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  1. Fucking Millenials. Never willing to put in the proper amount of effort.
  2. Jace, Basilissa

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm with you here. Vader is clearly like the Heinrich Himmler of the Empire. He's part of and not part of the military and technically subordinate to certain civilian offices (like Tarkin's) but when the SS wants something the SS gets it.
  3. Ummm... no? Stupid people like pretty people. That's a thing. Physical attraction is a part of how human beings judge other humans. It's fucking absurd and almost always a degrading element against women be they Hawt or Nawt. But hiding from it isn't going to solve anything. Tywin stated a subjective opinion that is highly supportable in a broader logical argument. He didn't say "I liked her because she's got a pretty mouth" or "I'll never vote for a bitch with a face like that."
  4. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    I agree. But from a purely capitalist viewpoint he had a figure he felt he was worth that is not impossible to reason regarding cost/return. They asked, he answered. I really wish he'd just said nothing, but there it is.
  5. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Actually, while I could easily add that to the list of blunders, as the de facto superstar... like SuperDUPERextraSuper star of a brand new league featuring no names and local high school heroes, he would pretty reasonably be worth that amount in extra revenue. Kaepernick has a shitload of supporters, and was a bona fide star in the NFL before getting hurt. A lot more than 2.9 million people would have tuned in to see him play in a freak show league be they fans wanting to see him succeed or detractors hoping he died on the field. Like I said though, just giving them that figure was a massive mistake and indicative of his poor ability to formulate strategy.
  6. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    He's a fucking idiot and also has no idea what he's doing. There's a laundry list of weird tweets he made or reposted. He defended Fidel Castro and spouted some fancy facts about Cuban Communism that ignored context serving to kneecap a significant portion of his potential supporters. His lawyer was a fool who made him look bad in the press by constantly promising bombshells that never materialized. He said Clinton and Donald were the same and he wouldn't vote (giving up your birthright guaranteed agency for change is a bad look in a rights advocate). And he did an altogether piss poor job of getting his (HUGELY sympathetic) story out there where normies could find out how much of a genuinely good dude he seems to be. All that and I didn't even mention the Pigs socks. Because those were awesome and I'll defend the decision based on that fact alone. I admire the guy a lot, but he's the hero America deserved.
  7. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    I too feel a bit let down but also relieved? Let down because I wanted him to get an outright victory. Relieved because I think he's a very weak champion of the issues and I'm kinda glad I don't have to ignore his big negatives.
  8. David Duke? I don't know who David Duke is! White Supremacy? I don't know any white supremacy! I want to be associated with interesting quotes.
  9. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Dude, you're out on a limb here for a guy who is measurably worse than Case Keenum in every category (not significantly, mind you, but measurable all the same) and adopting arguments on the fly. He's not better suited for mentorship than Case Keenum because Case Keenum was a consummate professional in LA with Jared Goff and Goff has specifically praised Keenum for helping him before. Flacco was sullen, despondent, and refused to advance the team's interest whenever Jackson was on the field in a position to help him do so. Let me drop some numbers on you from the last 4 years that you'll determinedly hand wave away. TD % Flacco 3.2 Keenum 3.5 INT% Flaco 2.29 Keenum 2.25 Rating Flacco 82.7 Keenum 86.1 Yards per Attempt Flacco 6.32 Keenum 6.91 Adjusted Air Yards Flacco 5.92 Keenum 6.60 Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt Flacco 5.36 Keenum 5.92 Game Winning Drives Flacco 5 Keenum 9 Those numbers are pretty similar, but you'll notice that Keenum is demonstrably better (albeit slightly). And what's the thing that Keenum has which Flacco lacks? Mobility. And behind an offensive line that Elway has failed to repair for almost a decade what do you think would be very useful to avoid another injury to a constantly injured 34 year old gangled freakshow with back and hip problems? Here's a little excerpt from a Ringer article to put those numbers into perspective - Of the 36 quarterbacks to play in at least 25 games since 2015, Flacco is dead last in yards per attempt, tied for last in touchdown percentage, and 32nd in passer rating. The Broncos will pay him $18.5 million next season, and gave up a draft pick for the right to do so. -
  10. Actually if you assume that these long awaited 'Moderate' Republicans have a scrap of intelligence to go along with their positions, their activities after the failed repeal of the ACA are perfectly logical. Republic's dead bro. Get what you can or want out of it while you're in a position to do so, and appeasing the petulant child at the top is a prerequisite for maintaining influence. This is a staple of every failed governmental system in human history.
  11. Dude. Just stop. Why do you people keep doing this to yourselves?
  12. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    And repeatedly refused to throw wide open TD's to Jackson in the RedZone because he didn't want him to look good.
  13. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Brett Kavanaugh did. And you're outta line! One more disruption to my court and I'll have you held in contempt! Meanwhile, Pilot Flying J ends multi-million dollar advertising deal with ESPN after Seth Wickersham's article on the kleptocratic bosses incompetence with the Browns. profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/13/pilot-flying-j-retaliates-against-espn-over-story-of-browns-dysfunction/
  14. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    I'm on no sides. I'm the judge.
  15. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Okay, then he's fucking inaccurate. Does the defense rest? He's 42-41 since that Superbowl when the defense disappeared into the wind.