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  1. In the Hogwarts game I greatly like that it's like the first game like this that I can think of since like Mass Effect or maybe even like Fable where you aren't actively encouraged to mass-murder the wildlifes with the magical/sci-fi equivalent of a grenade launcher. I like rescuing amnimals from poachers Also, tiny nitpick. But I wish there was like a dedicated button to put your wand away. I feel half a fool running through the halls with it
  2. I believe I first got the idea from you, but I am in favor of some kind of constitutional convention (or whatever, I don't fucking know. This is a job for your kinda people) where maybe leaving the union is on the table. But you WILL NOT secede. Not until after Karl Rove gives his "Galactic Empire!" speech. Which, judging from the direction of things will probably be in like. I dunno, like fifteen minutes or somethin Revenue finances war People win war Cities have people Blue places have people if they remember they are Red and White too, when Red is not insane and White is not lost in greed and cowardice Democrat stuff
  3. They would soon discover that skies remain undarkened as a matter of courtesy Necessity drives... Invention drives necessity now O b e y
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Terror_(1997_film)
  5. Read when I was either 14 or 15 in Sophomore year Robb was favorite character. Then, of course, Theon. I remember reading then, as a kid, and hoping Theon would convince his father or his sister or somebody to attack the Lannisters instead. Casterly Rock! It didn't make any sense, Balon's plan. You're gonna go seize the north? WHY? Ugh you're a PIRATE Lannisport is your ONLY enemy if you side with the Starks. Who are already offering you terms that you can REPLY to instead of accepting outright. Pitch to Balon as such: Casterly Rock isn't an enemy. It's cheese. Whether Tywin's speech about "pounds or ounces, the answer is the same..." - NOT George RR Martin is true or not doesn't matter. You create dynamic where Lannisters MUST choose between 1) Defending Lannister claim - KINGDOM/capital 2) Defending Lannister home - The Rock 3) Striking at enemies (Starks/Tyrells/BaratheonREBEL) All options exist in opposition after the destruction of the 2nd Lannister host. Board state would have become unstable enough that stability would suddenly seem preferable- opportunity for profitable peace to all parties/release of prisoners and return to unity under Baratheon-"Baratheon" Kingship (execute Stannis) and Tyrell-"Baratheon" marriage. Pay off the Greyjoys Give the Starks back their daughter(s) "Peace in our time"
  6. I'm like a T or whatever I guess. I don't like to associate too freely with the rest of you because I think you're all emotional cripples and borderline insane about something (self-awareness) that should make you cool to be around instead of a social game of Battleship where the point is to avoid scoring a hit (on targets you can't see that also apparently move whenever they want) for as long as possible. That's not to say that like I don't like my fellow rainbow people. I just know you motherfuckers don't like me. And that's alright. Peace.
  7. Texas? Iraq? I could take your phalanx there I mean so could a child with a stick
  8. 1)Accept her offer. In fact, to sweeten deal offer to accept all of federal government systems and disposal responsibilities as part of separation agreement... 2)ATTACK! *Don't attack?
  9. Another great episode. I am anxious and excited for the next parts of the story. The ----- y'know, sequence was my favorite in the whole game. One of the reasons, I think, I was so ready to bite the head off the second game when it came out and well, I didn't like it. .... Now I'm off to play videogames.
  10. Hear me, Heathens! \ [] \ I-_-I / / III / / III / \ (Sorry for the triple-post. I'm going to play videogames now) Love to all.
