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  1. We Dm Crts We LK jbs U vot Dm Crts We LK ur jbs - 2024!
  2. I believe in compromise. If a person MUST play content without headphones... perhaps it can -only- be George Carlin standup routines. And after two selections per person, not to exceed five minutes apiece, control of the car audio system is shuffled to another random earphone-less passenger. Thank you for the future, Mr. Musk. We'll try to be grateful.
  3. Without daddy around to keep 'em in line Connor somehow becomes the most soberminded person in the family. Yikes! Marcia, again, the smartest person in the room. Cashed out and out, baby!
  4. I haven't been in a union in years but I loved reading Mr. Martin's blog post in support of the striking writers. Huzzah! Not gonna pretend I know much more about the thing than that.
  5. I finally caught all the way up. Great conversation between Shiv and Tom. A+ writing. The "numbers are inflated" is a gibberdygook to me. I'm here for the knife fights in phonebooths.
  6. oh my god that's terrible I couldn't even finish Oh god oh my god
  7. At vone thime vee had zee G-herMan voork ethik But now it can eazily be akkomplized vith a com-puuuter
  8. All of its shortcomings aside, Jurassic Park 3 is better than any of the reboots because it doesn't have characters making sly winkey winks at the audience and bitches in five inch heels outrunning the T-Rex, which was clocked at 60 kilometers an hour if I recall. Dr. Sattler is wearing boots. Sarah is like a GreenPeace EcoActivist used to roughing it. Yo, take them shoes off sister. Whadd're you dooooing? Who is writing this schlock??? Also, riding a motorcycle with velociraptors is dumb. And, sorry, I no its knot a good look to say something about a Disabilities person. Sorry, gotta do it. I don't care how autistic the kid is. "We need more teeth." Or whatever is just terrible writing. It's just bad writing, worse acting, and fucking shameful directing. If I were the head of the studio I would have had Terverow (?) disappeared half way through the first screening of the rough cut. I could go on, but they ain't paying me enough for this shit.
  9. Without Messiah the faithful shall be truly blind I will be brave, father. Give me to the desert. Give me to the desert while it remains.
  10. I once made a burner account called Pee'Tain (like Petain) specifically for the purpose of trolling Stephen Moore on Twitter. A one-shot weapon. Like a kind of AT gun, but on Twitter. So don't worry, I'll remember the Sega.
  11. Private island??? My dear sweet boy, The Americas are our island. A hemisphere's worth of coastlines to choose from. I'll give you the moon too, but you'll have to let me establish supremacy on earth first. The Chinese won't kowtow themselves. No Mars, though. I can't trust the reactiveness of my future earth empire to a light delay of anything more than a few seconds. Plus, I'm not watching you eat potatoes you grew in your own shit.
  12. That's why your ceiling is being my First Lady. Stick to decorating my Imperial Summer Palace in Hawaii and leave the meandering meme'dness of the masses to me baby.
  13. I was reading like Dean Koontz and stuff in the eighth grade. Or maybe that was more of Sixth and Seventh. I think I was in the Eighth grade when the Legacy of the Force series was coming out. Which, uh, did not make me wanna be a scientist.
  14. Never read Chrichton, for whatever reason. I know that Malcolm dies in the first book.
  15. I think I'm thinking of the Mercedes' that thr good guys drive. The one Eddie gets eaten out of, rather than the badguy cars.
  16. I want one of the jeeps from the 2nd movie, which I also feel is underrated. On the spectrum of Sequel Better than Original (Aliens, Terminator 2) vs Lame Cash Grabs I think Jurassic Park 2 is the perfectly passable medium to the two extremes. Yes, it was made for money- is dumber Yes, it's a pretty good movie and people love it- is funner
  17. That's crazy, I was like " Oh, surely they already made a The Flash" when you mentioned his The Flash-ness But then I see there that they're still working on it. The Flash. Talk about a movie I wouldn't watch if I were starving to death in the Cloud Ark.
  18. I was curious how she'd look in the role. Midsommar was great, but the casting in the TV show is so perfect to me that I imagined a pixie of a princess in the role. This, though. Ahooooooooo! A worthy object of Chani's ire.
  19. I wouldn't know. Isn't he the same boy from the Grindelvald mowies?
  20. Recently rewatched The Batman. I remember I gave it a fair review but with my typical snarky backhandedness: correction It's pretty good. The new catwoman is the best part, and as I have also recently watched the HarleyQuinn show I think they're on to something with this version of the character. I like that Robbert Pamtionsen is such a dork. It makes it easier to take him seriously. Even though I have serious concerns about the ongoing outsourcing of American Hero jobs to foreigners. Was Michael B Jordan busy? Couldn't get him away from Marvel? Didn't he die in those? Seriously, can we get an American batman please? Am I stealing this bit? I feel like the next next Batman is gonna be a Japanese sex robot.
  21. Wait a minute... what in god's name costs 10 million monies to run a group jerkoff session? Seriously, not a joke? Like, I understand they have some clerks or interns or whatever. There's salaries around a judge. But 10 MILLION??? Do they need a cheaper paper company?? Are they signed up for too many streaming services? That happens with older people. In a better state of the union they'd feel comfortable sharing passwords, liberals and conservatives both... but that's not the world we have.
  22. "May thy knife chip and shatter." I too was a friend of Jamis
  23. I haven't seen the 3rd one either but the first two are really great.
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