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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Not very good at all. Honestly the only scene I thoroughly enjoyed was with Arya. Everything else was pretty poor IMO.
  2. YourMomsBox

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    I can not believe that Davos would ever follow Stannis again after what he did. Loyalty be damned.
  3. YourMomsBox

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    So who do we want dead first? Ramsay, Stannis or Melisandre? Preferably all at once but I'd pick Stannis. We knew Ramsay and Mel were bad news. Stannis is a POS!
  4. YourMomsBox

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    The dragon ride was pretty cheesy but what preceded it was pretty great. I'm mostly angry about Stannis. He is officially lower than Ramsay Bolton. Can't believe I'm saying it but I hope Ramsay has Stannis & Melisandre flayed alive. I hope all three of these sick bastards die soo .
  5. YourMomsBox

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    6/10. Good but I had some issues with it. Most notably the stuff at Winterfell. Long and drawn out when they could have gotten the point across w/o a stupid scene between Ramsay and Myranda. Such a waste of time and no one gives a damn about it. Missendei/Grey Worm? *Yawn* At least he is alive, that is good. Missed Kings Landing tonight. Fortunately next week we'll have Cersei/Margaery/QoT, Littlefinger and the Sparrows. That'll be good. Stuff at the Wall continues to be solid. Loving Jon this season.
  6. YourMomsBox

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Only thing I really hated about this episode was the stuff at Winterfell. Not a ton happened tonight but the end with the Stone Men and Jorah's greyscale was pretty great.
  7. I think Pyp and Grenn dying was fitting (but I kinda wish Pyp survived). Grenn's death was really special. In GoT, very few die in such a heroic manner. Most deaths are grisly and leave a bitter feeling (ala Ned, RW, the Viper and most minor characters). Grenn's scene was so great...better than any role he could have if he had lived on.
  8. Insulted, offended, defamation of character? Come on man...it's a freaking message board.
  9. Your not paying attention to what we are saying. Stupid filler scenes like Missandei's or the moron beetle crusher convo last week could have been cut and there could have been Wall preparation scenes...a lot of the stuff that was talk and not the actual fighting. The storyline of the Battle at the Wall didn't all need to be shoved into one episode. Spread it out over two or three episodes so that the battle isn't rushed and Stannis can arrive. It wouldn't be rushed, it'd be just right.
  10. Gotta love how Stannis fans are made out to be the crazies in this thread. We have the right to be ticked off. He has had basically nothing to do for nearly two full seasons. And any of the actual things Stannis does are instead credited to Melisandre in the show. D&D hate Stannis, and they do a good job of butchering his character. Any time they actually devote to his storyline is mostly just Melisandre. He is made to be a completely unlikeable and all of the brains behind the operation are not his but the Red Priestess.
  11. Totally agree with Alliser Thorne being awesome. I am assuming he lives which is great news. He came across as a true LC this episode. So badass. Loved every second he was in the episode.
  12. Blah...can't go on about this episode any longer. Ill just hope for the best next week but D&D blew it with the storyline at the Wall over the course of the season. They had too much filler scenes that few viewers actually cared about and all that filler material? Leave it for the first and second seasons. SoS has so much crucial material that filler scenes should not be necessary. All the stuff from the first half of this episode could have been spread throughout the last two episodes. This episode should have started with the battle and ended with the parlay and Stannis's knights arriving. It was totally feasible and could have been done wonderfully but they didn't. Lost a bit of faith tonight...sadly.
  13. From my previous post, I mean the Grey Worm subplot and Tyrion's story could have been cut last week to spread out the Battle at the Wall storyline.
  14. People defending the episode are saying the battle would have had to be rushed. The episode was like 45 minutes long and the actual battle didn't start until halfway thru it. But I'm sure multiple Gilly scenes, Jon and Sam and Aemon talking about love and just the overall preparation took a large portion of the episode. Maybe if they spared us a good 15-20 minutes of Grey Worm/Missandei and Tyrion talking about the beetle crushing moron they could have for in 15 minutes of preparation at the Wall that took up so much of the episode.
  15. Agreed about the battle. Stannis's arrival will probably seem not so special anymore. For TV viewers the way this episode ended felt like the Wildlings had lost. The Wall is already saved.