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  1. Tuesday the 30th would be swell for me if it works for others.
  2. If one of these things could happen on a Sunday or Monday that would help me, but I'll make anything work with appropriate notice.
  3. I'd want Mainshew. I have a fantasy that Matty Ice gets iced off in week three, Reich gets fired. Brian Flores is hired and brings Minshew over via FA. I'd organize a visit with my family for Thanksgiving to see Minshew starting in a Colts uniform. I remember how he skull fucked Mr High-I'm-a-Fall-Guy Eberflus' defense in week one a few years back. The man can ball. Limitations are everywhere. HE CAN PLAY
  4. This is so... ugh... First, roll with Flacco. He's not good no more (his ceiling was always being the worst of the good QBs) he's not even alright no more (that's what most of his career was. Alright at the highest pricetag in the league). What he is now is Sssuuuuper limited. He can't move, he don't like getting it, and he was never particularly accurate or fast getting the ball out of his hands... That being said, I thought he played well the last couple of years, considering. Look, you're not going to the playoffs with flacco unless you're the Bucs. But you're not going to the playoffs with Garappolo unless you're like, already a playoff team. The Jets aren't that. Flacco will play as well as you can protect him plus-or-minus some hideous inaccuracies on otherwise good plays. You can do a lot worse than that. You're only gonna win five or six games, but if you can pass pro Flacco will run a professional looking offense that will allow you to develop and scout your other young players. I view him the same as Brissette, though Brissette is younger and sturdier but I like Flacco's experience better. I'd take Flacco, honestly. The guy has beaten NE in the playoffs. That's worth something. (Mark Sanchez nothwithstanding) Meanwhile, the Zack kid. Don't kid yourselves. He's gonna rush himself back from a serious operation (cutting into your flesh and carving around cartilage is a big deal no matter how your publisher spins it to the twitterverse), and he's probably gonna look ok for the first week or two. But the knee isn't going to heal, it's going to be subjected to the NFL grind. Maybe he makes it the whole year without another surgery, but he'll miss games because of 'pain' that eventually can't be managed no matter how much they dope him up. He shouldn't practice again until October, earliest. For his own good. But his good isn't what everyone in the world is interested in. So this kid will ruin himself trying to appease a bunch of loudmouth assholes. In the words of A GReat PresIDENT. SOME PEOPLE, IM HEARING PEOPLE SAY THe greatest presidENT, okay? But in HIS WORDS, the GREATEST WORDS FROM A president, but they're really My wordS really, but they don't tell you that MY really great words. They don't tell YOU THAT, IN the mainstream mAss... Media... "SAD!"
  5. Someone has to say it. No one else seems willing to do so. It's clear the world is changing. The climate has altered towards nature's wrath. It seems clear to me that there's only one thing we can do to preserve our way of life. We have to DESTROY NATURE before it destroys us...
  6. The 2nd amendment applies to liberals. Stop enriching Disney+ and start enriching Armalite in a one-time transaction that gives you equal power to an "Ultra-"MAGA(jeez) madman or a school shooter for like a grand. Bullets cost more, but once you start slinging that lead around you're gonna be happy to make investment in hundreds and hundreds of rounds of semi-automatic Political Power. Ameristan here we come! And if you can't afford a gun, and its accompanying magazines of Political Powers, you're the poorest class. The Heliotes, hunted by the most deranged of your betters. Have fun being afraid to go to school or the grocery or church or work for the rest of your lives! Meanwhile, these chiren only need to learn how to play flight simulator at school. Anything else is a waste of tax dollars that should be spent on drones for them to fly 'over there, where the wars are' just like in Fahrenheit 451. And because of great leaps in modern technology we can digitally obscure the images once payload is detonated to preserve the moral integrity of our remote child bomber operators. The future is gonna have a fuckload of red to go with the white and blue. Do the right thing, prepare America's children for their futures as resource base defense actors from the comfort of their own living room. There's no need to be physically present to fly your assigned drone mission, and cancelling busing means more money for drones and digital drone stamps and emojis. And besides, it's just not safe to go outdoors in Ameristan. Work from home, shop from home, kill from home. The great future!
