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  1. Kit is gonna be in new Xavier Dolan movie with Jessica Chastain so at least he'll catch a break. Emilia looks beyond terrible in this and that trailer is just embarrassing.
  2. He was adorable in this series :) I really liked Clemence Poesy's acting, they had such lovely chemistry together and both characters were flawed and relatable in a very realistic way.
  3. I've started watching Hunted because of Stephen Dillane (<3333) and Ellaria is in this too, they even share scenes :) I know both him and Dance are in Secret State and previous Daario had a scene with him in The Tunnel :) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the show runners
  5. I can give something 10 because it's entertaining. If you don't like the show and are so easily bothered by other people's opinions why on Earth are you on a FANboard, just go.
  6. Again with the 'clearly'. So I'm delusional and irrational because I gave it 10? I'm not saying it is flawless but I did love the episode. People 'bitching' as you put it is one thing but you are just downright insulting suggesting if someone rates the episode 10 has 'low standards'.
  7. Do you see a problem with your post? It's all subjective. But thinking your opinion Is the only one that is right/that matters is the problem here. I disliked ep.9 but I didn't spend time running around the boards asking people why they rate it 10 and telling them they are lying to themselves.
  8. I disliked last week's ep but liked this one. I LOVED Stannis moment - it played out differently than I imagined but it was amazing. The entire episode was very well paced, well acted and consistent. It was not without a flaw - CotF and BR were disappointing, LS omission was a mistake and lack of mentions about Tysha just puzzling but it had plenty of scenes that raised it above these flaws - Stannis, 2 funerals, chaining of dragons, Brienne....I gave it 9,7 placing it with Kissed by Fire but below Blackwater and Rains of Castamere.
  9. I loooved Stannis going under it and another classic 'don't care' moment from him. But then again I do not really care about Arya
  10. Man I was pissed last week but even I gave ep.9 6/10 I'm giving this one 10. Even with what it didn't have it was extremely well executed ep and Stannis' arrival was mesmerizing and that was the scene I was imagining for so long.
  11. Oh yeah! Also the whole Brienne/Hound fight had amazing cinematography, the shot of Tyrion strangling Shae shot from the distance, aerial shots of Stannis' army....really gorgeous stuff
  12. I really really really liked that finale. It would have been a 100 if it had LS, there were some stupid changes but they still worked within the episode - the lack of Tysha. But what really sold me is how well paced and filmed everything was - there were so many iconic shots and the acting was superb throughout from everyone involved
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