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  1. My glee is exceeded only by my desire for great and terrible vengeance. Witness me.
  2. I would like to have not started Alshon Jefferies who we knew was not going to play for like 3 months. Please insert Allen Robinson of the Bears in his stead. I am signing all of my players to 1 year contracts unless otherwise stated.
  3. I just can't fathom how I spent 22 monies on Demaryious Thomas 2 years ago... what the fuck was I on???
  4. @SpaceForce Tywin et al. is on top of the Manhole situation, I believe.
  5. Jace is back in. I make my own schedule now, time is no object.
  6. I will volunteer @Tywin et al. and myself for the task.
  7. It ended up being a bit less dramatic than expected last night, but I can't express how great an opponent Race was. His name might be spelled like a fool, but his heart spells champion.
  8. You wanna kick Phillip in the Knee while you talk shit about his team?
  9. I've never seen a bad case so well put, that was like art.
  10. I'll direct you to my Neegan Trump post in the walking dead thread.
  11. It's what makes it really sad when some people, who shall remain nameless, crow about their post-draft grade. @Tywin et al.
  12. Lies! They're all against me! Slanderers, thieves! Cutthroats and cowards! Add an IR slot after the draft, abuse the rules, help your cronies! But when I say that I had Tom Brady at 1 dollar for 12 years? Crickets.
  13. 2 I want him next year, but not the year after.
  14. The Griffin's Roosters have announced a trio of extensions: Willie Snead has been locked up for 4 seasons at $6 Jack Doyle has been locked up for 4 seasons at $1 Jonathan Steward has received a 1 year extension at $1 Austin Hooper has received a 4 year extension at $1
  15. Nah, Jimmi at the end. Kinda psycho and dragging around a naked dude who's scared of me.
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