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  1. And the Council of Nines said that I was cruel and unusual...
  2. Yeah, I think @horangi has already covered this but I was left wondering if the machine would grade out as more or less sociopathic than the real thing... I mean, think about it actually. The machine can be programmed to respect workers' rights... right? Fuck it, can't be worse than what we got. Unshackle that shit. Let's got to the next stage of human extinction: The AI One
  3. shame On all of you. 10/10 program. Flawless in every detail. Art
  4. The times I tried to play The Elder Scrolls: O and Star Wars: The Old Republic I did not leave particularly impressed. Perhaps time has improved the efforts. I thought both were very pay-to-play ish and I didn't really have anyone to play with anyways. Good to hear those two franchises are spreading some joy around somewhere though
  5. Lol. I forgot that I'm saving this week's episode until next week. 'Cause I'm impressionable like that Don't let me near the Ark. At least not the one with the Covenant around. ne e t X i t s
  6. Not physical maneuver Time. Not moving against space. Trans-solar, not trans-galactic... I described it as throwing an anti-planet equipped dart against the backspin on the universe. The vessel. The Ballistar doesn't move. It phases. The solar system you are targeting spins to it Not trans-galactic Not interstellar Not Star Wars
  7. Just real quick: Ballistic Star Balli star Ballistar
  8. About to watch this now. Anybody else?
  9. "Dream Crusher" reminds me of the Sun Crusher. In my second shitty sci-fi book I wrote (which is kiiiinda like a distant-shared universe with the FIRST shitty sci fi book I rote) basically the entire story takes place on something called a Ballistar It's not just a cheapo sound-a-like to Battlestar. I mean yes, it sounds like that. And I do mean to advantage off of this similiarity. But my thing is waaay cooler than a Spacecraft Carrier. It's like a Space submarine. They call it a Ballistar because it doesn't have its own engines. It is 'spun' for trans-solar maneuver. Then shot or thrown forwards in physical space as it moves backwards-and-sidewards through time to show up on the other side of the enemies' Real Space defenses. (Think NO MAN'S LAND in 1918, but in space and across a significant portion of the galaxy instead of France.) Shoot a special torpedo into the choicest planet in the targeted solar system. Special torpedo starts chain reaction of fusions in core of planet that turns planet into sun. Completely fucks entire solar system, not just single planet Space submarine, Ballistar, takes advantage of space-lightning produced by collapse-of-planet-into-star to sheer off the back of their own vessel which triggers a second 'spin' for trans-solar maneuver. Await rescue by your friends. Who are Space Nazis. Because only Space Nazis would nuke an enemy population center when they're unable to win victory in the field and unwilling to concede defeat... At least defeat on their opponents' terms. I called it STARMAKERS
  10. I assume his plan to build the batteries involves asteroid capture?
  11. Dope. Meanwhile, "Dream Crusher" that's interesting. I don't ever really foresee myself owning a boat. But if I owned the heart of a man who owned a boat I could see myself negging him into naming it "Sonar" Might even let him add a name of his own, after my name of course, if I really thought he was worth it. "Sonar... something..." It has a certain romantic sound to it I'm an American. We fucking love fusion
  12. I lost access to the forum's fantasy football program because I wouldn't pay Yahoo's ransom when my password expired or something and needed reset.
  13. I picked up Chelsea Manning's book today. I would love to pretend that when I referenced her the other day as "Danielle", that I was practicing a certain type of Italian art... But I was just really high and mixed her up with a football player See, though, the advantage of that Italian art discipline... I don't have to admit that it was a slip. Anyway, I gotta try and find something to laugh about because I didn't ever have to dig too deep into this sisters' story before to know that it's fucking beyond horrible. And I don't like horror for horror's sake, usually. I'm afraid of the dark on my own. I never liked Aliens because it was scary. I loved it because the survivors get away and the rapey monsters BURN
  14. I don't wanna be crashing on someone's grief when I didn't know either party. But I also find the 'reactions' things to not be enough to express my appreciation for what you wrote. It was beautiful and heart-hurting and I hope you're okay.
  15. All good things, eh? I binged the fuck outta this in a depressathon last year. I would do well with a rewatch, time permitting. We shall see. Anyways. I'm sure it'll be good. Thanks for the thread and info
  16. My old man had me running to the store like the storm from The Day After Tomorrow was coming in. At one point I was panicking because the lights flickered a few times and I realized I had all this food and these books to wait out the Long Night but no fucking candles! That was last night. And it's sunny as fuck outside right now. I just got done walking the cat. Weathermen are a plot invented by the Chinese to make smrt Amircens fell dum
  17. I understood clearly This and thank you for it And this. I also thank you for it. Regarding the rest... it's all barbarian to me
  18. In an unintentional enactment of the "hyperacute" : I noticed as a child. As a child That History Class was being taught wrong. Most things were, in fact. It was all just short-term repetition tricks that were, like, literally specifically designed to help you remember the buzzword or buzzphrase just long enough to fill out the quiz 5-to-7 days later. Then immediately forget everything, except cram cram cram a few months later to briefly re-learn buzzword or buzzphrase just long enough to fill out Midterm/Finals In history class it was this pattern, repeated every year and then the periods of study were repeated every 2 years. No depth No nuance No LESSON NO FUCKING LESSON Just crossword skill recall training! What!?! I didn't even like the Oliver Stone Alexander movie when I was a kid but I still noticed that Christopher Plummer was, like, TEACHING THE CHILDREN THINGS They were a little racist, sure... But it was a different time! My thinking, specific/"triggered" to the teaching of history and the failures therein of the past however-long ETA: ..."in a way that could be exhausting."
  19. Chapter 3 of my in-progress fantasy Opus (it's kinda the pre-Opus, rather than the Magnum Opus, proper, for... reasons that have to do with my radical despite towards gatekeepers) Anyway, Chapter 3 opens with the epigraph "Repeating is not knowing." It's obviously like complicated, right? Like weaving shit into the... ahem... fabric...? the fabric?? of a story and stuff right. But you don't pick rando words to start your fucking chapters unless you work suckle for Disney. What's this motherfucker trying to tell you with that line? It's a well-known thing that repetition is how people learn. That's true.
  20. Goddamn reds Always in touch with the human theatrical component See above Jace(n)
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