where? Also, does anyone else totally NOT believe Margaery is a devout little SevenHead now? She is so smart, I'm pretty sure she is playing the High Sparrow (and Tommen) in order to get her ass out of there. Once she has been able to get Loras freed it will be on like Donkey Kong! Hmmmm,you know why the last two episodes have been so enjoyable? NO Ramsay Bolton! I am also psyched that A Girl did the right thing and became Arya again!
  7. Why do people think that Sansa has feelings for Littlefinger? Isn't it obvious that she is just playing the role of the lovestruck girl to survive? I loved the inclusion of so much information about Rhaegar and Lyanna. When I read the books I completely missed the clues about the parentage of Jon Snow. It does appear to me that D&D are going to get more explicit about releasing this information on the show, probably by the end of this season.
  8. Who the heck was that dude? Has we seen him before? One aspect of S3E09's aftermath is that basically now the only people at The Wall the audience knows or cares about are Lord Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Gilly, Little Sam, Dolorous Edd, Aemon Targaryen (and maybe the little kid who killed Ygritte). Janos Slyn, Allister and Tormund are also still at Castle Black as well but do we really care about them? I thought the episode was good, not great. In the books, Jon is my favorite character (and then Arya) but in the show it is probably Tyrion followed by Brienne/Arya. Stannis I really don't care about one way or the other.
  9. Agreed! It's hard to believe there's only three episodes left and we have so many big moments left from ASOS to get through: 1) Death of Tywin by Tyrion; Shae's ultimate betrayal and timely end! 2) Escape of Tyrion with an assist from Varys 3) Oberyn losing the Trial By Combat with the Mountain, but Mountain succumbing as well (am I remembering this right from the books that both of them die??) 4) unCat! 5) Attack on the Wall / Stannis arrival / Stannis temps Jon with Winterfell / Jon elected Lord Commander of NightWatch Anything I missed? How do you think D&D will change things from the Books? (Note none of these pivotal events involve Dany at all, so I suspect some of her ADWD story will show up before the end of this season. Also, will they give us Bran's 3-eyed crow?)
  10. Hear, hear! For me, as well, by far the best parts of Book 4 and Book 5 were the *sob* few Arya chapters, especially as Dany's went rapidly downhill and Tyrion's meandered. As for the episode itself, I agree with everyone who said that the Dreadfort scene was ridiculous. Ramsay is in a swordfight shirtless and doesn't get a scratch on him? (He has scratches from the rough sex with Myranda beforehand, methinks.) Ridonculously bad. Then it just turns into farce when the Iron Born run away from dogs! Sheesh. But Peter Dinklage tore up the scenery in the trial scene, I'm still rooting for Charles Dance to get an Emmy. I don't think he has had a bad scene in the show, EVER. The look on Jaime's face when Tywin says quickly "Done!" is PRICELESS.
  11. Interesting stuff! I QUITE liked this episode. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Bran and Jon's paths were going to cross. (After the reveal in S4E04 who knows who far B&B will deviate from the books!) Did anyone notice Cersei say she has been Queen for 19 years? That's a heck of a long time! And also remember Joffrey saying that his "uncle Jaime" is a washed-up 40-year old? Well, Jaime and Cersei are twins so Cersei is also 40. But I thought Cersei was a teen bride? There's some numbers that do not sem to be adding up there. Also, what was up with Ser Jorah saying that they had been fighting "Joffrey's wars fo years" in Westeros? How long, exactly was King Joffrey's reign? And whats up with crowning King Tommen when that has yet to officially happen in the books? I, myself, am looking forward to seeing the rise to power of the High Septon and Cersei being hoist on her own petard. Charles Dance needs an Emmy! That is all.
  12. Wait, wha...? Brienne is dead? I forgot that part. I have only read all the books once. The Brotherhood without Banners catches her and Pod I think I remember.... But I don't remember Brienne being toast. Is that gonna happen this season?
  13. It's even worse than you think. NO TYWIN!! (And No Arya!)
  14. WTF was going on with Littlefinger's accent? It's funny that you mention Batman because I caught a bit of The Dark Knight Rises on HBO earlier in the day and, honestly, the speech patter is pretty similar. I swear Aiden Gillen has had a different accent in every single season. But whatever he was doing on the boat (trying to whisper or whatever) was simply not working. My husband (who is Unsullied) said, "Yeah, the director should have just not accepted that take of the scene." Any episode without Varys is a weaker episode, in my book.
  15. Bronn always describes himself as a "sell-sword." It's obvious that a mercenary will sell his "loyalty" to the highest bidder. Tywin Lannister is the richest manin the Seven Kingdoms. Surely it was only a matter of time before Bronn sold out Tyrion to Tywin? The only question for me is how soon will we learn Shae's fate (our really, how soon in the season will Tyrion learn Shae's fate and thus learn how Bronn has deserted him.)
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