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  1. Just wrapped up a reread of seveneves @DMC You readin? What-if so? Meanwhile, I stalled out last year on Lord of Chaos (doing an audible pass through the series) because someone I thought was my best friend fucking tricked me and made me lose a bunch of (all) my money by refusing to just be a man and tell me what was up and what he needed to do for himself at a time when I could still do what I needed to do for myself. Not to, like, fob off the blame for that onto somebody else or nothing. It's just like this weird, intertangled, web of things... Like, this "friend" introduced me to Game of Thrones, the book, in my Sophomore year. We were besties. He was already on Storm of Swords. And then he told me about WoT only to wuss out around Book 4 while I went on to brave the depravities of Sanderson (he did his best, give him a break. It's not THAT bad, it's just noticeably not Mr. Jordan in a lot of ways. Give him a break). Anyway, so, like. Literally a decade later. We're living together as besties sometimes do and we started a reread(for me) and a resumption for him of WoT in anticipation of that (dreadful) Amazon show. And yeah. I was on Lord of Chaos on my Audible, while playing videogames usually to keep my hands busy, when. Y'know. Motherfuckers be breaking their friends' hearts and then, like, thinkin he gonna still send me memes and shit. So whatever. Didn't even get to my favorite fucking character appearing Anyway I forget, have you read The Expanse? Or seen the series? I seem to feel for some reason like you have, but that might take a long time to archive-stalk for answers. Anyways, I recommend The Expanse. Great series. And I'm sure I stole this from wherever or whatever, and credit where it's due but I've smoked a lot of weed in my time. Anyways... I sometimes say that in Sci Fi stories you generally have one of three different types of equilibrium states, for the universe or galaxy or solar system or world or whatever... IMMEDIATE: Immediate Science Fiction is what I define as generally near-tech. Y'know, stuff we can envision even if we ain't gonna be making it in anybody today's lifetime. Maybe a child's child of someone alive today might see tech more-or-less like the kind of stuff that drives the societies and conflicts and PLOTS of these kinds of stories. And, also, the reason it's called IMMEDIATE (by me) is about more than, like, it being maybe somehow near or close. I call it Immediate because the problems, the PLOT, is going to be something very very pressing. Quick-as-you-can we have no room for error type stuff. Whether it's World Savery, Political Defusery, or Resource Resourcery the general trend of Immediate Sci Fi, as defined by me, is that the systems that have been in place at the outset of the story are probably going to be what has to be changed in the process in order to achieve the desired effect. Examples- Interstellar Sunshine Minority Report Aurora (book) The Martian The Matrix IMPERIAL: Exactly what it sounds like. You're gonna have a pretty stable board state, PROBABLY gonna see some more grander kinda sci fi concepts here. And, like, it's probably gonna be a lived in kinda universe right? You're gonna have some Great Powers. They're gonna have some Spheres of Influence... you've read a book!?! Stuff happens? Yes? Movies as well I think. Examples- Enders Game(book) Avatar(ugh) Starship Troopers Halo Mass Effect Star Trek GRAND: Grand Science Fiction is Full-On We Raw'n It, Unadulterated, Sci Fi. Examples- Star Wars FOUNDATION The Chronicles of Riddick(Love this movie) Midnight at the Well of Souls ---------------- Anyway, the great thing about The Expanse, besides the fact that it's awesome... Is that over the course of the series you go through ALL THREE equilibrium states! Fuck Amazon
  2. You have me exactly. I actually spent a moment googling whether teardrops actually cause nausea or vomiting because I distantly recall seeing something to that effect in one of the infinite-list grotesque teen/young adult comedies of the VHS era They do not, Google told me Which is why I didn't go with that
  3. Just trying to be constructive. Take or leave the following: Money good? Gooder than dread of plotting? (I'm familiar with plotting, Honey. Don't ever feel paranoid about snake-in-the-grass motherfuckers at work. Feel ALERT ) What would happen if they fired you? What would happen if they didn't fire you? (Will your situation improve on its own, essentially?) Do you have access to where they keep their lunches? What's up? What are you feelin? Do you HATE your job? Or just some of the stuff involved with it? Do you have someone better to talk to about this stuff than me? Please say "yes" to that last one at least...
  4. Dawg I posted a -decidedly neutral- review of the facts as I understand them. I was also open and honest about the fact that I didn't know much about the stuff besides general lived-in observances. "talking out of your ass" Dude, I was just trying to be involved in the conversation in what capacity I, myself, thought might glean me some kind of insight or further observable. From how you people react (or don't react) if nothing else. Learned somethin' eh? "without being informed."
