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  1. 5 - Everything seemed too rushed and the teleportation of the raven was bad. I would have had them still 'attempt' to send a raven - good idea, but that should have taken too long to help them as it turned out. Bran would probably sense something was up and he could have communicated somehow (flock of crows for example) to Daenerys that something was wrong pretty quickly and the time-travelling ravens wouldn't have been necessary.
  2. :P Yeah, that's right.. any lettered Meisha Merlin.. If you could swing the 'G' 'RR' or 'M' copies, that would be swell.. :dunce:
  3. I'm looking for any Lettered MM Agot.
  4. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    I'm selling a Game of Thrones cover proof. I don't think you can see it on ebay in the U.S. even though I am selling it to the U.S. (I've not sold 10 items on ebay so it doesn't show there) Here is a link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-Rare-Game-of-Thrones-Jacket-Proof-George-RR-Martin-/271632837751?pt=Antiquarian_Books_UK&hash=item3f3e942c77 Feel free to make an offer here or on ebay.
  5. Meisha Merlin AGoT #345 on ebay if anyone is looking. Not mine. :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-GAME-OF-THRONES-George-R-R-Martin-Meisha-Merlin-Signed-Limited-Edition-Rare-/131277659551?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item1e90c21d9f
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171403359463?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1426.l2649 There is a Sub Press Clash of Kings #161 available on ebay uk. £499 at the moment
  7. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    I thought they did Storm as well, but now I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly. You can still get them in bookstores in Finland, ordering online is sometimes possible, but I found them in most bookshops when I was there. I will be going back in September. Thanks for the close-up shots!
  8. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    Very cool, agot-library, I can't tell if you have the Finnish illustrated ones, but a very nice collection!
  9. Meisha Merlin aGoT #57 and signed first edition on ebay closing tomorrow. $4950. Rather high, but good luck! (not mine) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121348792144?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  10. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    There is only one way to find out. It's always easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission. :)
  11. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    http://collectiboard.com/xuperxtuff/a-game-of-thrones-grrm All my aGoT's are pictured now, plus the mm Clash PC copy. I think that is most of the English hardbacks, except the most recent U.S. one. I can post more pics of it if people want.
  12. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    That White Walker looks fantastic! Great work! how long did it take to create?
  13. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    Put some pics up at http://collectiboard.com/stuff - will put more up soon.
  14. nyles33

    What do you Collect?

    OK, this is my collection so far: Game of Thrones U.S. Bantam ARC - with Stephen Youll artwork cover U.S. Bantam ARC - with Silver foil cover (with promo sticker) U.S. Hardcover Unpublished proof Jacket - Similar art to the U.S. Arc cover U.K. Harper Voyager (1996) uncorrected proof U.K. Harper Voyager (1996) first print - Jim Burns U.S. Bantam (1996) - first print - silver cover Meisha Merlin (2001)- numbered limited illustrated edition U.S. Bantam (2002) - Jon Snow cover U.S. Bantam (not sure of year) - Yellow cover - misprinted upside down in cover U.K. Harper Voyager 15th Anniversary edition (2010) U.K. Harper Voyager reprint (2011) U.K. Harper Voyager Deluxe slipcased (2011) U.S. Bantam slipcased - Barnes and Noble - remarque by Marc Fishman (2011) U.S. Amazon exclusive 2011 Box-set edition U.K. Harper Voyager Classics Collectors edition (2013) Clash of Kings U.K. Harper Voyager Meisha Merlin numbered limited illustrated Meisha Merlin PC (similar to numbered - not numbered) Amazon boxset Sub Press numbered ( coming soon ) Storm of Swords U.K. Harper Voyager 1st/1st Amazon boxset Sub Press numbered limited illustrated (2 volumes) A Feast for Crows U.K. Harper Voyager 1st/1st U.S. Bantam 1st/1st U.K. slipcased (red) signed and numbered out of 300 - purchased from an extra in the pilot who was given 3 by GRRM U.S. proof jacket - unused cover art Amazon boxset Sub Press numbered limited illustrated (2 volumes) A Dance with Dragons U.K. Harper Voyager 1st/1st Sub Press numbered limited illustrated (2 volumes) Oh, then I have the U.K. first paper backs, the #1 of 50 prints of the 4 Jim Burns U.K. covers plus an un-numbered artists proof of the Feast for Crows cover that was never used, several coins from ShirePost mint (the dragons are my favourite) and a couple pencil crayon portrait drawings.