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  1. Stannis would have never ever burned his own flesh. That scene destroyed his whole character for me, it felt so damn wrong. That final scene was everything I wished it to be though.
  2. Don't know what some of you had against the last scene, I loved it especially as it shows Danys development so well. As a season finale it just doesn't work as well as the seasons before, but thats because of the book being splitted into two seasons. All in all it was one of the best episodes this season for me. PS: Dany is NOT showen as a "white savior", she is the mother of dragons and slaves. How can you read racism into the scene?
  3. OMG whats with the damn music at the end? This was so much no go and it was really badly timed too. Never ever I felt like this after an episode, it just was like a WTF oO moment which totally destroyed the whole episode. I even thought there was something wrong with my setup...
  4. Hey fans of ice and fire, new to the party! I voted 8, but I'm more for 7.5. It was a solid episode and I hadn't big problems with cats scene. What I really loved was Sansas scene with the QOT. Awesomly played by Turner, really loved how you could feel Sansas thoughts just by her acting, well done. Real things will start later this season, but still solid performance by all. And the Reeds... at last. :)
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