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  1. I am annoyed because the right is going to win. You compete with one another to be the most dismissive and most sweeping in your disdain for an enemy that, uh, ain't bringing words to battle. It does not make sense to me. You all seem to acknowledge the threat, but are unwilling to discuss meaningful steps towards favorable resolution. You've heard of Nero fiddling?
  2. Donald Trump is not a cult leader. He's the former president of the United States and the de facto leader of the political party that has a corner on patriotism. Delusional and mentally ill are only two of the hilarious amount of symptoms y'all attribute to this man and his 'cult' to avoid recognizing the truth. They just don't like us. They'd pretty much rather kill us than live with us. And while you're amateur houring your way through personality diagnoses for these enemies of liberty they are arming themselves to give you the last diagnosis you'll ever need, delivered with a black powder detonation straight into your brainiums and out the other side before you can even sneer Fasc-
  3. Hope is a poison. Not to go FULL despair angel here, 'cause I'm actually a pretty upbeat character... But what would be achieved? By what you describe? I don't even need to look at a map to know Democrats will never ever EVERNEVER take the Texas state house/senate/saloon that forms their state legislature.
  4. Will the court stenographer please read back the defendant's statement? 'Beto 2018 performance'= disgraceful loss by a fuckwit loser 'Win'= Accomplishment of victory aims Beto 2018 x Win = Victorious accomplishment of aim to achieve disgraceful loss by a fuckwit loser I call it New Math
  5. It's clearly having an effect. You outlined a victory condition culminating in defeat. Politics is a game, but it ain't no sport. You don't get points for a valiant effort.
  6. The most Democrat thing I've ever heard. "If he manages to lose again that's a win!"
  7. So check it QB- We got the new Swaggy P himself. T-Law is there too. Also Mac Daddy, M&M, and Mitchy T are on backup duties. WR: Michael Pittman Jr., D.K. Metcalf, Rashod Bateman, Dionte Johnson (JuJu, Devante Parker, DeAndre Hopkins) RB: Najee Harris, JK Dobbins, Damien Harris (Miles Sanders, Melvin Gordon) TE: Dallas Goedert (Mo Ali Cox) Def: Baltimore (Pitt) K: Robbie Gould Imma crush you fools
  8. QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson (Teddy Bridgewater, Trever Lawrence) WRs: D.K. Metcalf, Amari Cooper, DeVonta Smith, Michael Thomas (Rashod Bateman, DeAndre Hopkins) RBs: Derrick Henry, Melvin Gordon, Travis Etienne (James Cook. Jericho McKinnon, Zack Moss) TEs: T.J. Hockenson (Mo Alie Cox) K: Robbie Gould Def: Baltimore, Tampa, Buffalo
  9. He looks like Rob Lowe all of a sudden. Who knew his body was like a microchip... a single grain of sand introduced destroys the whole system.
  10. Um, it would be easy if the Fremen weren't bribing the Spacing Guild to keep satellites out of Rakis space.
  11. Meritocracy is a lie. It's a culture/dependency phenomenon that has produced the language of elitism from the left. By echoing in special forums they have developed a form of social-display sub language that drives virtual interaction. That these special forums are driving enterprise of actual (tangible, say) elites seems to be lost entirely on this group. And they wonder why they have no political power: it has been co-opted by the new Church of Social Medias
  12. "Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly towards aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends to act more and more exclusively in the interest of the ruling class - whether that ruling class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy." -Politics as Repeat Phenomenon: Bene Gesserit Training Manual
  13. I always thought we were referring to the God Emperor Leto II and his golden path. For like a long time. This talk of forty Ks and warring hammers has... confused.
  14. Nah. Tabac is tobacco. You call it the longbottom leaf and you're trying to tell me something.
  15. Call it what it is. They wanna die. You would too, if you were a Russian artilleryman
  16. The 49ers were done with Kaep, he would have had a job if he'd not expressed his opinion.
  17. Don't forget about the Erin Andrews collection on NFLshop. com I often feel icky, enjoying this product. But I tell myself that any man dominated institution is gonna be ick as fuck. It's a depressing kind of rationalization but it works for me. Glad to know my irrational hate of the Bills gets validated though. They aren't supposed to be good. It offends the spirits.
  18. Or you could trade for Teddy, who will replace Tua before -insert calendar event here- is over.
  19. Needs to go a step further. The primary goal of the colleges themselves is to make money by exploiting the above fact. They are no longer institutions of learning, but exploitation. Some learning happens, I'm sure, entirely on accident.
  20. I do not feel that these capitalist enterprises should be rewarded for their misuse of public (via private transaction) funds. So I do not think I feel the Bern.
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