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  1. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I think I sometimes over rate on here so I considered this a lot more and went for 7/10. The "Battle of Winterfell" was disappointing, if they weren't going to show the action then why include it? I know fight scenes in the past have been cut to save money but this could have been so great... I find it amazing that so many men are loyal to the Boltons. I am definitely missing the other Northern Lords. Stannis meeting Brienne felt very contrived. (Was it a cliffhanger? There are few off screen deaths, I don't see why they would keep him alive though) The whole Dorne storyline this season has been a huge waste, I hope that they actually make it work next year (as surely they've set up for a Lannister/Martell fight). Arya was awesome in her first scene with Ser Meryn, and pleased to see her go blind. Reek, Sansa and Myranda's scene was also good, though surely that was not enough snow! Dany dropping the ring also felt a bit silly, I am totally expecting Daario to find that next year but that will be ridiculous as surely Drogon flew her so far away. As much as I love seeing Tyrion and Varys on screen together I would rather Varys were following his book plot... but you never know. The whole episode was made so much better by Cersei's walk. I really loved it, I thought it was really well done and that Lena played it so well. At the Wall I was sad that Sam suggested Old Town rather than Jon, Melisandre arriving gives me hope (but it seemed out of character for her to desert her king) and I felt really sorry for Ser Davos. The FTW moment though, was good, it's just a shame they trolled us by having Jon read letters without any of them being the pink letter, I was hoping for a rousing speech. A lot of people seem to have hated this season but I really liked it and looking forward to a re-watch... hope WoW comes out before Season 6 though as I'd rather be comparing a show to the book than a book to the show.
  2. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I gave it a seven. I enjoyed the plot but there were various things I didn't like: It was too easy for Ramsey's men to get in and burn Stannis's camp - I know they weren't expecting an attack but still. Stannis's decision was totally at odds with the character that they've been showing, and his wife's sudden remorse was also out of character. I know that they wanted to have the shock value of it, but showing the conversation between Stannis, Melisandre and Selyse could have shown the anguish in Stannis's decision. I hope it was worth it for him. As good as the fighting pit scene was there were a few negative moments, the fighter waiting an age to kill Jorah, allowing himself to be killed in the process. Expecting to believe that Jorah is a javelin expert as well. How long the SotH waited to attack when they encircled the group (I know in real life each person would be nervous and those rushing forward were getting picked off. How poor the unsullied seem in fights constantly. They are supposed to be the best soldiers around, the way they are described you would expect them to win with odds 5 against 1, yet it seems that just 1 on 1 they can't cope at times. Then there was the poor CGI/green screen effects once Dany got onto Drogan's back, they were so poor that it took me out of the scene completely. (Oh and nice of her to leave her friends behind, presumably still surrounded by enemies). That said there was still plenty to like. Not least just how good of a young actress the girl playing Shireen is, her death is a massive loss to the show imo. The scene with Jon and the wildlings waiting to come through the gate was perfectly done, and I called it earlier in the season but good to see Arya running into Ser Meryn. Also Drogon looked really good before Dany fancied a flight. Also bravo for a brothel scene without nudity! I said it to my friends after episode 8, I think episode 10 will be more climactic than episode 9 this year and I still stand by that, looking forward to it... FTW!
  3. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I don't often do it but I gave this episode a 10. Maybe as a whole episode in GoT terms it was only a 9, but I just loved the final shot with the Night's King, arms outstretched as all of those who had fallen on the battlefield stood back up. Genuinely sent shivers down my spine and was one of, if not the best moments TV moments I've experienced, comparable to the final scene in the Sopranos for just how much I loved it. I loved Arya's storyline, it's my favourite in the books so I'm pleased that out of all of the story threads this is one that is sticking fairly close to source material. Cersei licking the floor was also a great scene. It was a shame that they killed the female at Hardhome (Karsi IMDB informs me), as this story thread (really THE story thread) could use some interesting female characters, but I loved how they did it. The only thing I wasn't too sure on is that I think Dany is getting worse as an actress and character, maybe it's harsh on the actress, I feel her dialogue isn't as profound as the writers think and it felt a bit wooden between her and Tyrion. Maybe the scene with Sansa and Reek felt a bit forced/contrived too, but only because their last scenes weren't fresh in my mind.
  4. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 504?

