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  1. The primary incentive for such laws is discouraging girls from participating in group based athletic events.
  2. I tried to watch that and I didn't think it was funny. Is it still on?
  3. I cannot imagine this being good. But then, I could not imagine House of the Dragon being good. HBO makes good stuff. Perhaps there is a golden path to be found.
  4. That could be a winner. It is a well known thing that Americans prefer dogs to women.
  5. Yeah man I already said I fucked that one up, not sure what else you want from me. I generally meant powerful generals = gain more power, not to imply that Caesar came back from Gaul to defeat Pompey at the ballot box. But I've long since punted on this issue
  6. Truman lost to Eisenhower, Pompey lost to Caesar... The list of famous war generals accruing power is longer than human memory. Eta: And I lost to history class...
  7. Historically informed opinion. And it was you that prompted it, with your talk of post-war futures.
  8. Zelensky won't survive his first post-war election. The General with the best PR team will take the job in a landslide.
  9. Get your popcorn ready. This is the reason getting Trump gone was worth anything. Sleepy Joe has top men playing this game for us. All he has to do is go to bed on time and let the professionals do their work.
  10. Folks, rich people have their own world. It relates to you in only the most distal (geologic usage) of ways. Mr. Musk gave his starlights (or whatever) to Ukraine's use because it benefitted him to do so at the time. He makes this new advocation because it benefits him newly. Your conceptions of rightness, wrongness, morality, or consistency has nothing to do with the way Mr. Musk and your masters live their lives. Discussing it at all is a fools errand. Keep your eyes on the ground and stop looking at the motives of your betters. You'll be happier for it.
  11. I don't mean to be this reductive, but if you see the moral obligation of the international political apparati as to somehow insist upon the victim that they concede territorial losses when the possibility exists of victory in the field (against an AGGRESSOR)... I'm sorry, sir, but you are arguing for violent incrementalism all over the world. I truly admire that you believe that some kind of peaceful platonic state can be achieved in all nations and all hearts, but... Look at the fantasy you're constructing here. Putin gives up war criminals in exchange for Crimea? If you offered him that deal he'd give you Britney Griner's head and reach for Kyiv.
  12. POP (The sound liberal wishes make when reality has closed too near for dreaming)
  13. Haven't watched, won't watch, not here to talk shit about something I haven't seen. I have been enjoying lurking, though, and I have a question for clarity. I got the impression that Sauron had shown up a while back, but then y'all started talking about his identity being a mystery... Is it like a mystery box situation? Cause they keep saying Sauron, Sauron, Sauron whenever the Thursday night football games come back from commerical. Like, they have been doing that for weeks. That's a long time to drag out a mystery reveal. I'll take my answer off the air, thanks.
  14. Someone needs to explain to me what's "fair" about allowing the Chiefs defense to get takeaways. #WaitForPatch #NerfIncoming
  15. No need to trouble the Hague, I'm sure an improperly parked car somewhere needs attention. We can drop the good Comrade off in the same Assisted Living facility Bin Laden went to. I hear the staff are unimpeachable.
  16. Ryan Tannehill is the answer to why the Engineers wanted to send the black goo to earth.
  17. I've seen dogs shits that were better at football than the Colts. Ryan Kelly treats his job (snapping the football) like a hobby leftover from a bad breakup that he autopilots his way through for lack of other initiative.
  18. I can't take credit. I stole that from some sitcom of the 00's. Probably Two and a Half Men, it was always on marathons on all the TVs on (I think) TBS during my internship. I think I saw every goddamn episode of the first five seasons at least three times over. All in like 1 or 2 minute segments where I'd be standing around near a TV, but EVERY DAY, so eventually it all added up to seeing basically all the episodes in their entirety. At some point it became The Office that was on all the time everywhere. Repeat. I suspect this may be the catalyst of my madness. Hard Men 2: Hard HARDER
  19. There have been some script changes at the urging of the Information Bureau. We're now calling it: The Brothers Bidenazov
  20. Listen, when the Marines hit the beaches of Iwo Jima they didn't have better weapons than the Germans. What they had was heart! Not a one of you has been able to forget about the water in your boots or the sand in your mess kit long enough to complete the mission! (The joke is that I don't have a coherent answer to your question)
  21. I love how they put 'baselessly' in there. Suggesting that there could be a base from which to accuse Weather Fraud, which of course is illegal under the Bond Villain Act of 2371-The Year of Our Lord Lizardo, of the secret calendar
  22. Just for the record, I didn't say that freedom isn't something that people believe in. In fact I stated exactly the opposite. That's what "common myth" means. A myth common to all, which explicitly assumes that folks believe in it. At least regarding themselves. I said that as a motivating factor it carries less than no weight because everyone everywhere will cite freedom when justifying their actions, and thus I cannot measure its impact on national policy. You can see that in what I wrote. I am not advocating against liberal values, I am explaining how they are already compromised and will be dismissed entirely the moment hot nuclear war is allowed to become a cost-benefit analysis to belligerents. Like that's literally what every one of my posts yesterday outside the NFL thread is about. The potential consequences of allowing Russia to nuke Ukraine without adequate response out of a very kind but very misinformed sense of compassion and where that road leads to. I take it for granted that in a world where nuclear armed states are nuking non-armed states that there will be a second arms race and that -combined with global warming- will be a disaster for human lives and FREEDOMS everywhere for everyone. Apocalyptic is my response to events I see leading to apocalypse. A personal failing, to be sure.
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