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  1. No, but now the rocks are rolled over and you see the creepers clearly. Clearly all the moderation in the world didn't cure people of being scumbags, it just made them adept at hiding it. If the truth disgusts you then confront it; if twitter is so important to you folks get back on it and fight for your forum But if it's not worth it now that teams of techs are sweeping the code keeping the Nazid away maybe it was never worth all your energies anyways
  2. If there are ways to conclude culpability for organized violence I am absolutely sure you know more about it than I do. If Mr. West commits a crime then charge him with it. I will still argue against putting a person in a cage but that's truly a seperate issue. I never thought I'd have to defend a Tolkien quote on renunciation to you of all people. I agree, Mr. West shouldn't be invited to good company or quality, informative, programming. If I saw him on my TV I would probably change the channel. It is not in my powers, nor should it be, to stop Kanye from ranting as he wishes where he wishes however.
  3. Nah baby. The world is the best you can make it every day. There will always be assholes. Nazis. Clansmen. Incels. Xphobes, Yphobes and Zphobes are never going away. Some folks are just ugly. It looks like Kanye is one of them. Not ugly like Harvey Winestein, not all of 'em, but ugly on the inside. Where it matters. It's okay. Kanye is just a guy. Maybe he will change. I hope so. But he deserves the chance to find his own way out of megalomania for as long as he isn't actually harming people. And I'm allowed to think he's a conspiracy addled asshole. "Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."
  4. I'm not telling you not to tell Kanye he's an idiot, or not even to not shout him down. I am objecting to suggestions that governmental/medical systems be used to take satisfaction from people who have spoken displeasingly.
  5. What!?! I rely on you guys for this, did Kanye really tweet that? And if that is real, wouldn't you rather know that Kanye is a fucking fuckboi nazi loving piece of shit rather than listen along in ignorance? Posting a bashit swastika symbol doesn't cause harm. It reveals a pathetic, enabled, exploiter for who he really is. I'm glad Kanye went on Alex Jones or whatever and felt empowered to show us all who he really is. And yeah, it sucks for anybody who just found out they jammed to a dude who doesn't like them, but dawg that stomach punch is the entry cost for knowing the truth: Kanye is a crazy motherfucker, he ain't no hero and you don't wanna be like him. The More You Know !
  6. Donald Trump is a traitor. A self-declared enemy of American democractic traditions. He should hang from the looped end of a rope until he's dead; naymore until his remains disintigrate on the fucking wind. Donald Trump is an American citizen. He should never have been deprived of his access to what -you people- obviously see as a public utility (twitter). A tool of his free speech. (Twitter as a private company can enforce its own rules, but you folks reacted to Musk changing those rules as if he was changing the laws of nature so I'm treating twitter like the 'public square' [setting aside the entirely seperate issue of a private company being able to selectively deny services to public figures]). Donald Trump is a human being. I would fight adamantly that if you do not believe he should die for his crimes then you have no right to put him in a cage forever. All can be true.
  7. The stuff I've seen y'all talking about here? Yeah. I'm that free speech. If you never wanna listen to his music again because he's obviously a scumbag then I say good on you. If you wanna cancel your deals with him I say you're responding to market trends. If you say he should be apprehended or muzzled then you put me in the repellent position of having to defend Kanye fucking West. A man I have accused of entering into a marriage compact and fathering a child as part of a marketing pun
  8. Free speech follies draw me. What a contemptable creature I am for it.
  9. For Kanye? Ignore him. It's fucking saaad, that he's going in with that crowd, but he hasn't done anything illegal that I'm aware of. I mean he's Kanye West, a billionaire, those people commit felonies in-between every breath. But as to a man may speak as he wishes? My answer is always that he may speak as he wishes.
  10. That happened. There was a SHOCKING amount of groupthink momentum towards concluding that 'trial by peers' is a BAD thing all along. I noted the fucking idiocy of the atmosphere at the time, as I do now, and I will not apologize for it.
