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  1. Wouldn't want you to get the 1 seed too easily.
  2. There has been a trade. Kings Landing Swords receives Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback from Denver. The Duskendale Dames receive Zach Ertz, Tight End from Glendale by way of Philadelphia.
  3. Dawg, they're about to cram/cut 4 books into like 6 episodes. You weren't gonna see that scene done justice anyways.
  4. She's the military subordinate to Singh, the one he fires for his own incompetence...
  5. It's gonna be close. It'll be a helluva thing if two Everett fumbles lose me this. Good luck
  6. Loved it. I thought the epilogue was a bit of a shrugger, but other than that it was just about everything I could have hoped for. "Where's my ship!?!"
  7. QBs: Gardner Minshew, Jacob Eason (Arron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, Teddy Bridgewater, Deshaun Watson) RB: Alvin Kamara, Jonathan Taylor, Playoff Lenny WR: Justin Jefferson, Mike Evans, Michael Pittman Jr., Robby Anderson (Marquez Callaway, Deebo Samuel, Paris Campbell) TE: O.J. Howard, Gereald Everate (Jonnu Smith) K: Ryan Succup Defense: Indianapolis, Cleveland, Miami
  8. Imma drop Buffalo. 1 dollar penalty and brings me to 100 for the draft.
  9. I wanna be a guild navigator. The rest of the team will be forced to push my spice gas tank around and help bear the cost of my melange needs. In return I offer nothing but snark and incoherent riddles on the future.
  10. From the website: Take your characters on a journey through the worlds of the seminal Dune sci-fi book series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson, inhabiting elite agents working Talk about heretics of Dune.
  11. Months. Half a year until he's moving confidently on his own if it's true that he had multiple breaks in both legs. Hard to say without knowing more, but different feacture points will create different areas of deficiency on the limb. And he's not a young man anymore. Frankly if he's able to go on moderate walks by Fall he should thank the stars. He might never fully recover. Different injury by different modes, but Stephen King has a limp like 20 years after his injuries.
  12. He's really going to have to putt around the house now.
  13. I'll only say it once, and never to your face, but good game.
  14. After careful consideration, as some of you no doubt have noticed after last night's performance we decided not to put our starters in harm's way for this week's contests. We're on to the playoffs.
  15. I'm going to start Lamar over Trubisky as long as the former is cleared and plays on Tuesday.
  16. Do I get to nominate Andy Dalton as my Lamar replacement? I didn't know the latter had covid until, uh, now.
  17. Because the football gods favor me.
  18. Any delegation from the Fleabottom Fantasy Football Team would need to approach the Duskendale Dames' standard on their knees.
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