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  1. D, I'm not trying to antagonize you. I'm trying to make a point that ostensibly good things can create bad outcomes. I was not mocking you. The pursuit of academia has created an entire sub class of poverty-level part time professors out of a bunch of our best people. The best ones we have. Who just like to learn and share knowledge. It isn't some grand conspiracy. But it isn't an accident either. A system (in this case, education) developed, formed rules, and bad actors do bad things with that system. Like pumping out generations of Government guaranteed debtors instead of empowered and educated young folks with their whole lives ahead of 'em. And it helps profit that system to have a class of replaceable parts to do the professor thing. And I haven't been able to talk about this HORSESHIT for years because I have been afraid of being accused of hating liberalism because I recognize a (very good!) scam when I see one. This is a real fucking problem. I am quite through with demeaning myself to pretend otherwise. With respect, DMC. I like you. I think you're good people. Zorral and Varys, too. But you're twisted up real bad on this one.
  2. But I'm not out here saying "cancel progressivism" I'm pointing out that good tools can be used badly, or just plain wrongly. And the immediate reaction is to act like I'm being hysterically conservative. Why? Because of vague notions that "you're parroting xxx talking points!"? Do you people have any idea what you sound like? I spent 2 years in Jesus school. I know what dogmatism looks like and it always looks stupider the longer someone wears it. I don't need special phrases and emotional crusades to define morality for me. Adherence to stricture doesn't define virtue, it just demostrates obedience skills. Which are good and valuable things! Adept folk who can internalize new drivers more-or-less on demand are very valuable to a society! Look at all y'all teachers you're the foundations of any good society! I'm begging you not to let a good tool abuse you into ignoring that sometimes folks do use tools badly. what are adjuncts making these days? 'bout a grand a class? and that was in Boston Apropos of nothing. Keep it, keep the struggle. P.S. If religion [dogma] is the opiate of the Masses then I dare say that abuse must be the pleasure of the Masters.
  3. There's an excellent line in the SciFi series adaptation of The Expanse. In season 2, I think. It comes from an antagonist character who got punched up well in the transition from print to screen, Sadavir Errinwright. "If you hand a monkey a stick, eventually he'll beat another monkey to death with it." That is what happened with your wokeness. Any empowered group is going to seek outlets for that power. That's just human nature. Are you really gonna refuse to acknowledge that twitter mobs ruined people's lives because they felt righteous; being affiliated with a cause of genuine goodness and decency while they indulged their own sadisms? Cmon man, have you met the internet?
  4. I tend to agree with the subject of this interview. It sickens how personal freedoms, protected expressions, have wrapped around to become an orthodoxy.
  5. Actually it's the Diamond Thunderbolt of liberation. Signifying great and sudden change. Sorry for the error.
  6. Dorje. Lightning bolt of liberation, I believe.
  7. Hi, Ring3r! I'm Jace, and I'm an alco- Wait, wait... wrong thread.
  8. You know, now that I think back on it... I'm pretty sure that Yeeze was telling me all Jews have Rabies Shit, that's my bad dawg
  9. Also, not to get racial or nothin' but what the fuck is up with this ham eating Jew? Does your rabbi know that you partake of the flesh of a cloven hooved amimal? All Jews have rabbi(s?). And aren't allowed to eat meat after the sun goes to sleep. Kanye told me.
  10. This is true. People cook the fuck out of EVERYTHING Including yummy spiral ham But turkey + injected cajun seasoning=happy Bonus points if you deep fry that shit. You will know true bliss when you eat cajun deep fried ham I know you are all intimidated by my sophisticatory and put-agetheredness, but I come from farm people.
  11. Nah it was aight. Even though my sister's mother-in-law(my something-in-law?) Brought the ham 2 hours late, there was no turkey, and the only other dish I could stomach were some cooked-through-hell au gratin potatoes (you should alllmost be able to eat these without chewing, people. C'mon now, learn to cook. And for the love of Jewish Jesus please stop putting miracle whip, mayonnaise, and any white cummish looking condiment on your food. JUST STOP) because my sister dumped a stick of butter and some kind of green into the mashed potatoes. And I do not do mushrooms, which infests most dishes of the season. So it was pretty good.
  12. If I had to shop at WalMart I'd start shooting too. If I had to work there... I think I'd rather be a prisoner of the Vietcong. However long it takes, I'll return from two decades of their custody much healthier than two hours of subjugation to that Superstore monument for the displacement of human ambitions.
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