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  1. I have never seen Willow or Andor. I'm assuming by your recommendation that they are of high quality
  2. I got very very anxious playing video games. And particularly when playing on my PC with my headphones on. I felt like there were skips in the sound
  3. I just mean that, with Cyberpunk, I felt like there were parts... missing. Like smash-cuts that just made no sense Perhaps I will play it again
  4. I went into the 2nd game almost quivering with yays I felt like chunks of it were missing. I felt like that about a lot of stuff the past couple of years. I was also doing a lot of drink and weed at the time so who can really say?
  5. I always felt guilty even with traditional zombies. 'Cause, like, I'd always wonder if there might be a cure. Even if it wasn't explored in the story. Y'know, imagination and all. But fuck mushrooms
  6. "I'm sorry I shot Steve Lake." "They felt silenced. And they wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine by uploading J.J.'s body (of "work") into yours." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "Not by any means a corrections of the original work, I mean my god can you imagine that kinda hubris? Different people might make different choices though when it's between them and their page. Historical, digital, or physical." - Me
  7. Listen, if the DoD isn't asking these questions what gives you the right eh?
  8. Somebody has to Anyway, I literally like ten seconds ago realized that Wade's profile pic is of that Santos character. Because somebody posted the same photo in another thread
  9. Yes That's what he said They think that's cool It makes them feel powerful Are you confused? They feel powerful because ^that^ dynamic? That dynamic is power. And it takes more than an infinite list of buzzwords and optimistic appraisals (repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat) to do something about it. One might even want to... double their efforts... if they wanted to make an actual difference instead of a digital one. I don't even need to know the truthiness of this particular claim to tell ya that, playa. I live in the real fucking world.
  10. "Male-supremacy" What is it with the fuckholes of my generation inventing phrases (that you then need to expend social energy explaining, instead of combating) to describe effects that not even the Shah of Iran is ignorant of, as if my fellow Hu-mans think they'd just discovered something new and need to cultivate special languages to communicate such things? He's (probably) a raper! He (probably) describes raping as a natural sociological interaction intrinsic to the well-being of males JUST FUCKING SAY THAT eta: Z, not to go particularly hard at you. You're good people. This is just something that frustrates me to no end every time I see a new little "smart" phrase that I perceive as completely superfluous and self-defeating
  11. You're, what? 3'6" ? While, me, I'm pushing 3'7".... 3'8"!
  12. To borrow a line from Conway Stern when it came time to be enlightened as to the concerns of Hobbits: "I'mma take your word on that."
  13. Even though we hates and loves the Twitter, as we hates and loves ourselves precious, goddamn if sometimes it ain't fucking worth it.
  14. I was just being vicious The only cost-effective way to do high-volume space (orbit) tourism is with gliders. Why are you making things out of metal? It's famously heavy. Wind is light, but pushes other light things strongly Wind is free ETA: little grammar. I was being mean, not volcanic
  15. Who the fuck puts engines on a glider? Are they bad at math but strong in vroom-vroom engineering somehow?
  16. Because corporations are not people and cannot be people. Any law that allows for such an absurdity is not a law, it is a lie backed by the force of a powerful state.
  17. He literally outed himself as a pedo with his free speech, didn't he??? Like isn't that what happened? I don't mean to come off like an expert but I thought he went on some podcast and ran his mouth and that was it for him
  18. I cannot, and do not understand rhe exercise I anticipate the lesson
  19. Yo we have serious issus with the way big business and profit incentives clash with the susceptibility of our political processes. To say nothing of the gleeful crippling of the legislative branch, naked partisanship in the legislative, and a government that can't even do basic tasks without Executive Order. None of those problems are easy to fix, but by refusing to address them in favor of easy solutions that I guarantee you will be turned against you, you will validate these people you're trying to suppress. Edit-basic grammar Spellcheck is for the weak
  20. I'm not condoning the algorithms that push these characters Or the cable news profit incentives that encourage replaying Donald's filth over and over again and treating it like serious political discourse But you can't hide it
  21. Then the burden is on decent people to provide better alternatives than < LOOOLZ, BURN IT DOOOWN> if we as a society can't defeat that without giving away what precious few values we may actually have, we don't deserve to win. You wanna save children from falling into black holes on the internet, I say that is a noble goal. Nobler than furthering the persecution complex these people have by actually suppressing them. It doesn't work
  22. They just make their own groups and stir shit in the shadows. If imma lose to the Nazis I wanna know where they are and how many there really are. You are allowed to be a Donald Trump loving traitorous Nazi piece of shit.
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