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  1. Isn't this thread supposed to be spoiler free for the sake of the (admittedly few) non-readers here? I liked it a lot too. I didn't really notice the logistics of travel until I saw it pointed out and I still don't particularly care because it brought us a pretty great scene with good acting on both fronts. Rose Leslie really was amazing, she was thoroughly fierce but still utterly devastated. (Future book spoiler stuff below)
  2. I absolutely adore both Ygritte and Rose Leslie (and I actually didn't much like her at first! but my god she's grown on me) and I hope that doesn't happen. Ygritte's death is such a powerful moment, and a huge thing for Jon's character. The exclusion of it would be pretty disappointing to me, personally. Not to mention the presence of Ygritte could change things, though admittedly in ways that would be easy to write around - didn't Jon think that he would have possibly taken Stannis' offer of Winterfell and Val as a wife if it had been Ygritte instead?
  3. I think Jorah is looking nervous because Dany is walking, unarmed, into a HUGE crowd of people that could literally riot and rip her apart at any moment. Since in the show she didn't see the vision regarding the slaves in the House of the Undying, it's a huge deal for her to trust them and be completely, utterly vulnerable like that. I mean feel free to quote this a few years from now if we get Mad Queen Dany and say "haha Hunt gosh you sure are a dumb idiot face" but that's what I'm going with.
  4. As far as this goes, I'm pretty sure Loras has stated that he genuinely believes Brienne didn't murder Renly in the show. He was the reason she was arrested in the books, right? Maybe they're paving the way for her to be free to do more next season, like be Jaime's sparring partner in place of Ilyn Payne as some have speculated. (I actually think that would be really neat.)
  5. I will literally vomit blood and internal organs in anger if this ever happens okay no i won't but shireen is so sweet i genuine hope she doesn't meet a horrible end :bawl:
  6. 8/10, thought it was a good episode. It was the fairly standard, sorta slowish GoT "winding down from Shit Getting Real in ep.9 and promising things to come" season finale. Tywin and Joffrey were probably the highlight for me? Yara was right up there too. edit: very vague spoilers below
  7. 9/10. Absolutely incredible, as a picky fan you can't help but always think it could have been handled better (and we've all been waiting for this moment so it's going to be extra scrutinized) but I had the shakes big time and cried so it was still extremely effective. The silent credits - perfect. Michelle Fairley knocked it out of the park. I found the way her breakdown was handled to be completely haunting, and it probably worked a lot better on screen than the more overwrought and melodramatic insane laughing and face clawing would have been. That dead thousand yard stare before she's killed makes me literally uncomfortable to look at. It most definitely would have been a 10/10 if the directing had been less awkward and taking of Yunkai handled in a better, less confusing way, even if the Daario/Jorah/Grey Worm brofest battle was pretty fun.
  8. I'm almost positive it's been mentioned on these boards by one of the folks working with GRRM that the whole "Hips Don't Lie" decoy Jeyne thing was an accident on his part, he just got his character descriptions mixed up.
  9. Wait, were people complaining about that? Who hasn't rolled over and texted after sex, seriously. Talisa's just doin' the Ye Olde version of that. (now whether she's Ye Olde Textinge to her mom or Tywin is another story /canofworms)
  10. On re-watch, still sticking with 7/10. The direction was fantastic, but was anyone expecting anything less with MacLaren? Liked - Juhn Snuh and the wildlings. Loved it all. So cute, so funny. raht fuht left fuht raht fuht left fuht - Bran and co. It's interesting for someone to finally call out the travel itenerary for the ridiculousness that it is, and I enjoyed Osha's story. - Jaime/Brienne. "I've left something behind," "Sorry about the sapphires," woo woo. Thought the bear pit could've been a little more intense/brutal but it was still directed fantastically well and very very very good. - Instrumental Rains of Castamere. Sounded fantastic. - Dany and the dragons, rollin' like a boss. Loved that dress. - Melisandre and Gendry talkin'. Didn't Like - King's Landing stuff again, with the exception of the Joffrey/Tywin scene. I love the hell out of Bronn but IDK, I think I have Tyrion/Bronn fatigue 'cause their material this episode just wasn't doing it for me like Bronn failing to understand the fiscal system a couple of episodes ago. - Catelyn bein' sidelined and interrupted all the time. It's downright criminal. Ambivalent - Robb and Talisa. They weren't too bad this ep, though, and some potentially interesting things were implied. - Theon. I understand the necessity and they're not supposed to be enjoyable but it doesn't make it good TV. It provoked a really strong reaction of pity/revulsion for his circumstances, so I guess the scene counts as a success? Still can't really count it as "Like" though.
  11. This is feeling like another decent 7/10 kind of episode, but I think I'll wait until I've had the chance to re-watch it by myself before I decide on a final score and write further. Some good, some bad, the usual. I will say that Jaime was rockin' it this ep as usual though~.
