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  1. I completely agree with all of this except I think that the Thaphhireth would have worked if done correctly. However, it might have been a little TOO much comedy in serious scenes. I LOVED when my non-reader friends got this look on their faces from Jaime saving Brienne from rape and murder ... it was just starting to click in their brains as to why Jaime is such a great character .... and then BOOM his hand was chopped off. I loved how they did this episode!
  2. Thank you SO much! That is great he's coming back. I didn't realize that he didn't go with them and stayed at Castle Black...I didn't remember that from the books. Thanks for the link!
  3. Hey, this has nothing to do with just EP302, but this season I noticed that Pyp is no longer part of the cast. Where is that guy? To my knowledge he didn't die off in the books (at least not this early) NOR in Season One. Where did he go? Did they ever explain his disapperance if he wasn't killed off?
  4. FINALLY! The Brotherhood Without Banners!