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  1. Underzaker

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    So now i'm not sure , for it's been a long time since I read the 3rd book , but in the books , does Sam know Bran is John's brother?
  2. Underzaker

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I'm going to give it a 7. So many things I liked but Stannis butchery is beyond infuriating.
  3. Underzaker

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Well maybe Shae thought she would get more out of Tyrion but then having her die for Sansa? !!!!!
  4. I wonder when Robb was telling Talisa that he might have preferef Roslin , was there any ounce of truth in it?
  5. So that IMDB Guy , Jkrishan , was quite spot on. We should have a thread about who the guy really is. Head of HBO? :D http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/board/nest/215262840?p=1
  6. What I don't understand is how some book readers are criticizing non-book-readers for threatening not to watch this series again. Guys , go back and remember your reaction when you read the chapter. The rage , the grief , how a lot of us literally threw the book and stopped reading for a week. Well non-book-readers are in the same position. They don't know how to respond and I bet 99% will watch episode 10.
  7. What would have been deliciously evil was showing Arya dying and then in the credits , saying this was the last episode , the Lannisters won. THE END .... *evil laugh* ... I need to seek some help :D
  8. Underzaker

    [No Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I don't know about you guys , but on a sick level , I started liking "walter" Frey. In the books I hated his guts with utmost passion but the way "Flich" portrayed me was quite cool. I especially liked the look he gives to Robb after he showed Roslin to Edmure.
  9. I wonder how much can unsullied take? Next season , there's the Oberyn fight and people might freak out that Tyrion will be next LOL Add to that Davos ... My god the deliciousness of it all
  10. Ok so what changes did the producers make? 1: Greywind growling at the Freys = I can understand how it might tip off unsullied 2: Roslin not being sad = Again I can understand how it might tip off unsullied 3: Blackfish present = I'm on the fence. Well at least they made him take a piss but will he go back to riverrun? 4: Talisa getting stabbed in the belly = For the better ... I reckon all book readers got a shock out of that 5: No Greatjon or smalljohn throwing a table over Robb = Definitely a loss 6: No Manderly = Where was he? 7: "Rain" song not continuing = For the better 8: Bolton wearing Mail and getting slapped: For the better 9: Bolton stabbing Robb = Book version was much better. I always imagined they would show him walking up to robb from behind , focusing on his legs first. Then , he stabs Robb with the sword lingering 10: Cat cutting Frey's wife = For the better. It had more impact. 11: Cat not clawing her face off = For the better. The book version was better but it would not have adapted well on screen. 12: Grey wind not getting freed = Again , it would have been cool but I don't think they could have pulled it off well on screen so for the better. So overall , good adaptation.
  11. 10/10 Fantastic episode Loved 99% of it and I liked how they made Cat Catatonic. My only nitpick is that I always imagined showing roose coming up from behind , focusing on his legs first and having the sword linger in Robb's body. Just one question. Rickon is going to the umbers? Is this a plot change?
  12. All in all , I think the majority of non-book-readers have enjoyed this episode.
  13. I'm rooting Miscarriage will solve a lot of problems. She will be grief stricken and a reason not to go to the Wedding and who will accompany her? Blackfish of course.
  14. Overall , I liked this episode , much better than the previous one. I'll give it a 7.5 I can't understand why so many on this board are disgruntled. 1: Jon/Ygritte They seem like a real couple. I loved it how Ygritte said the "you are mine" line. Tormund at last acting like Tormund. Weak point was the orell angle. Just seems superfluous. 2: Rob/Talisa/Balckfish/Catelyn It's criminal how they are literally cutting Catelyn's role with savvy remarks aka "wet shit" I just can't stand Talisa ... I was cringing when she said "attack attack". As for the pregnancy , well I don't know what to make of it. Jon not Robb's heir? I hope she has a miscarriage or something. 3: Margeary / Sansa Another good scene ... Serene Sansa again is acting like a naive girl but then that was my exact feeling when reading the books. I only started to like her when she moved away 4: Bronn / Tyrion Pure Gold and it's good that they are implying he wants to fuck her... One small stain on this new whitewashed image is always welcome. 5: Tywin / Joffrey Brilliantly acted by both. Tywin majestic aura again highlighted for us and a new Joffrey perspective. I like it how he wants to be more involved. 6: Yunkai I'd always read it as YuNAki ... my bad lol 2nd best part of the episode. I never really warmed to her in the books but she is a badass in the show. 7: Melissandre / Gendry Interesting info about her past and it's good that Gendry finally realized he has royal blood in him. 8: Arya / Beric Arya's scene are always a delight but It's funny how easily she escaped. 9: Jaime / Brienne / Bolton / Qyburn Highlight of the episode. The bear scene was not short at all. Why would you want to stay longer in a pit with a bear in it? 10: Theon / Boy I don't mind the torture scene and quite necessary. Actually , I don't get the complaints. There was no gruesome image at all. Anyway , it's supposedly the last one. 11: Last but not least , Bran / Jojen / Osha Great Osha backstory and the impetus for dividing up.