  11. I also know how to erase need for Personal-Use gasoline-power vehicle (except for eclectic few who will enjoy trinket-vehicles from past years in numbers that aren't going to threaten the planet) AAAAAAANNND make Master Musk's Robo-Driver work... even though I find the very notion of a driverless car offensive. But you people think I'm a radical crazy now. Lol. Wait until your children are desperate enough to rip up every single road, street, alley, building, brick and bridge in this country and replace it with a nice electro-track and smart-house so they'll all be safe and auto-piloted from point to point for the rest of their lives. Do they need that? No But it'll be good for them. To see that they can make something beyond the failures of their fathers And when they realize they're addicted to something far more material than those fucking phones will ever give them. Something called agency. They can be put to use on those smart, safe, centrally-linked-and-powered tracks FIXING THIS FUCKING PLANET
  12. Trade system of border canals (spec'd to Masters' Yachts, which I assume out of hand allows entry for a Nimitz), integrated custodial staffs equipped/trained/selected for sensitivity (Hispanic-Americans of immigrant parents/bi-lingual are logical recruitment pool) with refugees, asylum seekers, or whatever. For political reasons the white guys can have lots of guns and drones nearby but they're only allowed to leave their footprint if shots are fired or custodial staffs make call. This offers chance for effective, or at the least coherent, border conceit if not effective policy (I know nothing about effective policy, but neither does anyone in congress). Ecologically advantage-able social program. Wealth redistribution. Long-term employment opportunities for skilled, non-skilled, and specially-skilled labor. Provides template for similar social programs. Democrat stuff To prove anti-racism build similar system along Canadian border. Much longer border. More land. More work. More redistribution of wealth. Democrat stuff
  13. I have kinda suspected since like 2009 or so that those devious foreigns have been having entire films re-written, re-shot, and re-marketed after the Idiot-Brained Americans are done sloughing (their money) at the trough. But that's just me
  14. Patrick Mahomes thinks Randy Moss is a kind of non-flowering but extremely sexual plant.
  15. "You are a Stark. You might not have my name. But you have my blood..." ... "The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother. Mm? I promise." - NOT George R.R. Martin
  16. "Solar Geoengineering Governance and Law"... You're makin that up
  17. The Masters (of my lands) could have Tricked, Trained, or Teached (whichever you prefer) the ugly masses into demanding more humanity from our electeds with a wave of their hands. The literal stroke of a key Instead they profited from divisions and called themselves Humanist It's a funny world we live in
  18. Xenocide - (United Jaces) A permanent member of the Top-Ten Books UJ Security Council I never got around to reading them until I was in my late-twenties though. Mighta saved me some staring at floorboard squiggles...
  19. I agree that these peoples' fates are unfortunate and almost certainly unjust: Hi, America But it is so far past time for America to reform its immigration system that... I struggle to put this delicately... YO IT'S FUCKING FASCIST Like, the corporations get to make and break and bake the fucking rules. The corporations get to give valuable people special status' that are not available to the rest of us. Yo, that's obviously not me being anti-immigration. I'm PRO immigration and PRO immigration reform precisely because Twitter and Facebook and Google and all these Techno shits have just purchased self-governing powers and left normal people to whither on the vine. Not enough to whither, they keep fine-tuning their programming machines to siphon more and more of the pittance left to those didn't get to skydive into silicon valley to get into this country. Or get to be born there. And because they literally control the information we are allowed to see they are cast as heroes for this unimaginable cruelty. If a random dude from Ecuador has his job he came 3,000 miles to fucking slave at taken away he isn't politely asked to leave and given help getting home. And it ain't a six-figure (or fucking MORE) salary he's losin. I've said before that Elon is not my ally. But goddamn if my enemies didn't need some better (equipped) enemies.
