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    So what was this long story all about?

    It was ultimately about incestuous love, about Jaime's love for Cersei, truly. About the rise and fall of one of the richest and greatest Houses, the Lannisters, as a result of that love.
  2. Domeric Stark

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    I think this is because Jon is a Targaryen, so Drogon did not want to kill someone with Valyrian blood
  3. Domeric Stark

    Howland Reed Appearance ?

    Maybe if we had 8 or 10 episodes this season instead of 6
  4. Domeric Stark

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    I specialized went to the forums to post this. Daenerys is the green eyes (in the show at least she's supposed to have green eyes) that Arya is prophesied to kill - a lot of people were fooled into thinking it was Cersei.