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  1. Yeah, last time he unloaded on a lady he was greatly rewarded.
  2. Series win goes to DMC. Sorry Ty Guy, but you don't have a leg to stand on here.
  3. Halo died with Cortana. 4 was a fair effort at succeeding the series, but 5 was unforgivable.
  4. I told them I'll come out of the chimney when there's cookies and milk. Not before, dammit!
  5. Resent away. Or perhaps spend inordinate effort at contextualizing "better" in such a way as to dull the ache of your lonesome inadequacies, it makes little difference to me.
  6. I accept these terms. But only insofar as the draft is held tonight and nobody else confirms whether they'll be playing. Other than that I'm good for anything.
  7. I hate to be a downer, but irredeemable sacks of shit without an ounce of compassion tend to hang on longest. Too stupid to die is my theory, but it's less than scientific.
  8. If he's half as manic-depressive as it seems, he might actually be working in a rage induced stroke of inspiration.
  9. The only question worthy of inflecting my name is murder. If course I'll play in C.
  10. I end up having similar experiences, but I don't like one-shotting bosses. It's, uh, not fun. Also, I will not run from an enemy guard just because he's arbitrarily fifteen levels above me. Goddammit, I'll kill him if it kills me.
  11. I'm not sure what was gained by spending tens of posts and thousands of words tearing down the works of better men in an effort to decide what "redefined the genre", but it sure wasn't fun to read.
  12. Yeah, aren't mail in votes like sealed or something? I'm pretty sure that's why I licked the fucking thing even though the state told me not to.
  13. Tarantino is an artist. He should not sully his hands in this intellectually bankrupt franchise.
  14. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
  15. Maybe he's trans! Maybe he's pansexual or semi-sexual or non-conforming! Or maybe he's obviously a hypocritical piece of shit bigot who isn't worth your sympathetic projections.
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