  20. So I was driving north the other day. For Hufflepuff concerns that the rest of you need not trouble yourselves with. Anyway. I'm listening to Ava Max. Spoilin' to spend my allowance on Hufflepuff stuff. Y'know. Millennial stuff. And there was like this train of blue lights moving very quickly and shockingly low like perpendicular to my direction of travel. It was trippy yo. Like, I ain't never seen nothing like it. And I'm the secret survivor of Danny Boyle's Sunshine... not of the mission, in the film... I'm the only survivor of the production cast. Ironically enough for a set making Sunshine. It got so dark by the end... so dark Anyway seriously, it was like this train of blue lights moving like lower than cruising altitude for a jet. At least that's what it looked like. And as it was getting closer I was like trying to watch this shit without driving off the interstate, because I don't have a self-driving horse. And I wanna be clear. I'M NOT CRAZY. (I'm a little crazy) But, y'know. You guys have met me. Digital me, anyway. I talk a lot of shit. I'm not saying I THOUGHT Elon or Jeff had finally had enough. That I'd done talked too much and this was this. I'm saying I thought about thinking it. And I was watching these things kinda hoping/wondering if it was some kinda low-flying jet or helicopter procession. And then they all just shot straight up into the sky. It was wild! Never seen nothin like it. And I'm a secret survivor of Jeff Probst's SURVIVOR... Not the show... His Football Survivor Pool. The debauch! The unmitigated horrors! Anyways, I saw that. It was totally a UFO(s). -Unidentified Flying Object(s)- Unidentified 'cause I didn't know what the fuck it was. And for technical reasons I am like 98% sure that I HAVE mobile data on my phone but can't seem to turn it on... So I couldn't google what I'd just seen until I got home a few hours later. Flying 'cause it was fucking flying Objects because I'm just assuming. Is light an object? Is an atom? That happened. And when I got home I googled the phenomenon and saw that it matches the description of some SpaceX techniques for satellites or somesuchness that is beyond me entirely but seems pretty cool. Huzzah
  21. Smartest character in the show. First, I was like "Don't put your fucking fingers in there!" but then, before she even put down her tool I was like "Dracarys dracarys dracarys, brisingr brisingr brisingr!!!!) I think that this show is awesome precisely because it does follow the story of the original game. Because there's really no reason to change that story. However, they take advantage of the fact that this is an All-Cutscene format to... use MOAR cutscenes! I agree that there's something lost there with the way you interact with Bill in the game. And the way you learn about his and Frank's relationship implicitly, through literal and metaphorical progression through these dudes' environment/relationship. But this is an adaptation done right, in my opinion. I think this story has an ability to do its own things here and there, to take advantage of its own mediums' strengths, without abandoning the actual bedrock vision of the game. I think that's a good thing. The game's still there This episode was everything that the shameful emotional-blackmailing BS Steppin plotline thought it was being. Beautiful. Sensitive. And fucking art. Also, gaaaaay! And beautiful I don't know nothing about their ambitions, but it seems to me like you could do two seasons or more (depending on the actors' proclivities and the writing teams and so on...) of original material before you moved on to doing fixing the 2nd game's story. Barely a spoiler. There's a 2nd game! But I wanna be cool about it: Maybe after decades of abuse what those people were looking for in a leader, flawed and otherwise incapable or not, was someone who would bake them brownies and make sure they took their vitamins. If she had brownies to give and they had vitamins to take. Banality indeed. It'll be comin' round in a couple of years. If we're not actually murdering actual each other by then. Which I hope we are not, for the record. I've always enjoyed zombie movies like the next person. But I enjoy the teamwork, survival, aspects of the stories. Y'know. But, like, even as I was slaughtering motherfuckers and having fun in Left4Dead I never felt like 100% happy about killing zombies. Seriously. Even in, like Mass Effect, I have a little less guilt about pushing the Blue Suns merc out of Dantius tower than I do about capping a random zombie in The Last of Us. Why? Because at a very fundamental level that merc made decisions that put him in that tower associated with people who were slaughtering innocents. The zombie is sick. Maybe, once you get down to it, the youngest generation has so little of value to itself that it has no choice but to reimagine and re contextualize the stories and ruins of their elders. For the sake of motivating whomever's left to be motivated if nothing else.
  22. I'm about six hours into the Hogwarts game (that's inflated by wanderings-off for drugs to explore Huffelpuff culture and then time spent gazing Luna Lovegood-ish at stuff for long periods... because of the drugs explorations of Huffelpuff culture) Anyway, I love it. Seriously. It's so good that I cannot remember the last game I bought that was good enough to compare it to. It feels like a total callback to the golden age (for me) of videogame RPGs (I'm sorry, I don't know all the special TechnoLingo. They're just 'RPGs' to me). Like the Mass Effect teams and the Nathan Drake teams have been incubating a Damien Wayne kinda VideoGame writing Chosen One to put this thing together for the past ten years. It's got bugs or whatever. Sometimes the screen gets all screeny. And that's it. Y'know, sometimes when you run outside real quick it's like dark and whatever for a second or two and then it turns into a beautiful late summer/early fall day at Hogwarts and you're in a land of wonder and enchant I recommend. The writing is good. And I liked the character creator a lot. Kinda spare compared to Cyberpunk's, the Character Creation screen for which is an awful lot like trying to make long term fashion choices while being operated on by a chimp with "a hard-on and a hacksaw." (-Jon H Ryan) But I dig my little purple-haired Jimmy Darmody witch. And a bunch of the outfits actually LOOK COOL. Like they look FLLLLLY. It's a great problem to give me, if you're a game developer, to have to sit there and rationalize to myself that I can wear the full cloak-ensemble for, like, the early parts of the game because the character's a new dork and dorks wear the full outfit. But also the full outfit actually looks pretty fucking cool. Like, all of it. So at some point I wanna make a conscious choice to put the cloak away and become a Cool Kid... but I can't yet! Because the cloak looks so fucking cool! And then there's other, non-uniform outfits I wanna wear too! That's fun! To me, at least. Anyway, I recommend.
