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  1. I'll make it work, just give me enough heads-up to manipulate my work schedule.
  2. I gotta admit, I'd throw the switch on his traitorous Baron Harkonnen sized ass myself. But I'm passing fond of the orange (wannabe) daughterfucker. Nature enjoys volatility.
  3. What taste could a Varangian have anyway? As the Romans of the East probably said all the time.
  4. I have tried a couple of times, to give this a try. Because I see so many people inexplicably talking it up. I mean I have fun, creating the character and looking around for a bit. But then I try to play the story and... Yo, it's like pieces of it are missing! Like entire scenes where characters should probably like introduce themselves to me and shit are just not there! Inexcusable. Absolutely bullshit. And it's a shame. Because the world looks awesome. And there's great world and story ideas there and a few real cool characters. But I can't get down in a story based game that is missing pages. Can't do it.
  5. Germany: Why don't we add another zero? That's a nice corridor to the sea you got there. Wouldn't want anything to... Happen to it... On our way to reclaim the Kaiser's home lands.
  6. So when is one allowed to realize the game is not going to be finished *ahem* I mean, updated? They've got one gimp-suited intern locked in a footlocker pushing out patches. You're never getting a DLC. They're just happy they got this piece of shit out the door and we losers paid real human dollars for their frankengame. I thought The Last of Us 2 was appalling, but at least I finished it.
  7. Well, it's a hobby. How's your Sunday? I'm 'bout to get fucked up and watch Foundation. -To Make it About Politics- Donald Trump is a seditionist criminal who is going to ensconce himself again in the presidency in 31 months and nobody is going to do anything to stop it. We're all living in the last days of a national delusion. Your polls are wrong. Folks who choose DeSantis in a telephone poll don't vote in Republican primaries. Lies work not by making the subject(s) believe the fiction, but by making them want to believe the fiction. You're all living a lie that the wolf inside your door is going to wander off when it realizes some -some- some of the people who opened the door aren't as enthusiastic about it now. And you want to believe that lie because you know that nobody's going to save you. Captain America isn't real. And if he was he'd be wearing a MAGA hat. Lauren Boebert is real. And she has a lot more power than Iron Man and all his arc reactors. And all the hours you spend laughing at her with Seth Meyers, she's spending thinking up ways -in conjunction with people who actually have functioning brains and no morals- to make you live in HER world. And she is all but dying to use violence towards that end. Biden, Garland, Democrats in general aren't going to do anything to stop them. Neither will Kenobi. They're going to put the onus on you, the voters, to stop him. Because that probably will increase turnout in their favor, while doing the right thing and holding criminals to account for their crimes will be met with agitation and political uncertainty. Cowards. "What we need is voters to show the world that America doesn't tolerate sedition." Former President Obama will say at 'Biden' rallies. "It's up to you, it's always been up to you, to defend the rule of law and to show up in numbers that make it clear that violence is not the route to change in America." He will say. Y'know, ignoring the fact that the enemy has already proven, on TV, that they don't accept results of elections that don't show them as winnerers. And they'll modify the rules to whatever ends necessary to enact their aims. And they'll use violence to enforce those rules. So DONATE NOW! The DNC needs YOU to save abortion in Texas! With just three easy payments of $199.99 you could be the owner of a Proud to Help an Abortion button that will definitely not mark you out as a target for your increasingly reactionary neighbors. +To Make it About Politics+ Now this streaming service ain't gonna watch itself. Time for me to bury my head for a bit.
  8. Ain't watched the current-est one yet, but that last episode was fire. Major Portal vibes. I was jumping out of my seat saying in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger "Caleb, Nein! Nein! Der Kuchen ist eine Lüge!" I love how Caleb's basically throwaway comment "you don't have what we have", which is like the corny line 'we have love, and friendship that's why we'll win' has driven Halores insane. I clapped. I clapped when she started ranting about it.
