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  1. If you were gonna have to pay him so much anyway then they should have had him play out the last year of his deal. You supposedly extend guys to keep them at a discount compared to what they might earn on the open market, they paid him above-market rate anyway.
  2. You're too young to be so bitter. Who hurt you? Who wounded your heart?
  3. I had to clear my history with the site entirely, then sign back in.
  4. I loved, loved, loved Lady Jessica in part 2. Having her lean into the prophecy and become this ominous witch forging her son towards destiny was just fucking cool. I adored every one of her scenes, but my favorite was right when Paul reawakens. The look on her face, pride mixed with awe meeting horror. I cannot wait to see her again in part 3.
  5. My strategy is simple: Spartan. The team that sleeps together plays together. Couldn't be any worse than whatever the fuck Orlando thinks it's been doing.
  6. Hear, hear! Kid ain't gonna grow right if he don't gotta hold the antenna out the window with one leg touching the radiator in order to catch signal for the game. Builds character.
  7. 1,000 years from now, when my computer brain sits the Liberty Throne, no one's gonna care that I crotch-walked the 8 season box set outta WalMart.
  8. Oh, no doubt. All actors are crazy, it is known.
  9. Hardy is probably my favorite actor of the last 15 years. There's just something visceral about his performances that I'm fascinated by.
  10. Oh gawd, I'd forgotten about Karpyshyn. I was thinking more of the post-RoTJ ones, though I won't pretend I didn't read the Darth Bane book...
  11. That's darling, I watched it on Friday night after work. I had a fit imaging Theron and Hardy sitting there, despising each other.
  12. One day I'm gonna reread the old EU. Warts and all, it was crafted by people who loved Star Wars. A type of artistic innocence I fear we've lost in our culture.
  13. Agreed, that's a catastrophic misallocation of resources. That said, I can't believe he's only 29!
  14. The Last Jedi is the only one of the sequels that I might ever watch again. It's visually engaging, at least. The story is pretty trash, but the Kylo-Rey fight against the red guards is pretty cool.
  15. Israel should have done more to get people into UN run aid areas, and weathered the infiltration of bad actors. This was made impossible for a variety of reasons, and I know several hundred thousand civillians have been directed out of Rafa in the last weeks. But Israel's lack of preperation for how to handle the civillian population of Gaza is a human tragedy.
  16. Strong disagree on the Saudis, but I'll open the kimono here: I mentioned France just for you
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