  5. I mean I'll take your word for it if it comes up on Final Jeopardy I don't know that much about it I'm more interested in the political and political theater shit
  6. ^^^ This part is true ^^^^ Aaaaaaand ^^^^ This part ^^^^ Both are true, yes? Art is protected. It may be limited. Sometimes, yes? I cannot do nude art in Vanilla Grocery. This is fair? But you cannot stop me doing Nude Art in Nude Art places? This is fair. (I don't do nude art, this is a bit. But a bit with a point. Keep up. Humorisms as teaching tools. Keep up) BUT And this is that POINT we just mentioned. Liberals. Especially Millennials. Think that policy IS art. Can't blame 'em. I mean it's not like politics and business and advertising and everything everywhere has taught them anything other than to use slick words and happy features to get as much as they can as fast as they can and step up to the next thing. (In politics, you have a higher office to aim for. In business, you have a bigger office to aim for.... and so on) And, uh, yo. As someone whose life, like, kinda-literally in a physical way depends on understanding how these people (The dirty dirty peasants and their have-nothing fuck-everything cultures...) YO! And this isn't aimed at you, Polishgenius. I'm just using this as like a jumping off point here for a screed against the broad direction of 'liberal' politics in my lifetime. Okay? We get that? Not attacking anyone, in particular, but gonna rant against some trends and shit. If you feel a little attacked despite what I just wrote. Maybe explore that feeling. Explore it with me, even. You people need a new teacher. And I'm here for you. Yo. When you treat politics like a game. And you start treating it like a performative game. People notice. They notice, man. And yeah, a lot of 'em are stupid and pig ignorant and filled with misdirected fucking HATE But yo. They fucking SEE YOU Even if they don't always understand. THEY FUCKING SEE YOU Democrats didn't give a FUCK about LGBTIQ+ or their fucking rights or the plight of their own fucking children they'd exposed to untested technologies, predatory purveyors, and an education system seemingly designed whether through malice or incompetence to produce multiple generations of sub-literate emotional and mental wrecks and call them Future Leaders Didn't give a fuck about any of that Until those neglects produced a nice, dumb, easy-to-scam and easier-to-appease (Hi, Student "debt" """" reform""""") class of dependents who occasionally need to be tricked into believing you just gave them something (when in actuality all you've done is <marginally> decreased their insolvency. Which isn't actually giving someone something, it's taking away (some of) something in return for nothing) in return for stealing their futures. Yo. They see you. And I, as a democrat. A Democrat. Think they are not unright. (I just made that up! Unright. I think.) So, uh, yeah. The point here. Circling back to that Jumping Off Point I borrowed from our Polishgenius... Obviously the correct, the CORRECT, answer is that if some school or library or whatever wants to do Drag Queen story hour... Whatever. I mean, that is the correct LIBERAL and correct conservativeLIBERAL response. "Whatever, man. Or Ma'am. As it may be." But yo. At the same time... You're allowed to think that Drag Queen Story Hour is fucking weird (I do) and to not understand the impetus behind this like culture-shock campaign you're obviously engaging in. Or rather, I don't accept the rationale I keep getting. Which is to, like, inoculate kids against... transphobia or something... and I'm just like yo... I'm trans and I went to the library literally every day and I didn't need a weirdo in garish makeup to make me wanna go there. Or to make me wanna be who I am when I'm not, myself, wearing a disguise. Now all that being said. I ain't got no kids. Can't have no kids. And as far as the law ever taught me, through my experiences. Them chirens is YOUR property. And you can goddamn well do what you please with 'em. I may not agree with it. But that's what I've been taught. So, if you wanna do Drag Queen Story Hour honestly I think it's better than TikTok. I just hope you're also, y'know, reading to the kid yourself and taking them to the library on normal days and not just to see the Very Politely Invitee freak show that reminds bougie "liberal" fucks how much better off their children are gonna be than these performative types. Just my IMHO or whatever
  7. Yeah there's no point pretending there's any kind of ideological champion of whistleblowers in our politics. There's allies of convenience. I've known lots of Rightie types who love Assange and Snowden, despite seeming to know less about them than I do (and I don't even know if I'm spelling their fucking names right, so...) because they're Anti-Gov champions, but they hate Danielle Manning because... "something, something... definitely not the trans thing..." So, IDK. I honestly think that most folks on most sides of most issues have no idea what the fuck they're talking about and latch emotionally to the first argument/activity/actor who aligns with them emotionally. But I'm not sayin nothin nobody don't already know Discourse! (emphasis mine) As to the first part of the post: I'm partial to Slut Pop. I wouldn't shoot nobody over it. But I might duel...
