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  1. For real though what do you think he got? A bunch of mansions along the black sea that need their uppermost windows repaired?
  2. So I think that Mr. Eclectic Electric Car Man was paid in girls to turn off the Ukrainian access. My coworker thinks he was paid in gold. What do you guys think? Girls or gold? Or indeed girls gilded in gold?
  3. If you're in distress I'd prescribe two heaping spoonfuls of whatever the fuck Ingorantadol that kid was on. The passion The belief Beautiful. I love people. They're definitely my favorite kind of people. .
  4. Isnt the problem that you have to render each strand of hair and all of its physics, including the physics of its physics with the physics of other hairs?
  5. You're like a fucking hero and shit man. And I gotta say I've heard similar sentiment, and played on it, at work. People like being the good guy. People like treating Russia as an enemy (WHICH IT IS). I shut motherfuckers down with their "I did that!" shit at work over the summer. Throwing the patriotism/freedom card back in their smug coup-deferring faces was so fucking satisfying that I imagine that's what men walk around feeling like 24/7.
  6. I agree with this. I don't think US should intervene over Belarus except more aid. Nukes is a world security issue. Stances must be maintained for like the literal survival of the planet. There is no wiggle room there. Belarus isn't that.
  7. Yo I'm not trying to come down hard on someone whose heart seems to be kindly inclined, but what is this quibbling but an opportunity to record your superior moral hair-splitting capabilities? I try to use frank speech when discussing events measured per tragedy, even when I'm being sarcastic. I'm frankly sarcastic. And I don't really have the emotional patience to take moral stances I don't have to live up to when discussing the survivability of others who have been wronged.
  8. Yeah it's bizarre. None of the touchdowns have been showing up the last few weeks. (The quality is blurry for real tho)
  9. I mean I was being sarcastic by saying Ukraine plundering Belarus would be virtuous... But I absolutely believe courage to defend oneself and others who are attacked is a virtue. I mean that's on-its-face obvious.
  10. They should say "bring it motherfuckers". This Belarus business reminds of Romania's half-million bayonets wandering off to doom in 1916. If the satellite of Russia is compelled to attack Ukraine, they'll be crushed and then Ukrainian heroes will loot the little despotate of anything worth taking. The virtuous cycle of war.
  11. He's gonna spend the rest of his life as a guest of various rich lunatics. Podcasting out of basements in a race to monetize his videos before the IRS locks down his most recent site/thread.
  12. Doesn't make sense to me to wish for the seventy year old cancer riddled dictator dead (unless we execute him ourselves, but that's a whole different thing). All of the energy he has left probably goes entirely towards maintaining his web of loyalists to keep him in power. No time for duct taping his military back together or finding plausible manpower solutions or even negotiating himself one of those OffRamps y'all were all ejaculating over six months ago. That is good for Ukraine. Better for America. Best for Russia. The status quo is, all things considered, approaching ideal. Even this long rumored economic iceberg that we should be striking has upsides. Won't impact security situation, could allow for more radical/reactionary approaches to domestic crises.
  13. Democrats should use Musk's cozying with Putin to try and swipe the Patriot Card away from Trumpublicans. You don't have to use it as an ugly bludgeon like they do, turn xenophobic with it, but you will have to embrace the idea of some broader America that includes the likes of Florida and Texas among the Good States. For this reason they will not.
  14. Oh you a Fancy Boy. Doing Fancy Boy things with your intake. It's a drink. Fucking drink.
  15. I would like to raise my (fucking normal) glass to @Tywin et al. and his hood ass drinking habits at fancy eateries*. *Moms spaghetti, but while 'Springer is on???
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