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  1. Eyes are in the beholder, I suppose. In some endings, I guess.
  2. That's all very very sad. I hope your sister finds her way. The night is dark and full of terrors
  3. "A state-made eunuch who's still a loyalist!" Have you ever met one? What the fuck do you think they'd be like?
  4. Not if *cough cough* "losers" (or whatever) bullied all the nerds into committing intellectual suicide. More than one way to fuck a life
  5. I'm allowed to have a complicated opinion about a complicated historical figure I'm a complicated person
  6. Partial to Season 2. Also, I don't understand why people like Wrath of Khan so much. ToMP is far superior. The Wrath of Kahn is a great action flick. But I saw it from the library shortly after JJ Trek came out. I'd never really seen Star Trek before And I didn't get it Like, JJ Trek was indeed a slick action flick. Mr. Plinkett was right about it. But c'mon! Have you seen Drumhead?
  7. Barack Obama is a great American. A fucking hero. I could not admire him more if he were literally The Christ. I fell in love with this dude the second I saw him on TV. After a football game, I think. He's also a murder And he has the blood and limbs of every single Guardsman and Woman, reservist, journalist, or whatever-the-fuck that he ALLOWED to go into Afghanistan or Iraq under his command I call him Barry O-Bombs Y'know. In private. (What's that thing about the truthsayer?) Also, who's the most important character in the room at the end? Y'know? If you actually know how to read?
  8. Y'know, I'm not a racist but... n,!,,
  9. Dawg I love you Claws are IN ... ? Why did you type this?
  10. You know, for all the times that I quoted SCARY MOVIE and its endless (worthy and otherwise) clonies I don't know if anyone ever actually Really Asked me And had, like the understanding of what-kind-of-animal-they're-talking-too to understand what my answer would be to the pivotal question... ... ... ... ... ... ??? ??? ??? ??? "Hello Drew!?!?!"
  11. In my fake language (which I'll ACTUALLY WRITE after I learn Greek) they have a word for moments like this: BRACCA!!!!!!!!! =
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahLEaVzBMuQ
  13. Never seent it Try again later
  14. Why were the Red letters afraid of the Bs?
  15. I liked it, which made it by default one of the best games I'd played in years. More a reflection of gaming, and star wars in particular I think than the worthiness of the game itself I think. Not to say it's horrible. I liked it. It was like a better version of Force Unleashed. I felt like it was the base version of what could be a trillion SWs games of all genres. But I'm a crazy person and Disney and EA have forgotten more about ruining art than I'll ever know... God willing
  16. I look forward to my team signing Mr. Carr for the highest-est-est contract ever. Then trading down to take the 3rd best LT off the board. Meanwhile, Lamar is worth 3 firsts. But if I was Lamar I would not want to let myself be traded for that. He will get top-top dollar no matter what. Taking all those picks from your new team hamstrings you trying to win SB - nah Ravens got lucky. They didn't believe in him. Trading 1 first rounder, that seems fair. Otherwise, they can tag him one more time and it's all Lamar's world from there. Scorched earth
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