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  1. There is a thread for that: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/86155-book-spoilers-on-weddings/ You could try and get it moved to this episode's. Currently it is on Episode 6's.
  2. I have to say, I was not a huge fan of this episode. We are spending too much time with Theon. The scene with Robb and Talisa was too long. The bear pit let me down a bit but it was probably the best scene in the episode. Bronn and Tyrion part was really good. I guess they are building Shae so that we won't be too suprised when . They are making Tyrion to be almost as good of a person as Ned Stark or somehting... Margarey trying to get Sansa to look on the bright side. Tywin was very subtle in showing that Joffrey is the King but will not be doing whatever he wants as long as he is Hand. I liked his delay in say "your grace"...I wonder if Joffrey will forget that slight... Orell has no chance. Bran scenes aren't giving us anything. And of all the backstory's they give us an Osha backstory!! come on...
  3. I have no idea how they are going to convince me that Shae will betray Tyrion because he marries Sansa. She didn't seem like the jealous type at all in season 2. I think some of the fault for lack of character development or believability can be blamed upon the pacing. They have to get through so much so quickly that they can only spend just little time with each character. And Dany wasn't even in this episode! Craziness.
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