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  1. I was taking aim at previous arguments I have seen in this (predecessor) thread as well.
  2. The kindly explanation is cowardice. The real explanation is that they've lost all perspective in their quest to be morally superior to the rest of the world. Either way, I say appeaser to all of them. Pacifism is for times of peace and plenty. It deserves no special consideration at all if its promotion prerequisites abdication of personal/group liberties in the face of armed subjugation.
  3. The guy got the job as some kind of consolation prize for not getting a SC hearing. I thought at the time that that was the most fuckwitted shit I'd heard since Bill Polian said Lamar Jackson should play wideout. Like, what was the thought process here? "He got screwed over so let's give him the most important job in the world right now even though he was specifically picked by Obama because he's kindly to conservatives." Fuck Creaky Joe Biden. Fuck Democrats. Fuck whatever newspaper that thinks their digital ink is worth the sweat in my socks at the end of a hike. Merrick Garland isn't like the cause of liberal suffering, but he's practically an object lesson in why it never stops.
  4. I hate it. Too much money, too little team. The players should make $12.95 per snap, minus expenses for bus (yes, bus) rides and Red Roof Motel rooms. Ham sandwich on white bread with a single slice of cheese can be absorbed by the team. One sandwich per away game.
  5. With all due respect, in your state people fuck snow.
  6. Brady did not look to be in decline to people who watch games rather than statistics. He was throwing to Benjamin Watson and the ghost of Julian Edelman you fools !
  7. They could have had Tom Brady. I won't pretend to be impressed by reactionary flailings that cheapen the game down to "Find platonic QB=SB Win". Especially when you had your chance for the best QB evar but said uh-huh 'cause you couldn't get him on a rookie deal, which we all know is the single most valuable thing in pro sports *queue the Fox newsish multiscreening of the drones repeating their mantra* as proven by that one time the Seahawks won a Superbowl a decade ago
  8. So the 49ers are trying to cash in on a Teddy B kinda injury with Garoppalo. It's the reason to keep him around. But it has to be a Teddy B injury -pre-season-. Because G's salary is guaranteed if he's on the roster in week 1. So they have to cut him before then. Everybody knows this. Also, Garoppalo will be expected to halve or even quarter his salary as part of a trade. If I'm him I say Fuck that. His options aren't limited to hoping for a Teddy Knee injury pre-season. Cam got ten mill to finish out half the season when he was clearly washed. You know what's a lot more common than a starter going down non-contact in the pre-season? A starter on a playoff-ready team going down after week 10 and then their season is over even if they limp into the playoffs. We can all name a dozen examples of this just since Teddy's injury probably. So my point is that Jimmy's maximum advantage moment could happen all the way through the playoffs, and he could get a bigger salary for playing five games and a playoff loss than he could from the Falcons or whatever. He has no reason to cut at his own salary, and if he won't do that there's no sense trading for him. Which means the power is all his. Fuck the 49ers, I hope Lance blows.
  9. Friend-O, I'm 'bout to fix your incomprehension in ten words: They do not intend to be out of power again.
  10. Do not mistake an ally of the moment for an ally of movements.
  11. In ten years making corporate property sovereign territories will be in the Republican platform. They'll probably get started on that right after they're finished nullifying what self-governance Native American lands still have. Y'know, for the lols and trolls.
  12. Yo, an emoji isn't enough. This is my nomination for post of the fucking year.
  14. You'll always have to pay my friend, no matter where you are.
  15. Ty, I think Rhom got the joke. Look at it again. VERY traditional...? ... ... Tough crowd, tough crowd...
  16. Lamar could function in a traditional offense. He already does. A VERY traditional offense. Like Teddy Roosevelt traditional.
  17. Stafford is better than Murray. You can put Stafford in any offense and he looks like a #1 pick even if he's spending a decade with the goddamn Lions. Murray is a gimmick passer. He can't function outside the spread, and the spread will beat up on shitty poorly coached defenses but not complete, disciplined, teams. How Christian Kirk got so much money coming out of this offense remains a mystery to me, Jacksonville notwithstanding.
  18. I don't think Kyler is that good. I understand he has had like two hot 8 or 9 game streaks, but people act like being "a legitimate MVP candidate" in week six... matters. It does not. When I watch the Cardinals the team they're playing either has the athleticism to keep up with the spread, in which case Kyler sucks, or they're built for 1999 and he looks like a god. Sure, I'd give him a mid-to-high eighties in Madden based on his physical talents. But he ain't no top ten QB to me.
  19. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to post what I really feel... So instead of tapping my chin and wondering about what kind of political (pity) benefits could be sopped up from the voting populace if a very old, generally liked if not approved of, civil servant were to ascend to heaven where his miserable job performance were no longer a cudgel with which to bash non-fascistic political figures... I won't. Just leavin' that here. Maybe someone with their dick permanently slotted into 538 would know better what kind of reactions could follow such a tragic, tragic, loss.
  20. So complicated response coming to a complicated thing... I had -I' assuming a little on your part- that same :gag: response to seeing that they're making a Teenage spinoff. That's pure corporate demograbbing. It's a real life parody of the show that's parodying real life... But that's the world we livin' in, baby. We are in the most fuckwitted timeline. I believe in the satire, and in the artistic message of The Boys. As in, I believe that the show is honest in it's relentless skewering of corporatism and authoritarianism and general hero worship. It's too good not to be honest. Too real. The Deep eating Timothy is exactly what fiction was made for. Insert every one of those Trumpian ghouls who had to endure his pettiness into that scene and you get a new lense from which to view how small, how pathetic, the people who gain power in our systems really are. This show has something to say. That's why it resonates. In an age of hero worship and wilful ignorance as to what the people in power are really like, The Boys is making an effort to show you how malicious and inexhaustible evil really is. Y'all are all upset that the show 'isn't progressing' because 'Homelander isn't beaten' or whatever, you're missing the point. The progress of the show is that the heroes have fought and grown and changed or died to show how evil, cynical, and brutal Homelander and Vought are... But people don't care. They like it when he rants and raves. They like it when he kills people they don't like. Sound a little familiar? Not clapping high-fives and banishing Thanos at the end for a happily ever after is the point. Yeah, that seemed so inevitable. That was like the only good part about the last episode. Homelander + Soldier Boy's daddy issues = fight
  21. You'll see. I've already said too much, I must return to the future lest it note my absence. Fair fortune, Huu-Mans.
  22. Y'all're'll missing the trees for the forest. Caleb was able to resist the compulsion, demonstrating Free Will. That's what Halores is trying to recapture in Caleb2.0 That's what she's trying to rebuild in Christina. It's not about ties and mystery boxes. It's about choices. And the power to give them instead of just taking them away.
  23. Seemed obvious to me that Halores would triumph in the near term. The moment I saw Christina's loop I figured that Halores succeeded in triumphing over humanity but was still trying to unlock the key to creating consciousness rather than just subverting it. I mean, the end of S3 made it pretty obvious Halores would win. Bernarnold didn't wake up in a functioning society. So that's Halores' puzzle. She can't become a god if she can't create free will, because she'll always be -essentially- an enslaver and not a creator. Y'know, daughter following in father's footsteps... Creation trying to match it's creators achievements... Ford allowed his creations their freedom, embraced it even as that freedom killed him. I'm curious if Halores will be so pleased when Caleb blows her brains out to protect Christina or Maeve or Frankie (y'know, a damsel). I fucking love this show!
  24. Nothing to see here; this too will pass. Don't be hasty.
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