  11. The fascist right is engaged in an explicit years-old campaign against the systems I was born with stake in. I am not trolling or talking tall when I say that I consider it my duty: and the duty of all good citizens: to do them harm. I would not look to put Donald Trump in a cage, however. His sturmabteilung and I would find some similar ground in the usefullness of a gallows, then. Both can be true. Kanye is a deranged fool with a lot of talent; he is not the person you people should be focused on
  12. I do not believe in putting humans in cages under almost any circumstance. If someone is such a danger that you need to reduce them to animalism then there is a much cheaper and more practical treatment option available. You people don't want Kanye West admitted so he can be 'cured' You want him punished for his aberrative behaviors. You want to feel virtue at this man whose power supercedes your own actually having to face a consequence for his actions. You want it soooo bad that you're (group accusation, not specific to an individual) chippering for the state to decide from Youtube clips whether a person is or is not fit for society. I mean I get it. Dude makes bumpin (let's not pretend it was more than bumpin ok? Dude was so overrated. He was real real fucking good, but he was not all that) music but he's obviously a fucking imbicile, normally I'd say fuck him. It's just that you folks are so reactive. It shocks and, in turn, makes me reactive. My appalled reaction is the same as when I saw (some of you same characters) talking about how we gotta get rid of jury trials because the Depp v Heard debacle didn't calamatize just the way you wanted.
  13. I am appalled by the casual tossing about of discussion to the effect of depriving a man his liberties just because he said something you didn't like. Being an anti-semetic is stupid and hurtful. The suggestion that it be commit-able is insane. You're suggesting reeducation centers by way of rehabilative insane asylums. Do you really want Ron DeSantis' government to be able to decide which public utterances make you a danger?
  14. D, I'm not trying to antagonize you. I'm trying to make a point that ostensibly good things can create bad outcomes. I was not mocking you. The pursuit of academia has created an entire sub class of poverty-level part time professors out of a bunch of our best people. The best ones we have. Who just like to learn and share knowledge. It isn't some grand conspiracy. But it isn't an accident either. A system (in this case, education) developed, formed rules, and bad actors do bad things with that system. Like pumping out generations of Government guaranteed debtors instead of empowered and educated young folks with their whole lives ahead of 'em. And it helps profit that system to have a class of replaceable parts to do the professor thing. And I haven't been able to talk about this HORSESHIT for years because I have been afraid of being accused of hating liberalism because I recognize a (very good!) scam when I see one. This is a real fucking problem. I am quite through with demeaning myself to pretend otherwise. With respect, DMC. I like you. I think you're good people. Zorral and Varys, too. But you're twisted up real bad on this one.
  15. But I'm not out here saying "cancel progressivism" I'm pointing out that good tools can be used badly, or just plain wrongly. And the immediate reaction is to act like I'm being hysterically conservative. Why? Because of vague notions that "you're parroting xxx talking points!"? Do you people have any idea what you sound like? I spent 2 years in Jesus school. I know what dogmatism looks like and it always looks stupider the longer someone wears it. I don't need special phrases and emotional crusades to define morality for me. Adherence to stricture doesn't define virtue, it just demostrates obedience skills. Which are good and valuable things! Adept folk who can internalize new drivers more-or-less on demand are very valuable to a society! Look at all y'all teachers you're the foundations of any good society! I'm begging you not to let a good tool abuse you into ignoring that sometimes folks do use tools badly. what are adjuncts making these days? 'bout a grand a class? and that was in Boston Apropos of nothing. Keep it, keep the struggle. P.S. If religion [dogma] is the opiate of the Masses then I dare say that abuse must be the pleasure of the Masters.
  16. There's an excellent line in the SciFi series adaptation of The Expanse. In season 2, I think. It comes from an antagonist character who got punched up well in the transition from print to screen, Sadavir Errinwright. "If you hand a monkey a stick, eventually he'll beat another monkey to death with it." That is what happened with your wokeness. Any empowered group is going to seek outlets for that power. That's just human nature. Are you really gonna refuse to acknowledge that twitter mobs ruined people's lives because they felt righteous; being affiliated with a cause of genuine goodness and decency while they indulged their own sadisms? Cmon man, have you met the internet?
  17. I tend to agree with the subject of this interview. It sickens how personal freedoms, protected expressions, have wrapped around to become an orthodoxy.
  18. Actually it's the Diamond Thunderbolt of liberation. Signifying great and sudden change. Sorry for the error.
  19. Hi, Ring3r! I'm Jace, and I'm an alco- Wait, wait... wrong thread.
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