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  1. Ukraine had all Spring and all Summer to train and incorporate their reserves. The condition of the Russian infantryman is no doubt pitiable. Poorly equipped, undermanned, and facing an offensive that was probably conceived in the Pentagon. I suspect that all those HIMARS clips we saw over the summer were practice for this offensive. This looks like Uranus in reverse.
  2. Soft and decadent are exactly the words I'd use to describe America, which is all the 'West' that matters. They're putting up a dome in Chicago!
  3. This news fills me with optimism! There is precedent regarding the transmission of nuclear secrets to foreign powers. A short drop and a sudden stop.
  4. Fuck that. Football is played outside
  5. Press releases and hype campaign for frame rate glitch fixes... What is become of us???
  6. Classic liberal brain calculus, regarding 'Garland won't bring charges 'till after midterms... appropriate decision for political purposes' (paraphrased) Incorrect. Charge him, try him, and then execute him for gross criminality pertaining to the lawful administration of the state before close of business tomorrow. "Gross Criminality Pertaining to the Lawful Administration of the State" isn't a crime? Make it law on Wednesday, after he is executed on Tuesday. The important part is to do it BEFORE YOU LOSE THE LEVERS OF GODDAMN POWER Worried that 'overreaching' will hurt you politically? YOU'RE ALREADY DYING POLITICALLY ATTACK!
  7. Yes! YES!!! THEY want to STEAL your JUSTICE! YOU NEED TO FIGHT LIKE HELL TO SAVE YOUR JUSTICE you need to MAKE JUSTICE. CAPITULATION IS NOT NOBLE, IT IS COWARDICE Stop watching Batman and the Avengers. Become. You have REAL enemies. They have REAL power and really powerful allies. Better to know. BETTER TO FIGHT LIKE HELL AND STOP THE STEAL
  8. Dropping Odell and Calvin Ridley
  9. I feel the same. 1 at most. Personally, I say none.
  10. If nothing else I'll thank this show for making folks admit how much of a hair fire turd WoT was.
  11. The first mechanism would be Georgia amending its constitution to give the governor pardoning powers. But they'll fire the prosecuting AG long before then. As regards the hypothetical end state I believe the answer is obvious. Trump would do the exact same thing I would do. Call upon whomever granted him the office to secure his liberty and avenge against his wrongdoers... Where have I seen such a script...?
  12. Speaking of speed cameras, tickets should be essentially abandoned. We've seen how it corrupts the system by attaching a financial incentive to enforcement of law. The fact that I wrote that sentence and it's true is reason enough to abolish the practice.
  13. Well I don't think he's stupid. He's speaking from his own interest base, which is literally Mars. He's, like, insane and delusional. But underestimating your enemies is asking them to beat you. That dude is smart. And he's also obviously power mad and delusional. That's why he's dangerous. Because even though the things he says are either patently untrue or only true for himself, his power and grandiosity inspire others. THOSE are the idiots. The ones who believe truly that the welfare of some superior will benefit themselves, or are just so apathetic that they enjoy vicarious empowerment of superior forces simply for the spectacle.
  14. Oooh! That'd be perfect! Then the money isn't burned, the purchased now have their Biden jubilation muted into proper Republican loathing and moar irritation at the imbalance of the court... All at an approval from Biden. I take it all back. If this was their play then it's a great one. Policy theater has different rules.
  15. Yes. But I think parents should be allowed to apply one or more of their childrens labors towards the resolution of this debt. That way the second and third born (no abortion or contraceptives will help you get to three) can work to pay off the debt of the father and mother just in time for the first born to enter the school force
  16. Only if you're looking for a subscription. Gonna do it again in 2 years? 2 after that too?
  17. Well I'm opposed. If we are buying votes I can think of any number of more deserving, more popular, disadvantaged citizen groups who should get bought before we reward these parasitic institutions that are bankrupting our citizenry with the explicit aid of our government. I'm not unsympathetic to folks who got fucking swindled at these community colleges and with all these federally guaranteed loans. I'm really not. And it's gross that your government would allow a desire for higher education to become a tool of impoverishment. That's just gross. But I do NOT accept that there is an answer here that involves the government twice giving away for free this kind of money. No! Not while the system that created the issue is free to operate. That's just stupid. This problem isn't going to go away until you reform the administrative carbuncle that has developed from the capitalistic chafing of the American college system. Biden is buying votes. I do not disapprove of this strategy. Rs have the best vote buying strategy ever. They buy their own votes through tax/regulation/enforcement vandalism that doesn't even benefit the unwashed fools who make up their constituency. Pretty good scam, eh? But if Democrats are gonna buy votes I want them to buy smart.
  18. I like that HotD has no Joss Wheedon dialogue. I want characters to have shit to say when actors open their mouths.
  19. Damn, but Zeke's contract DOES suck
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