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  2. They aren't people. They have literally no rights. It's the owner that will sue me in court after I murder 150 of the things. There's one of these abominations in my supermarket. It idles from aisle to aisle, doing nothing but examining us fleshbeings for future extermination.
  3. I know I ain't watching no black superman. But that's only cause I ain't watching no superman never. Black, white, Asian, or HELL, even Portugeese. Don't make no difference to Jace so long as Warner Bros. Is in charge.
  4. I want to hear Donald give Aragorn's speech from the end of RotK. "Hold your ground... Hold your ground... Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, MY BRothers. I SEE in your EYES. The SAME FEAR that would take the heart of me. A day MAY come. Okay? It might come. It might not but we'll see. We'll see if it comes. When the courage of men fails. Oh, that'd be bad. Real bad, guys. When we forshake our FRIENDS and break all bonds of fellowship But it is NOT okay? NOT this day. Okay? An hour of wolfs. Wolfs are bad, folks. And shattered steel. When the AGE of men comes crashing DOWN. But it is NOT this day. This day. We fight. By ALL that I hold, dear. On this GOOD, Earth. The BEST Earth, that's what they say. At least since I came along, right? Okay? I bid you STAND! MEN! Of the WEST.
  5. Ah, the good ol' days. When men at least would leave the house to rape a bitch. Now they expect the rapee to be delivered to mommy's house. Free of charge, of course, 'cause that LoL sponsorship is right around the corner.
  6. What they feel is entitlement.
  7. Suggesting that someone who is not tall and weighs 300 lbs might not be "well-built" is offensive. Please moderate your language.
  8. Graphics have gotten better with the generations, gameplay even a bit more dynamic. But now every game has to have a continent to explore and be 1000 hours long. Just a heads up. I totally digged that AC: Odyssey game. But at like 20 hours in I realized the main story had barely begun and I was already bored.
  9. Do it. I'll trade the 1.9 trillion thingy for a reduction in Presidential authority.
  10. Theoretically anything you're giving up in a domestic argument should benefit other Americans, meaning your people (americans) are ultimately getting something even if your particular tribe (R or D) has to give something up. This is called compromise. It's good for people. I wanna know why this Christopher Wray character has a job still.
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