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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    Great episode. Gave it a 10. Jon's parentage and the king in the north was great, especially since it was young lady Mormont who rallied the troops. She is going to be a great ally down the road I feel. Really the only thing that bothered me, but often does about this show now that the books aren't there to save the day, is the flow of time inconsistencies. Varys warping from Dorne onto Dany's ship was dumbfounding. They could have at least shown his ship meeting with her fleet or something of the sort, but this way it honestly just seemed like he has some sort of teleportation magic.
  2. This is pretty much spot on. It sucked that the Vale arriving was predictable, but other than that, the battle played out so well, and the reasons for Jon going against what he knew was his better judgement were very well done. The battle in Meereen was definitely cut short. I felt the same there, but I guess every second of that was costing them a ridiculous amount of money, so can't be too harsh on them for that. And, Theon and Yara arrived in a very strange way. They could have at least made it seem as if a few days had passed. I mean, they just burned hundred of ships into nothing, some more ships arriving at that point would have seemed hostile.
  3. First 10 Loves Dany destroying the masters who were so cocky only moments before, as well as her army growing by the day. Obviously the battle of the bastards was the best part, with so many ups and downs. Sad Rickon didn't zig zag in his running, or hide behind one of the burning pyres, but we knew he wasn't the brightest Stark, so... The giant's heart in that fight was amazing, and Jon taking down Ramsay with only a shield was even better. The Vale knights arriving right then was predictable, but pretty great nonetheless to see them take down the Bolton forces so easily, and to see Sansa becoming even more powerful as a person. To see Jon struggle, knowing that everything he was doing was falling into a trap of Ramsay's, yet feeling that he had to do it and giving in to his emotions was hard to watch, and yet, you couldn't take your eyes away. Then for you to know you shouldn't want to see Ramsay tortured and suffering a horrid death, yet wanting it all the same was a brilliant touch by the writers, and I have a feeling GRRM made sure they got that part right. Sansa crushing everything that Ramsay was, before finally the last bit where the one last thing loyal to him ate him alive was something else. Just a great episode, so much sadness, angst and excitement all in one.
  4. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Under rated episode. Finally, a hint of Lady Stoneheart with the Hound's storyline. Arya's bit was great. Awesome to see Varys visibly scared of someone, and Danaerys return. The Mountain scaring the sh** out of the church knights was great, as they are the most irritating group around (for all the dislike I've harboured for Cersei through the years, I dislike her rivals more this time). The growing of Brienne and Jaime's camaraderie was nice to see as well.
  5. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    8. Good stuff, Nice to see Jon struggling to recruit, but having some success. Nice to see the Hound's work, and Arya leaving the boring faceless men.
  6. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    7 Kind of a filler episode, but nice to see Benjen.
  7. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Great, this along with Dany's awesomeness of the prior episode really brought the season forward. Things started looking up from here. Really added depth to Hodor. 9
  8. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    6. Probably my least favourite finale of them all. Arya was great, and Meereen was fine. Too many cliff hangers that felt awkward though, and despite a lot happening, it really didn't feel like much actually did happen. Jon's part was really well done though, and of course not something I was looking forward to. Probably the best part was Lena's acting. That was quite brilliantly done. Anyways, not too happy about this finale.
  9. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    Great episode other than... Yea... It was very good otherwise though. Not going to rage vote it as a 1 like some whiners.
  10. Jdawg Laurence

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Beautifully done. 10/10 The only single thing that irked me was so small it doesn't even matter: the boat never seemed to get further from the shore, or seemed to get closer to it at the end for the dramatic glaring contest. But my, was this a great episode. The Valyrian steel shattering the White Walker, the whole rest of the battle, Jon Snow trying to convince the Wildlings to join in the war against the undead were all so great. Then there was Dany's parts which were the best Danaerys scenes for a long time. Finally someone is going to lead her in the right direction! Cersei's scenes were also well done, as was the Sansa-Theon scene. And of course Arya is becoming more awesome with every episode!
  11. Jdawg Laurence

    How would you rate episode 503?

    Best episode of the season so far. Really, this is where I felt it started to get good again. 9/10 The wall scenes were fantastic. King's Landing was good, other than Tommen suddenly being older, but the rest of the scene was well done to show Margy's manipulation in action. Braavos was very interesting, and the rest was quite good as well.
  12. Jdawg Laurence

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Why did they do that with Tommen? Why not keep him as the 8 year old kid and suddenly turn him into his brothers age? That really hurt this episode. He aged 5 or 6 years, while everyone else is the same... I'm fine with deviating from the books, but to deviate from consistency to this extent is pretty bad.
  13. Much better than the first. I felt the voting was a little too fast at the wall, but overall a nice episode.
  14. Jdawg Laurence

    How would you rate episode 410?

    8/10. Can't rate it low because of the missing LS, was still very good overall. Hoping the open with her though, since I can see why they wouldn't have that in a finale due to the non book audience not understanding what happened. No "where do whores go" not sure if I like that or dislike it, since it was irritating seeing that line 100s of times in the books, but it is an important part in Tyrion's emotions. Stannis part was great, Bran was well done, I like how they managed to do Arya's story similar to the books but totally different at the same time.
  15. Jdawg Laurence

    How would you rate episode 409?

    Good episode, but the hype was built up a little too much imo. It was very well done and there were some completely epic scenes, like the blade cutting across the ice! The Ygritte-Jon scene was also well done, and I thought they combined the two battles quite well considering they were at separate times in the books. The way they managed to get Jon commanding on the wall as well as him seeing Ygritte dying was great. Main disappointment to me was that they didn't show the mammoth wreaking havok when it got scared by the explosions, but that would probably have cost them a ton more. I gave it an 8/10. Can't wait for next week!