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  1. We've never had states taking candidates off ballots before. It doesn't matter that he's guilty, we all know he's guilty. What matters (to me) is that it's a cycle of escalation, of course Texas was going to look into taking Biden off the ballot as a response. Anyone could see that coming a mile away - you don't see how that's catastrophic for the health of the nation? I never said he wasn't guilty, or that he shouldn't be held responsible for his actions. Only that I don't find joy in them. Whatever can be said about your examples of Republican skullduggery, we at least didn't have states taking candidates who enjoy half the country's support off ballots. Again, I'm not even necessarily saying Colorado and others acted wrongly, I'm just saying that the situation is not good at all when we're crossing these kinds of bridges. Like I said above, the right answer wasn't to just let him skip away. I know that. I just can't enjoy the most popular politician in the country tearing holes in the fabric of our political system on his way down. I don't hate Trump more than I love my country, I just don't. I can say that easily while knowing he's guilty, that he deserves to be shot, and that his legal flailing is like an unregulated cancer devouring our structures of justice and government. I'm not saying he shouldn't be facing charges, just that I find no joy in them. The overall picture is too dark for that.
  2. Yeah, the republic is not in a healthy place. Even though I despise the man and we all know he's guilty of any number of things, I can't find joy in his legal woes. They are opening fissures in our society that will not be easily closed.
  3. Don't do it, son. You're a young man with your whole life ahead of you. You're worth more than that.
  4. Just keeping it real. War is a part of life that we've been spared in the west for a long time. I supported sending weapons and cash to Ukraine, still support sending weapons (though not cash). But the arguments for doing so are strategic in nature, not based on morality. Russia being weakened as a global actor pleases me and my U.S.-based interests.
  5. Although to quibble, the Russo-Ukraine war doesn't even hold a candle to the great conflicts of the previous century. But, although, to encourage... I don't see why an advantageous moment should be wasted. Projection of U.S. power should be a consideration for every leader, not just despots. That power should certainly include the... solving of a dictator's question: who will replace him? If not with one of our creatures then we should solve on down the line until we get an animal more ameniable to our ends. I like the way you think. Didn't know you had it in you. It takes two to nuclear tango out of Russia. That means we only need one. If I take your resolution to its conclusion. But, to quibble again, why? The status quo costs nothing more than has been spent already, weakens Russia by the hour. You propose to invite armageddon for the sake of lives unlost, the lives of many more remain untouched... Interesting. Radical.
  6. BSG:Deadlock, I never really got into it, but I was really high on the Devil's Lettuce when I tried so... maybe another attempt is in my interest. I've severely curtailed my videogaming since I disavowed Hearts of Iron 4 and Total War, so who knows how another foray into the game may unfold.
  7. I suppose. It was probably uncharitable, but I got the impression that for the sake of newly-exposited appreciation for radicalism he was willing to advocate a risk of all lives for the sake of saving some lives. But again, that's probably a negative interpretation of the position- I am not above such.
  8. That... doesn't make sense to me. But I'm an armchair extat who sees no downsides to the conflict as-is, so
  9. So correct me if I'm wrong here, but... You progressed from a reasonable concern about money and investment in defeating Russia via proxy to -- Blithe disregard of the dangers to every soul and structure on earth for the sake of radical humanism? Specifically, for the sake of the radical part? Risk losing all lives rather than acknowledge impotence to save some lives? Am I misunderstanding or is that just batshit crazy?
  10. Apologies are for apologists. We'll see you convicted and hanged for this outrage! All rise for Presiding Judge Jace, whose authority and magnanimity go without question... For the prosecution I appoint @Ser Scot A Ellison For the defense, I appoint myself and hereby waive all rights of the accused and submit to sentencing on the mercy of the court. Sentence: Death!
  11. Oh, please! Skywalker was paid in room and board. And how dare you suggest he meant to go to Tosche Station for any other reason than to waste time with his friends! There's chores need doing!
  12. All this talk of Biden losing votes over supporting Israel in their defensive war against Hamas' terroristic statelet misses that most democrats approve of his handling of the issue. Abandoning an ally who has been attacked and had their citizens hauled away by an enemy would be a great way to lose my vote, and I'm sure that of many others. So y'all asking for a reputation-destroying flip flop aren't making any sense. And I'm far from a fangirl of Biden's. Way I see it, he has the backing of the American people and of his broader party in supporting Israel in their defensive war against a terrorist state. He should continue to do so. The numbers are on his side.
  13. I probably will. And when I'm done with Part 2 I'll probably go home and put in the Children of Dune miniseries, which is so underrated.
  14. Fair, to you and @kissdbyfire But I'm using charged language to oppose self-destruction when oneself is not in danger. I'll live with that. In frank speech I have a motive in calling the man unwell, I don't want others to emulate him.
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