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  1. Father of Dragons

    [Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

    People really need to pay attention! Dontos rowed Sansa to a boat [in a foggy night] (so it cleared by morning, obviously). Dontos let Sansa go first, got shot, Littlefinger threw the necklace onto his body and left it in the boat. Obviously some fisherman found the boat with the body and took it to shore, probably reporting it to the guards.
  2. Father of Dragons

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    I am afraid I must disappoint you. That was the unHorse from "Valar Morghulis"
  3. Father of Dragons

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    I haven't even seen it yet (near to 18 hours to go) but just reading this is probably funnier than every "joke" in the episode!