  9. Nah, it's a practice. You say his name in conjunction with the charge, making the link, but by acknowledging that he may not have literally pushed her himself you're gaining instant cache with the person who hears the tale. Subversion is literally about not being too forward with your corruptive interfacings. C'mon man, you'd make a pretty good secret policeman (all that data you crunch, mmmmmhhhhhmmmm) if you'd just apply yourself.
  10. The real lesson you people need to learn is that she WAS murdered. Possibly by Donald himself. Just say it and say it and say it and one day it will be true. For the smart set you folks are awfully fucking dense sometimes. It irritates.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. If there's one lesson that America has been trying to teach the world for the last seven years it's that idiots are dangerous. Especially if you threaten their ill-gotten gains. The families that sued him deserve state protection from this man's deranged followers, and if anyone in this country cared about preempting even more school shootings in response to this he'd hang from a gibbet by midnight.
  12. They put special language in his contract that prevents his guarantees from being voided (as is standard in NFL deals) if he is suspended. That language ain't in Rodgers' extension.
  13. Ugh. Waddathey, wannabe Romans? Do they have a Smitha the Younger and a Smitha the Elder? What about Smitha the Fair?
  14. I was taking aim at previous arguments I have seen in this (predecessor) thread as well.
  15. The kindly explanation is cowardice. The real explanation is that they've lost all perspective in their quest to be morally superior to the rest of the world. Either way, I say appeaser to all of them. Pacifism is for times of peace and plenty. It deserves no special consideration at all if its promotion prerequisites abdication of personal/group liberties in the face of armed subjugation.
  16. The guy got the job as some kind of consolation prize for not getting a SC hearing. I thought at the time that that was the most fuckwitted shit I'd heard since Bill Polian said Lamar Jackson should play wideout. Like, what was the thought process here? "He got screwed over so let's give him the most important job in the world right now even though he was specifically picked by Obama because he's kindly to conservatives." Fuck Creaky Joe Biden. Fuck Democrats. Fuck whatever newspaper that thinks their digital ink is worth the sweat in my socks at the end of a hike. Merrick Garland isn't like the cause of liberal suffering, but he's practically an object lesson in why it never stops.
  17. I hate it. Too much money, too little team. The players should make $12.95 per snap, minus expenses for bus (yes, bus) rides and Red Roof Motel rooms. Ham sandwich on white bread with a single slice of cheese can be absorbed by the team. One sandwich per away game.
  18. With all due respect, in your state people fuck snow.
  19. Brady did not look to be in decline to people who watch games rather than statistics. He was throwing to Benjamin Watson and the ghost of Julian Edelman you fools !
  20. They could have had Tom Brady. I won't pretend to be impressed by reactionary flailings that cheapen the game down to "Find platonic QB=SB Win". Especially when you had your chance for the best QB evar but said uh-huh 'cause you couldn't get him on a rookie deal, which we all know is the single most valuable thing in pro sports *queue the Fox newsish multiscreening of the drones repeating their mantra* as proven by that one time the Seahawks won a Superbowl a decade ago
  21. So the 49ers are trying to cash in on a Teddy B kinda injury with Garoppalo. It's the reason to keep him around. But it has to be a Teddy B injury -pre-season-. Because G's salary is guaranteed if he's on the roster in week 1. So they have to cut him before then. Everybody knows this. Also, Garoppalo will be expected to halve or even quarter his salary as part of a trade. If I'm him I say Fuck that. His options aren't limited to hoping for a Teddy Knee injury pre-season. Cam got ten mill to finish out half the season when he was clearly washed. You know what's a lot more common than a starter going down non-contact in the pre-season? A starter on a playoff-ready team going down after week 10 and then their season is over even if they limp into the playoffs. We can all name a dozen examples of this just since Teddy's injury probably. So my point is that Jimmy's maximum advantage moment could happen all the way through the playoffs, and he could get a bigger salary for playing five games and a playoff loss than he could from the Falcons or whatever. He has no reason to cut at his own salary, and if he won't do that there's no sense trading for him. Which means the power is all his. Fuck the 49ers, I hope Lance blows.
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