  12. I forgot about that. Eeehhhh, yeah I can see where people are coming from with Renly. It says a lot that I still barely remember him outside of that Margaery scene even though I've re-watched S2 somewhat recently. It probably would have been better if Loras' awkward date with Sansa had involved him going on about tourneys or something rather than fashion, but IDK. Maybe the sudden interest in fashion is because of Renly's influence(wasn't Renly big into that in the books too?), or he was just going over common ground with Sansa to make that whole thing less awkward and more comfortable. Agreed with most of you in that they could handle Loras a lot better, but I don't think the character is necessarily 'ruined' or anything. His scenes lately have kind of sucked but they don't undo the awesome stuff that's already established him like him beating Gregor, right? Plus we have no idea where this portrayal is headed.
  13. I don't remember show-Renly all that much so I'm curious about that too. The only strong impression he left me with was that he was generally a nicer person than his book counterpart, but more naive and less clever overall as well. (and even that could be mistaken, like I said, I barely remember his portrayal)
  14. Hahaha. These are usually sort of cute but I cracked up at "quit mansplaining" and "Witch! (Davos Seaworth likes this)"
  15. Rated 7/10, thought it was a decent episode with some really standout scenes (Thoros, Arya and Mel, "Boy" showing his true colors, dinner with ~Roose~) and some that fell flat for me. (i.e. most of King's Landing, although I enjoyed the Varys/LF scene.) Sam/Gilly and Jon/Ygritte stuff was pretty cute, liked Bran and co., and I really enjoyed the wildlings. My highlight of the Jon story wasn't even the climbing, it was seeing Tormund get some characterization besides GRUMPY FACE >:[ As mentioned, didn't like the King's Landing stuff except for the parting monologue/montage for the same reasons others have stated. A lot of it just felt oddly off-kilter, even the much-awaited QoT/Tywin convo. The Ros reveal was powerful and affecting as hell, though, and I'm glad they did it the way they did instead of a scene of her actually getting shot up or something. I guess I can see the complaints of the Theon scene being overlong but I enjoyed it - well, as much as you can enjoy this kind of stuff. The flaying was really hard to watch if you're a weenie like me, but it's supposed to be. It was absolutely brutal without necessarily being too excessive on the gore front, and it was at least a little necessary to make certain connections in peoples' eyes. "Boy" was great/horrible/weirdly funny and instantly memorable. Wish they'd better utilize Cat in general during the Robb scenes.
  16. I just got an answer to this question on the general ASOIAF board, actually. Cersei hurting baby Tyrion came before the prophecy. She met Maggy + heard about the valonqar two years after that. Before she had the prophecy to fuel her paranoia, it was pretty much her resentment over the death of their mother that made her so angry towards him. (unfortunately Cersei wasn't the only one who felt that way about Joanna, as Tywin seemed to rub it in his face a lot too)
  17. To be honest I was never crazy about the density of prophecies in the series, even though they're arguably such a huge part of it and they're handled better than 90% of the prophecies in other fictional works. The show slimming them down or downplaying them until they're needed is a big improvement for me, personally, but I can see how the more analytical fans who have fun picking them apart and examining every angle would feel a little cheated.
  18. Fuck yeah, I think that was one of my favorite things about the episode. Right hook outta nowhere.
  19. It was Oliver. :lol: Yeah, I did a double-take too at first.
  20. I think I'd like it more if he was a little more grim too but Loras can still have a fling or two and still be a badass romantic knight. People still have urges, and sexin' up a dude doesn't mean he's forgotten about Renly. It was dumb for him to be all "hey random squire I just fucked, here's my family's plans" but it's not like he was a genuis in the books. He's very young, brave, and good at knocking men off horses with sticks. :lol:
  21. I cracked up at his pronounced growl when he replied to Cersei. It's like he's just trolling us now.
  22. Wow, ahahaha, I didn't think of that. Is the seed strong? Find out on the next episode of Maury! Aside from that Shireen was cool, and the grayscale looked good. She was alright in the books too, but you can't help but take an instant liking to the kid after the scene with her awkward-ass dad and then her being awesome with Davos.
  23. Voted 10/10, fucking loved it. Even last week got a 9/10 from me. Nothing makes 50ish minutes pass by faster than a good episode of Game of Thrones, I swear. Loved the Hound vs. Beric scene most of all I think, and I usually dig the quiet character-driven scenes more than big action sequences.
  24. Whoops, posted this in the wrong thread, hahaha. Edited. Definitely agreed.
  25. Yeah, there was a couple cool little nods. Edric, "Aegon - it sounds like Egg", and Shireen singing Patchface's songs being the most obvious ones.
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