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  1. The everything everywhere movie And Whiplash Everything else is whatever Did Matrix 4 count? I don't care give it something something for "best first and second acts and ending but c'mon just DON'T DO THE MARVEL THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. Lemme know how it goes. I'm a week or so back I think. And remember. I'll stop as soon as you tell me to stop
  3. Never played the FF games. I totally admired the scope of it, from what all the dweebs at school never stopped babbling But yo I had Halo Which is like the videogame crystal-meth version of Aliens + every great sci fi series I'd be rediscovering for the next quarter-century Your Golden Chokobo or whatever is cute I guess. I got the "Gods Must Be Strong" achievo AND A MONUMENT TO ALL YOUR SINS And I didn't go on the fucking internet crowing about it like some kind of fucking loser neither Didn't go telling all the two-faced fucks I ever met about it like I'd solved some grand design neither I built a new game YOU don't wanna play games with ME????
  4. Eyes are in the beholder, I suppose. In some endings, I guess.
  5. That's all very very sad. I hope your sister finds her way. The night is dark and full of terrors
  6. "A state-made eunuch who's still a loyalist!" Have you ever met one? What the fuck do you think they'd be like?
  7. Not if *cough cough* "losers" (or whatever) bullied all the nerds into committing intellectual suicide. More than one way to fuck a life
  8. I'm allowed to have a complicated opinion about a complicated historical figure I'm a complicated person
  9. Partial to Season 2. Also, I don't understand why people like Wrath of Khan so much. ToMP is far superior. The Wrath of Kahn is a great action flick. But I saw it from the library shortly after JJ Trek came out. I'd never really seen Star Trek before And I didn't get it Like, JJ Trek was indeed a slick action flick. Mr. Plinkett was right about it. But c'mon! Have you seen Drumhead?
  10. Barack Obama is a great American. A fucking hero. I could not admire him more if he were literally The Christ. I fell in love with this dude the second I saw him on TV. After a football game, I think. He's also a murder And he has the blood and limbs of every single Guardsman and Woman, reservist, journalist, or whatever-the-fuck that he ALLOWED to go into Afghanistan or Iraq under his command I call him Barry O-Bombs Y'know. In private. (What's that thing about the truthsayer?) Also, who's the most important character in the room at the end? Y'know? If you actually know how to read?
  11. Y'know, I'm not a racist but... n,!,,
  12. Dawg I love you Claws are IN ... ? Why did you type this?
  13. You know, for all the times that I quoted SCARY MOVIE and its endless (worthy and otherwise) clonies I don't know if anyone ever actually Really Asked me And had, like the understanding of what-kind-of-animal-they're-talking-too to understand what my answer would be to the pivotal question... ... ... ... ... ... ??? ??? ??? ??? "Hello Drew!?!?!"
  14. In my fake language (which I'll ACTUALLY WRITE after I learn Greek) they have a word for moments like this: BRACCA!!!!!!!!! =
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahLEaVzBMuQ
  16. Never seent it Try again later
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