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  1. Do I get to nominate Andy Dalton as my Lamar replacement? I didn't know the latter had covid until, uh, now.
  2. So normally I'm not into this fantasy business. However do have the first Total Warhammer game (vampires weren't fun, didn't like it) and the 2nd one is discounted on Steam with some factions that look more interesting. I'm considering buying it. But am I supposed to have the first game installed as well? I remember some talk of the campaign maps being conjoined when you played or something? I don't have the remotest idea how to google that word salad question and throw myself on your gentlemanly graces.
  3. It's a very basic social ingratiating scheme. Such familiarity suggests confidence on behalf of the speaker/writer, and humans associate confidence with correctness.
  4. I'm not always able to agree with you, but in this I think you tell it true. It's like the main DA:O game, but not as bloated and miserable with the previously mentioned chore levels. I love, love, LOVE, DA:2 for what it attempted, but the actual game playing is really frustrating at times.
  5. If we lived in a just society you would have your tongue removed for even suggesting such rampant heresy.
  6. YOU SON OF A BITCH I'LL RUIN YOU Nah, though. I've never seen either, but I know they're highly acclaimed. That Sculdoon lass was aces in Hannibal though.
  7. The procedural elements fall away as the show goes on. We still do new killers and whatnot, but they turn into multi-episode arcs or get spaced out a little more if I recall correctly. Hannibal is like the best network TV show I've ever seen that wasn't a comedy. Enjoy.
  8. Can you clarify for me? I'm not sure I'm picking up what you're putting down here.
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