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    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I don't think Sandor will turn "Evil". He's done with the Lannisters and will not, IMO, seek them again. Mostly because they could hang him for treason. He's a killer, but not a sadistic man like Ramsay and I think he's quite fascinated by Arya. He let her throw hard words at his face, and that's because he sees what she's becoming. He likes it, meeting another killer who doesn't lie to herself. You could see in many dialogs before that he was keen on reminding people they had a dark side too. How I see it is that Sandor respects Arya for feeding her dark side shamelessly. His line "Next time, tell me" is just great. He will 100% let her kill as she likes. I was thrilled with every scene and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode from beginning to end.
  2. Arrow: I agree with you, no one can be trusted. Yet if Margaery says Sansa could marry Loras, I see it as an attempt to broker an official alliance in the most "common" way. I can't see how it could be a trap. The Tyrell are the Warden of the South, they have a foot on King's Landing (whatever Olenna says, if she came herself to the capital it means marrying the King isn't such a bad idea after all) and now they want to reach out far north. What I thought when Varys and Olenna talked was: Varys seek powerfull allies. He sees Olenna as one potential ally and tries to convince her to help him fulfilling his own plans. After all what business does she have with LF? None. That's why Varys uses Sansa as a way to interest her and make way to his other ideas about LF...
  3. I voted 8 but after a little thinking, it deserved 9. The things I "didn't" like: - A little slow, many "plotting" scenes in a raw. Yes I do love Varys and Olenna and, yes, Ros was very nice on her scene. But there was a moment I thought: "Hm, more talking". Again, I enjoyed every bit of dialog but the pace was still a bit slow. - The Hound's "trial": The charges seemed a bit far-fetched... If the Brotherhood wants to do justice then they need solid ground. I don't know if I'm making any sense but I felt the whole exchange between Sandor and Beric about his guilt to be a bit weird. - I really liked Mormont and I thought his death was too blended in the general chaos. What I liked: - Varys really has a nice part in that episode. I thought of all the people saying "too many characters, too many scenes too short par episode...". So now it seems we have more of each character, in turns. I like that, especially when we focus on the mysterious and dangerous Lord Varys. His story and then his speech about revenge were really chilling. Tyrion feels like an immature child, asking for an immediate revenge. Varys' answer was a real lesson. - I agree with everything said about Olenna. - The NW scene and the Astapor scenes, the two high moments of the episode. - The look on Sandor's face when Beric says he's the one to fight. - "Never thought Bannen could smell so good." This sentence sums up the whole thing. - Tywin prooves again that he's the boss and Cersei gets her share of bashing. Now that we heard the tough words, I'm looking forward to the tough Tywin action! - The rising tension between Cersei and Jeoffrey is great. - Varys and Olenna talking about Littlefinger... Finally someone wants to take him down. I just hope they'll be able to scratch him at least
  4. Thanks for the answer, it's good to think we'll be all waiting for the answers, either book-readers or non-book-readers. Gotta love that Ramsay Bolton (or is there a special bastard's name near the Dreadfort?) him plus Locke really give that house a badass reputation.
  5. Could someone explain (without spoilers) why did Ramsay had Theon escape then bring him back (to the Dreadfort?)? Was it to obtain certain informations? Would seem pointless as he would say anything under torture...