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  1. We needed Stannis at the end of the episode. It's my favourite moment of the entire series because it's the sole heroic climax, sometimes thought of as a fantasy trope. The reality is it's the anti-cliche of the series, given that the depressing shock climax is far more prevalent. And now it will be shoved in as episode 10 filler. Why is it the anti-cliche and not unrealistic? Because it does happen in real history, and it's awesome! The Battle of Tours, where Charles Martel smashes the Muslims and saves Europe, and the Battle of Vienna, where the Polish hussars lead the largest cavalry charge in history and smash the Ottomans saving Europe again. We were robbed of our climax! ROBBED.
  2. I don't even know what to rate it, I'll abstain. I really enjoyed it during the episode, but at the end my mouth was literally agape with no Stannis. It NEEDED to be the end of the episode, he needed that moment. Now it will be lost in everything else that happens in the next episode. Why did they do this?
  3. Just checked and the beetle scene went on for six minutes. SIX MINUTES! Such a waste of time, considering some of the other scenes could have used a bit more length.
  4. 9/10 Only weakness being the bizarre beetle scene and the second Grey Worm scene. The latter was worth it for the previous river scene and the view of Missandei. Wow! Never expected her to be so well put together. I'm a fan of Roose and a hater of Ramsay, but I'll admit their scene gave me a little bit of the feels. Iwan Rheon does a great job.
  5. I hate to echo the hivemind here. But it was great and I rate it a 9, with the obvious flaw of the Asha scene. A dumb sequence that goes in a circle, it's definitely out of place alongside GRRM's pre-Feast writing. A new scene that I really enjoyed was the Braavos story, though.. well done Cogman. Also the Jaime and Tywin bargain was cool.
  6. It wasn't a very good episode, I rated it a 6. I was never terribly impressed with their invented scenes in previous seasons, but a few this season I really liked. Not the case in this episode, though. All in all I'm quite worried about next season, because they don't have good writing to fall back on. With all of the big moments left in season 4, it's pretty much a walk in the park for it to be good TV. But they'll really have to get better at writing to make season 5 interesting at all.
  7. Initially rated it a 7, then changed it to a 5 as the infuriating Stannis portrayal and the so-bad-it's-pretty-funny Daenerys crowdsurfing scenes sank in.
  8. Just watched it again on a replay, keep my rating of 10. Fantastic episode.
  9. Glad that the eternal pessimists are in the minority on this one. Over two thirds tens. I should stop reading anything but the positive nitpick thread. The only thing that felt off was the awkward final Daenerys scene. But I'm of the previously mentioned mind that if you don't give this one a ten, what can you?
  10. Perhaps Merry (Grenn) and Pippin (Pyp) were hiding in a bush and saw the whole thing. And next time Samwell sees Jon he can't wait to say, "Mr. Frodo, Mr. Frodo, guess what.."
  11. Like 41% of us, I gave the episode a 9. Much improved from the previous two. If you are nitpicking this one, I'd have to call you an eternal pessimist. A very enjoyable episode start to finish.
  12. So, which leech-in-the-fire was the one with cock blood? I'm guessing it was Robb's, seeing as how TV Robb's thinking with his other head is his own undoing.
  13. I'm glad everyone is finally coming around to Theon's scenes being crap and unnecessary. I have being saying this since the very first episode that he appeared in. But yet even last week it seemed there were more Dreadfort apologists than not. And the most important thing is that it seems like non-book readers have had enough of it, judging by the reactions I've seen. Exit stage left and reappear as Reek when relevant, please.
  14. One little thing I did like in this episode is that both future kingslayers refused more drink when offered.
  15. I gave it a 6/10 initially, but after sleeping on it I'll regrade it as a 4/10. Not a good episode, and it sort of brings the whole season down, which has previously been well done. I liked viewing it, but after watching it and thinking about it, have become annoyed. Ahh, cynicism.
  16. I kept waiting for Sam the Slayer or something significant like that from the book to happen, but it never really did. To be fair, I didn't have too high expectations for this episode and figured it would be a bit of a lull. Looking forward to episode 7 and 9 as the highlights.
  17. I gave it a 6. It was enjoyable enough, but I'm tough when it comes to ratings. It was the worst of a good season so far. I also agree with the thought that David and Dan are not good writers. In a perfect world, Cogman and Martin would do half each, but theoretically GRRM shouldn't have the time. The pacing was good. I really liked Tywin and Roose. Most of the rest of it was meh.
  18. I rated it a 9 and really enjoyed it. As some have said, it was a very good nod to the book readers. It's always nice when they make non-book stuff gel with the series too, in particular the Shireen scenes. The Loras scene would be the opposite, however. And no, it's not because he's gay.. possibly the best character in any HBO series was gay (you'll instantly know who I mean if you've seen that show). The Jaime turnaround is going very smoothly, and hopefully this is the start of one for Stannis. I have my doubts given what D&D have said about him, though. The biggest disappointment is Jon Snow. I don't think the show writing or directing is poor, so it's likely that Kit Harrington is just a terrible, terrible actor. Spoiler I certainly wouldn't vote for this guy as Lord Commander, and see no reason for others to do so.
  19. Jon Snow is getting worse and worse. His acting has boiled down to looking constipated.
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