    I gave it an 8, best of the season so far for me for a few reasons: I loved Littlefinger talking about the tourney, I know lots of people hate exposition but I'd like more of it. Barristan was a boss, as soon as Dany told him to go and sing a song for her I was worried for him given the title of the episode, but assuming he's down at least he looked awesome doing it. I think although the Faith Militant scenes were a little clunky they are setting things up well and showing how Cerci isn't as smart as she thinks she is and how weak Tommin is. The scenes at the wall were well executed and I liked the dialogue involving and about Jon. The things I didn't like: Sand Snakes seem disappointing and I don't particularly like where the show's gone with this... I prefer Arianne's book plan and that plot, but I guess we're only a few scenes into Dorne so will give them more of a chance. The Unsullied should have been better than they were in the situations presented to them. In Grey Worm's fight they weren't that significantly outnumbered and are supposed to be the best trained fighters on the show.
  5. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 410?

    One of my Unsullied friends is absolutely raving about it, saying it was the best episode so far. The only people I know really disappointed by it were book readers like myself. Personally, I did love it, so much going on, and I give my ratings as a comparison to other TV shows, it's still outstanding - really top of the field. I gave this episode a 9, only marking it down from my two little gripes, one as a viewer, one as a book reader, both involving Tyrion: The way they cut to him, it just seemed so sudden, it was day time one moment with an epic amazing non cannon scene which I loved, then we're with Tyrion for the first time in the episode and Jamie who'd been shagging his sister just earlier is freeing him - just didn't seem to flow to me. Also not really clear how he knew where to go (or why but more on that...) The conversation with Tyrion and Jamie, I loved that in the books and felt it really defined them both going forward (and inspired the death of Tywin more than Shea being there did). One plus is the fact that it seems D&D will have cut the whole "where do whores go" annoyance. I was disappointed that we didn't see LS, I'd been predicting that it'd be the last scene for a long time, but in the end thought what they did worked for TV purposes, and giving Maisie the last scene is never a bad thing... As alluded to Brienne and the Hound stole the show but also loved the look on Varys' face when the bells were ringing as well. Now just will they hurry up and finish season 5 or release WoW, I don't care which, I just need more!
  6. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Episode suffered a little for me because I watched 406 straight after which I thought was incredible, but still thought it was a good solid episode. I love the fact that they are at the Eyrie, but got annoyed with Robert knowing that Sansa's real name and the clumsy Jon Arryn reveal but was still good to see the craziness of Lysa. Love any scene with Maisie Williams and Rory McCann and Craster's seemed to tidy up where they'd gone off the rails a little.
  7. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 406?

    I loved the episode... Though when I rated I forgot about the Dreadfort scenes, which started well but Asha/Yara & companions running away from a few dogs despite being armed - plus giving Ramsay time to unlock the cages? I get the need for dramatic pauses but it seemed a bit stupid. Though I'm still happy to give it a 10 as Tyrion was a total boss, Tywin and Oberyn were fantastic whilst Cersei's actress is also doing a great job of making me hate her, also a good appearance from Stanis. Finished the episode wanting more thinking it was the best they'd done for a while!
  8. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 401?

