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  1. I think they will hold off on revealing Ramsay till Roose Bolton has revealed his treachery or atleast around that time as a buildup to the RW. I just think revealing Ramsay now would be a tip off of some kind of Bolton sketchyness.
  2. I am so mad that Theon lost his junk.
  3. So Margaery admitting that she's promiscuous?
  4. D150

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    After a series of QoT just trouncing smart men, I would have been extremely furious if Tywin had lost too.
  5. D150

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    love the flayed man chilling in the background behind Jaime, after viewers have been guessing about Ramsay's identity.
  6. D150

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    "We will meet again". Well that's some insight into the Arya FM storyline.