  23. Just wrapped up a reread of seveneves @DMC You readin? What-if so? Meanwhile, I stalled out last year on Lord of Chaos (doing an audible pass through the series) because someone I thought was my best friend fucking tricked me and made me lose a bunch of (all) my money by refusing to just be a man and tell me what was up and what he needed to do for himself at a time when I could still do what I needed to do for myself. Not to, like, fob off the blame for that onto somebody else or nothing. It's just like this weird, intertangled, web of things... Like, this "friend" introduced me to Game of Thrones, the book, in my Sophomore year. We were besties. He was already on Storm of Swords. And then he told me about WoT only to wuss out around Book 4 while I went on to brave the depravities of Sanderson (he did his best, give him a break. It's not THAT bad, it's just noticeably not Mr. Jordan in a lot of ways. Give him a break). Anyway, so, like. Literally a decade later. We're living together as besties sometimes do and we started a reread(for me) and a resumption for him of WoT in anticipation of that (dreadful) Amazon show. And yeah. I was on Lord of Chaos on my Audible, while playing videogames usually to keep my hands busy, when. Y'know. Motherfuckers be breaking their friends' hearts and then, like, thinkin he gonna still send me memes and shit. So whatever. Didn't even get to my favorite fucking character appearing Anyway I forget, have you read The Expanse? Or seen the series? I seem to feel for some reason like you have, but that might take a long time to archive-stalk for answers. Anyways, I recommend The Expanse. Great series. And I'm sure I stole this from wherever or whatever, and credit where it's due but I've smoked a lot of weed in my time. Anyways... I sometimes say that in Sci Fi stories you generally have one of three different types of equilibrium states, for the universe or galaxy or solar system or world or whatever... IMMEDIATE: Immediate Science Fiction is what I define as generally near-tech. Y'know, stuff we can envision even if we ain't gonna be making it in anybody today's lifetime. Maybe a child's child of someone alive today might see tech more-or-less like the kind of stuff that drives the societies and conflicts and PLOTS of these kinds of stories. And, also, the reason it's called IMMEDIATE (by me) is about more than, like, it being maybe somehow near or close. I call it Immediate because the problems, the PLOT, is going to be something very very pressing. Quick-as-you-can we have no room for error type stuff. Whether it's World Savery, Political Defusery, or Resource Resourcery the general trend of Immediate Sci Fi, as defined by me, is that the systems that have been in place at the outset of the story are probably going to be what has to be changed in the process in order to achieve the desired effect. Examples- Interstellar Sunshine Minority Report Aurora (book) The Martian The Matrix IMPERIAL: Exactly what it sounds like. You're gonna have a pretty stable board state, PROBABLY gonna see some more grander kinda sci fi concepts here. And, like, it's probably gonna be a lived in kinda universe right? You're gonna have some Great Powers. They're gonna have some Spheres of Influence... you've read a book!?! Stuff happens? Yes? Movies as well I think. Examples- Enders Game(book) Avatar(ugh) Starship Troopers Halo Mass Effect Star Trek GRAND: Grand Science Fiction is Full-On We Raw'n It, Unadulterated, Sci Fi. Examples- Star Wars FOUNDATION The Chronicles of Riddick(Love this movie) Midnight at the Well of Souls ---------------- Anyway, the great thing about The Expanse, besides the fact that it's awesome... Is that over the course of the series you go through ALL THREE equilibrium states! Fuck Amazon
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