  7. I am wary of punishing individuals for the actions of their government, even if they're the Russian equivalent of Dan Snyder. I would rather risk enemy agitators than commit to an action that demonizes a people rather than specific actors. The answer to Ukrainian suffering isn't displacement onto Russians as a people. The quarrel is with their government, and precisely because of the fact that the Russians as a people aren't really responsible for the actions of their governing powers. So no bans. If a Ukrainian or a Russian wants refuge in America then I think there's been enough profit for the MIC to carve out a housing effort for them.
  8. Flacco sounds like a guy who wins, okAY? LETS JUST say, I like guys who wins.
  9. QB with elbow arthritis? He's done. Glad he got a ring. Great talent destroyed by putrid team. The twist is that he walks away having been a winner. Jim Caldwell was the best coach Stafford had in Detroit by a country mile, and they fired him for the crime of competence. Consider that.
  10. One of these days we will repurpose all these wasteful truck and car manufacturing jobs into drone jobs. Cheap, easy-to-pilot, ordinance carriers that can be churned out by the thousands and operated by TikTok addled barely-literate Americans. The fifteen hour work week will be cheap in America's future.
  11. Russia is weak. Its hour long past. Also a much more profitable enemy for the mighty mighty MIC. Good for everybody, maybe even the rebels in Yemen. Better to sell to a righteous defender well positioned to adapt military dictatorship (dependant on US arms) in Ukraine than to the Saudis, I say. Sorry Afghani girls, there's money to make. I almost feel like America is getting back on track, foreign policy wise. To be honest it brings a tear to my eye.
  12. That's rough though. Poor kid did all that work to be a first round pick and his career is over before his second season.
  13. Yeah the problem is he doesn't throw the ball either. Get ready for Kyler-esque lengths of time between snap and throw but with the QB moving in quicksand.
  14. My cap situation should be supreme. If it's not there will be hell to pay with my GM
  15. I'm inclined to agree with them. Lock Biden up too. And Garland and Wray and Comey too! Lock them up! Lock them up!
  16. Yes! Yes! The masses seethe. They rage. They fear. Anger is a weapon Democrats can afford to ignore no longer.
  17. Ah, the old 'we don't fear our soldiers' advantage. Classic
  18. Stop trying to control the language and start controlling the word. If they wanna call it a raid, call it a raid louder and prouder. Don't cede action language as a matter of minutia. Raid is a heavy word. Perfect to bludgeon with. Who gives a fuck if they went in with the criminal's legal team or with Seal Team Six. His goons stormed the house of our government looking for papers to stop a steal. Now police have stormed his house looking for papers that HE stole.
  19. Raid! Raid! Raid! Say it with me: They RAIDED the criminal's lair. A RAID was conducted to search for stolen classified documents pertaining to national security.
  20. It disappoints me how little imagination is tolerated in these pursuits. How GoT becomes the round hole every other shaped peg gets smashed into I'll never understand. Because "condense and cut this shit to get it done in 8" really worked out for GoT
  21. You're like the Agent Smith to my Neo. Or maybe I'm Smith and you're Mr. Anderson... All I know is something's inevitable here. Meanwhile, @Zorral baby. The media is the enemy. You gotta stop chastising them and start scapegoating them. Which should be easy because they deserve it. Meanwhile, meanwhile... I've seen enough TV to know two things: 1) I understand that it's not easy getting a warrant (against a rich), so the justification for the warrant is less important than the fact that they got the warrant. I understand that Al Capone went away for tax fraud, not murder or bootlegging. So hopefully they found whatever evidence they still need to realize... B ) this man can't get a fine and some technical rule against holding office on the basis of having taken some papers. That's not good enough. Prisons. Jumpsuits. 50,000 volts to the brain administered in answer for violent attacks against the government. That is justice. That is what is necessary. LOCK HIM UP SHOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM SHOCK HIM UP
  22. Luckily I was old enough to miss that underwater short bus. In my time as an amateur sociologist I hold braindead cartoons responsible for the idiocy of anybody younger than I.
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