  8. You... KNOW... I cannot RESIST!!! I'm too weak... too weak... I speak Literati and Memelennial... flawlessly! (Put that in your twitter and listen to it) @Wade1865 I'm very talented.
  9. I like 3.5 if you have a strong willed DM (like Theoden King). Sometimes with those later editions I feel like there's a lot of great stuff. Especially with extra races and stuff. Playing a Fairy familiar for the party's Wizard??? Fuck YES But you gotta have a good DM to keep it in line. Good DM makes everything good with whatever system, really, though so whatever. Meanwhile. Fuck all that and just do Palladium
  10. I firmly believe, and believe you have made an argument in favor of my belief, that if cinema has a future it is with 4 or 5 hour features (I'll push for 6, myself) that can be easily edited into hour-long streaming shows. In the theater, you have a fifteen or even a twenty minute intermission. If I were making the picture, the fucking PICTURE, (or, y'know, I'd hire professionals to do it with other peoples' money and then scream at them until they [if out of sheer fucking hatred for me if that's what it takes] create good art and get to go home) I'd have my intermission at the end of the third act, and right before we ramp up into the fourth. That way the audience can chatter about whatever whatever we just did for the last 180 minutes while they're pissing and re-filing popcorn (you're WELCOME, theater chains), make a few on-the-fly theories together and have funzies and then we're BACK at IT before they have time to drift away into bitcoin or meta or whatever the fuck these tiktok addled fuckwits do for fun. Get it? We turn going To the Theater into an All-Day thing again. Or at least an All Afternoon thing. Encourage people to actually spend time together. Even SPEAK to each other during intermission without their Fones. And they might even be able to sit still if you promise them the siren song of a potty break and a chance to get MOAR FooooooD without even missing the movie. Y'all ever been to one of those Alamo Drafthouse places???? IMAGINE Having, like an actual human-sized bag of popcorn instead of a KFC bucket. And a hotdog. And a nice, big, SALTY SUGARY soda Maybe some prepurchased-for-the-event Kandy in your lap. Even some kinda overpriced candy from the concession stands too, when you and Kandy got your popcorns' and bun-wrapped fallic phoods. And your candy. Your sweet sweet Kandy And Christopher Nolan spends Two-and-One-half-Hours bombarding your senses with 48 frames-per-second of a stopped clock in IMAX! No cuts. No dialogue. No ticking. No nothing! Written by Goyer and Miller During intermission people are fainting from the raw, artistic, power of the film. Of the FILM. (IMAX is, like digital but it's like digital... film right? Like, I'm kinda talking outta my ass here. But there's a difference between a digital image and Disneyland MarvelMan Cartoon bullshit. At least to me) And then, once their bladders are emptied. Their sodas are filled. And their legs are stretched and mouths worked. They leave their order with the folks at the end of each row and the meal will be served before act 5 begins. And you're gonna need the calories. In act five. At some point... I'm not gonna tell you when, exactly, but in act 5 at some point... The second hand? On the clock? I heard it moves...
  11. I am not naturally a comic I really do not mean to like, attack specific persons ON the BOARD, and like make them feel bad. I know that I DO do that sometimes. The art gets away from the artist once in a while, y'know? And sometimes there's consequences for that kinda stuff. All useful data for the task described I have observed that those of my generation will replay comedy shows or standup acts over and over again as 'Background' noise. I, myself, go through stretches of maudlin where I love to have something erratically funny on while I focus my primary attentions on another task. So I think that's a real thing. I've observed it in myself and in others. Humor must, therefore, be advantaged in order to convince these fucking idiots to save their planet. Sorry, Mr. Martin... hehehe.... hehehe.... "... I see you Dr. Harris." ... ... But the WhiteWalkers was a little too sub-tle Winter never came 'round! Well, it did, but 'cause o' climate change and 'cause we had to go burn the Symbology we, uh, didn't absorb any lessons from this very very Expanse-ive tale and winter was up and over in 90 minutes baby. I ain't castin blame! I know that that was a pair of different silly-willies. But... Well... Shit. I mean, goddamn. I can't even get properly mad at all these stupid motherfuckers I have to call peers, because the people who are supposed to reinforce things like moral resolve and community of purpose have no idea what the fuck they're doing. Yo, that's YOUR JOB as a writer. Or a filmmaker. Or a storyteller, or any level of hangers-on attached to one of those producers-of-tales Your JOB is to remind people of their common, COMMON, humanity and the rewards of answering to the best parts of that humanity. Well, that was your job eh?
  12. Apologies - