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  1. 2 months later, update? Check all boxes that apply: [ ] - I made the best decision of my life! [ ] - Oh god, what was I thinking? [ ] - Writing is hard. [ ] - Actually, writing is really easy. Writing really well is hard. [ ] - Need help (no strings attached, just trying to be nice) from weirdo writing savant who can literally give away ideas/plots/theme-insights without creating a dynamic where the recipient feels like they're being impressed upon to do something other than their own root inclinations? [ ] - Fuck that weirdo, I got this through sheer spite alone if needs be! [ ] - When did I start drinking so much? ( If you don't check the last box you're not a real writer no matter how good your efforts turn out )
  2. I would like to draw attention to the disparity in response to the -preventable- derailment of a train spewing toxins (actually threatening lives/livelihoods/homes) and some Accounting Pirates tasting nature for the first time in their cushy fucking lives And I'm so over hearing about how "this isn't a bailout" already Last time I looked the FDIC insured up to a quarter-million... but I guess that's only for the non-millionaires right? Great to know
  3. Watched episodes 7 and 8 just now. One left. Show is aces. - Says a joker ( ) Regarding Messieurs Benioff and Weiss' (let's just say it) complete chuckle-fucking of their jobs-then-careers while in custody of Mr. Martin's work... (Bella Ramsey's)
  4. Reduce enough and the only thing that could possibly be real is whatever happens next. - 21st century solipsism Your youth are all regressed to input dependents. Even your outputs are just cries for reciprocation I may not like capitalism, but goddamn if I can't help but admire what it's done to us. Y'know, in an "it ain't MY children who're gonna burn" kinda way. Hidden advantages of being sterilized - too bad for my niece and nephew, but what kinda future were they lookin' at anyway?
  5. Was that a part of Dodd-Frank?????? HOW THE FUCK HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? And here I thought my biggest issue with Democrats was the willful ignorance to airborne murder as a matter of convenience. Why?
  6. If I were born 4 years earlier I bet I could get elected by going to every state Trump won and just reading this article instead of giving "speeches". At the "debates", I'd just recite it from memory every time I was allowed to speak. You don't wanna know what my "platform" would be.
  7. Not a doctor: But it should be like that. It's supposed to be an acute-anxiety and as-needed chemical intervention. Doctors do no service to their patients when they prescribe them like anti-depressants. That being said, giving you 4 pills and telling you to fuck off isn't good medicine either. Hang in there. Well I mean that's your first, second, and third problem right there. Your friend is wise. And I know exactly what it's like to have a friend/family member subtly pushing you to comatose yourself rather than actually taking steps to understand or help.
  8. I was on that Klonopin for years Word of hard-earned wisdom: If Eminem raps about it, don't take it That being said. Getting to the place where you DON'T need sedatives/hypnotics is hard Worth it
  9. Shower, then 4th beer. We'll call it a negotiated cessation of alco-hostilities
  10. Watchu celebratin? I'm 3 Heinekens down and debating a 4th
  11. If I were Lamar Jackson. Or rather, if I had his talent/work ethic/ general-situation to combine with my own backstory/worldview... I'd decide that since the Combine is over or whatever? I would be rather over the idea of being traded for anything more valuable than the #32 overall pick. Just me though.
  12. I hate to be a bother like this, and if you can't help or can't be bothered. Don't bother But I just sprouted an anxiety -__- Like some kinda moron I clicked on some malware And, like, I clicked a button that said like I guess I'd give money to this cartel or something. If they, like, gave me whatever the thing was or something? But, like it was malware And that's whatever. It's just. I'm worried, because I'm not like a law person Do I have to... give them my money still? Even though it was malware?
  13. Funny enough, the only person I'd love to get the most out of Mr. Blueeyes is Sean Payton or somebody I mean, not even McDaniels could make this TruBelieber work out
  14. That's all very very sad. I hope your sister finds her way. The night is dark and full of terrors
  15. Dawg I love you Claws are IN ... ? Why did you type this?
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