    I gave it a great solid 8. Love having the show back, and thought the pacing was a lot better than other openings - glad they've learned that we don't need to check in with everyone. Particular liked: The melting down of Ice hit me straight off. The look on Tyrion's face when he was told it was Oberyn was attending the wedding. Oberyn's whole involvement, glad that they mentioned Rhaegar. Joff's whole scene, Jack Gleeson is incredible at playing him. Loved the mention of The Sword of the Morning and Dunk (though in the wrong order!) Janos Slynt scoffing at the mention of giants, followed by an oh shit moment of realisation. (As well as Maester Aemon's ability to hear the truth). Basically everything with The Hound/Arya and Polliver(/Raff). "What the f***s a Lommy?", the Hound having to eat all of the chickens, "Can you walk boy", "I'll have to carry you", "Fine little blade, I think I'll pick my teeth with it". (Would have liked questions about the brotherhood, gold in the village etc but what they did do was awesome). God those dragons are getting big. A blue rose!!! Wasn't overly keen on: Jon & Sam's interaction. Thenns, not how I'd imagined them. Shae & Tyrion's scene The way they have changed the timing of something which has led to a little unnecessary awkwardness - but can see why they wanted it. Not keen on new Dhario, and don't think Dany's character is developing quite enough, would like more response from her - though I get that her scenes this week were to introduce new Dhario. Looking forward to next week.
  9. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Just wrote a long opinion on the episode and clicked away (oops!) I loved it in general, a few comments: - Loved the small council scene, though not keen on Tywin telling Tyrion he wanted to drown him. Think Tyrion and Cersei have too many heartfelt chats given that they hate each other (I know the temptation is always to put great actors on screen together but sometimes it feels forced, like they needed someone for each of them to be talking to and this was their only option). Worried that Jamie is back in King's Landing already, think that messes up his arch slightly. - Loved Arya, but I always do. Disappointed there was no LS, was wishfully thinking we could have Nymeria reveal that at the end but probably good it wasn't - hoping LS will be the last scene of season 4 instead (just as long as the story isn't cut!). - Worried that CH has been cut, but thought it was a great scene with Hodor and erm... Hodor... oh yeah, Bran, Sam et al. Hodor is always great value and doesn't get enough screen time for his witty insights! - Thought Jon/Ygritte's scene could have been last week (and where was Tormund??) made my heart melt a bit though, always have a soft spot for Ygritte (and Rose Leslie)! - Glad they finally went back to the Iron Islands, remind everyone they exist. Hopefully it'll make way for them to introduce the rest of them next season (even though I didn't like Victorian, I can see how the Iron Islander's are important). Also looking forward to seeing Mace Tyrell (I always picture him being played by Hugh Bonneville, but expecting it to be someone like Jim Broadbent) and hopefully some Martells! - Pleased they've finally revealed Ramsay, the only one of my 'unsullied' friends that had worked it out was one that has read the first two books. Think Iwan is playing him really well (also loved his letter), main worry though is I really like him - I want to hate him but can't! - I also love Liam Cunningham and his (Davos') interaction with Gendry, both scenes were perfect, as was him being an angel on Stannis' shoulder whilse Melisandre was the Devil on the other. Didn't like Stannis' whole 'Davos you're to die, actually no you can live' bit. Also, was expecting Gendry to be discussed with "two does not equal three" but obviously it couldn't. - Dany's protectors weren't exactly doing a good job at the end, wasn't keen on them ending with Dany again but could see why they would. (Also the Dragons looked awesome as always, shame the Direwolves don't get as much attention). I think watching it with unsullied improves the experience (as there is genuine shock - like the scene at the start with Grey Wind's head, loved that as well!) but I really enjoyed it, though it obviously couldn't be as suspenseful or dramatic as the last episode but thought it was really good (if only they were all this long!) 8/10 So now what do I do for the next 41 weeks or so?
  10. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 309?

    Could nitpick (mainly about lack of bannermen and Cat just going catatonic and the amount of time it then took for her to die) and also think it would have been even better if the last shot was Arya getting hit by the axe and not knowing where it came from. I'm also a believe that Rob warged into Grey Wind after his own death, but overall it was absolutely incredible. It totally worked on screen (more than staying completely 100% true to the books would have done). As an episode as a whole, I can only give it 10. I've loved every single episode of the whole series, but this for me was executed so well, (and had such an effect on my unsullied friends, wish I'd been able to record it) that it is my favourite episode. Pure and simple I loved it. The North Remembers.
  11. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 308?

