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  1. Hi Parris. Wanted to send you a PM but it your mailbox is full I think. Hope you and George are well, please give me a shout when you have a chance, I have a private question for you.

  2. thanks dear one, I sent the link onto Ty for him to deal with, really appreciate thehelp with dealing with the evil pirates, as oppossed to the fun pirates.

    love you and will write more about when we'll see each other in Dublin in a day or two - Wed we do a hour long 'lesson' in falconry here with Harris hawks - totally stoked about that, but exhausted otherwise, love love love phipps

  3. Sorcha

    mail program screwed up. will try to LJ PM you a copy of the itinerary Saturday. We arrive Tuesday am, staying at the Clarence until Thursday.



  4. hello darlin' good to have you here - hope we all have a grand time in just few more days

    oxoxoxo Parris

  5. Parris

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    why baby dragons, of course, and a few Irish Elk that the lab worked up at the same time. Once the series starts, HBO will be offering the direwolves and Irish Elk as very special collectibles for the trufans to purchase.
  6. Parris

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    "woof woof"! Puppies! We're getting some very cute genetically modified 'dire wolf' puppies, bred from wolfhounds and some dna dug out of prehistoric direwolf bones! I'm really looking forward to teaching mine to 'fetch'.