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  1. I don't know these people or their motivations, and I'm sure it's not easy working for God Emperor's video chapter. I'm just judging what they chose to film and present to audience. Which is... Not good. It's not terrible, outside that first episode. But not terrible isn't a standard I'm going to treat with a lot of respect.
  2. I actually think this is already exactly like the latter seasons of GoT. The difference is that with GoT you arrived there from the top of a wonderful cliff of adaptive triumph. WoT started out in a cave of nightmarish slapdash, so a pretty generic fantasy setup with mediocre writing and horrid creative decisions actually feels like the show leveling out rather than collapsing. IDK if that metaphor makes any sense. It does to me.
  3. Loved it. I thought the epilogue was a bit of a shrugger, but other than that it was just about everything I could have hoped for. "Where's my ship!?!"
  4. I see a holy war spreading through the states like an unquenchable flame. Dsan'Tis! Dsan'Tis! My name is a killing word... (More of a movies reference)
  5. I was just coming to say the exact same thing. Took the letters right off my fingertips. Prolelumberate and all that... Of course, of course.
  6. Aviendha and Elayne bi? That's a pretty natural pairing, there. I like that idea quite a bit, they're perfect for each other.
  7. But if they both just tried to run away there's zero chance he'd have murdered his wife with his own hand. I just cannot see how I'm supposed to want this character to go into battle again, let alone cheer on his courage and resolve against evil. The biggest evil in this dude's life is that he killed his wife. I mean storytelling 101 is that this guy's happy ending is that he finds a place of peace to put his talents to use and never does violence again, never has to risk hurting anyone else at all. Making him soldier on isn't brave or heroic, it's horrifying!
  8. My bestie and I thought we were alone on crazy island. I hate the mystery box dragon stuff. It's all cheap trickery that hamstrings the development of the characters in favor of getting more question marks on Twitter. I haven't burst out laughing since episode 1, but I thought Nynaeve's healbomb (good name) was the stupidest and most ill-conceived thing yet. Also, I ranted at some length about mind-blankingly incompetently stupid it was to have Logan ALL OVER the episode but refuse to allow him to speak until the last 2 minutes. Just dumb. You have the actors. You have the set and the props and cameras are here. Can we get a fucking script where characters speak? Apparently not, because that might imperil the WhoDragon mystery! ETA: Actually the Perrin wife thing is still the stupidest thing they did. I mean, how does he not join the Tinkers? With his dead wife it actually seems weird that he doesn't renounce violence in all forms, right?
  9. I always understood RPGs to mean lots of selectable dialogue, different characters/factions to choose between supporting or opposing, and robust character customization regarding play style. Loot is nothing to me except a bunch of stupid numbers with a color code attached.
  10. Against the power that has risen in the East, there can be no victory. New England just does the same thing every week. They're baaaack!
  11. Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? Wheel of Time is replete with powerful women in positions of authority. It was written by a perverted Vietnam veteran in the 90's, so it's full of weird personal kinks and sex metaphors, and a lot of comeuppance involving loss of authority for women who abuse their power. But the fact that you would suggest women in RJ's world are supposed to be meek and have no agency is fucking idiotic. You have no idea what the hell you're talking about and if the structuring of most of your posts is any indication I seriously doubt your 'friends' (ahem, YouTube) even know how to read, let alone read critically.
  12. Actually the prophecy is that the Dragon will go mad, and the breaking of the world is not referring to political and military upheavals but literal fracturing of the face of the earth... Again. The reason they're so afraid of the dragon is because these are not hypothetical concerns. They happened before, are prophesized to happen again. In fact, this is one of the few concrete understandings of the Age of Legends; that it ended because of a man that was driven mad by the taint upon saidin. Is it really that hard to accept that the show runners prioritized a lazy mystery gimmick over story cohesion?
  13. Of course it is. Like any sister I am bound by the first oath: To post no emoji that is not true.
  14. I was sitting there thinking that RJ would have spent five paragraphs breathlessly describing the state of Nyneave's... Ahem, bondage. How, exactly, she was... Bound
  15. I was looking for this myself. Classic example of fans imagining up something to try and make sense of the nonsensical. (#headcannon! LOL, just pretend the material says what I want it to say!) No different from Indoctrination Theory or thinking thunderstorms are battles of the gods. The entire concept of the character is pants-on-head stupid, darkfriend wishery or no. Sometimes the people making a property you like just don't know what the fuck they're doing.
  16. In two sentences you have convinced me that the game won't simply be bad, I've expected that for years, it'll be atrocious. I am grateful.
  17. Stupid take. He had the 49ers humming with Smith and then made a team that took a talented Kaepernick and made a blueprint for offensive football that is still in vogue today. Kaepernick was a talented player who benefited from a great team and scheme. He was not himself great.
  18. Jim needs to come back to the big show. Work with professionals again.
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