    I gave it a solid 8. Really enjoyed the scene with Davos and Stanis, thought that was excellent. Very few faults I could pick with it, disappointed Sansa knelt, but could see why she did. I think my unsullied friends were expecting it to be the end of Samwell so were pleased when he became Sam the Slayer, but we were all shouting after it that he left the knife behind - which was ridiculous! Also I had to remind them of the knife and what it was afterwards, would have been better if it was fresher in their minds I think. Quite a usual gripe that Melisandre didn't need to be naked for her scene, it was almost like filling in the boob quota again. I have to say I really didn't understand Daario's character in the books, but he has been really well cast and I can now see it. Maybe I should have given the episode a 9, there was so little wrong with it and a lot was done really well.
  12. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Was good, as always, but not exactly my favourite of the series. I think the Boy is playing his role brilliantly (but don't want to see as much of it). QoT with Tywin is something that would almost always happen, two of the best actors in the series which is awesomely cast. 7
  13. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 307?

    I really liked most of this episode - particularly the scene between Tywin and Joff. Personally preferred it to last weeks (which I'd watched just the day before). Think we're getting a little too much Theon, also don't think they needed to do Arya in this episode, seem to be stretching out her plot to make sure she's in pretty much each episode. She's my favourite but doesn't need to be there all the time. Really loving the progression of NCW and Jaime - think he's excellent. Dany's scene was good - really showing her to be badass and really care about slaves, but it's just reminding me that it's going to wind down without really going anywhere from really soon. I gave it a 9.
  14. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Yet another top notch episode, they really do excel themselves! Thought the pacing was better than it had been previously. It sped up at the end around Kings Landing but thought that was still fine, it seemed to work. Started with an awesome sword fight, though I enjoyed Jamie and Brienne's fight a few weeks ago it was no where near as good as the books so I didn't have great expectations here but the actors outdid themselves. My NBR friends were a bit surprised to see Beric's resurrection - I think they were wondering how many more non-deaths we'll end up seeing now the writers have this out. Thought the bath scene was awesome, up there with the best scenes of the show in all three series so far. Think NCW is doing an incredible job of portraying Jamie. It was one of the story arch's I was least interested in when reading but it's up there with Theon with the ones I want to see on screen. Just like in the books I think you slowly come around to feeling sorry for him - at least I think my friends are all feeling sorry for him now, whilst they wanted to kill him the last few series. Really liked Shireen, yet also annoyed that she is blonde! Thought the babies in the jars were a nice creepy touch. Disappointed with the lack of patchface but was expecting him to be cut. Think the show is making us less supportive of the Starks overall cause than the books made me, can understand the changes (loved that they included the "This one was only the watcher, hang him last so he may watch the others") but think they have made Robb look a little foolish this season but good to see his father come out in him. (Weren't the Frey's already fighting beside Robb in the series?) Was really looking forward to the Jon/Ygritte scenes but thought they didn't quite fit, don't think we've seen enough of them this series for it to work how they showed it. That said Rose Leslie is stunning. On top of all of that we had the Queen of Thorns on screen with Tyrion and a scene with Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei, feel almost spoilt that they got all of this into one episode! Thought the forcing Cersei to marry Loras was a good touch and really glad Tyrion mentioned that he was married once again (all of my NBR friends had forgotten that). Overall a 9, just missing that climactic scene.
  15. Valar Morghulis Not Today

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Loved the episode (as usual) but some parts not quite as good as I'd like. (Minor gripes really): Didn't like the Stanis lusting after Melisandre annoyed me. Also Pod's scene seemed unnecessary and just a reason to include tits. There were also a couple of other scenes I thought were fillers. Personally I liked Dany's scenes but think they should have been at the start of an episode that finished with her scenes from episode 4 - gave my non-book reading friends too much time to dwell on it and as a result they worked out pretty much what was going to happen. (Though was more awesome than they thought). Theon's arch is becoming pretty much my favourite, despite not being in ASOS, think the boy is playing his role well and my nbr friends are really confused - Alfie Allen might just be the best actor in the series in my opinion. The Riverrun Scenes were outstanding, yet I don't find myself interested in them for some reason. I don't think the TV draws you towards the Starks quite as much as the books did with me. The Blackfish is pretty awesome though. I did really love the small council scene though. Still despite my reservations above, this was still better to episodes 1 and 2 (which I also still loved). Of course, the episode is really made at the end... perfect ending, just as good as I'd imagined and having a version of The Bear and the Maiden Fair was genius! 8/10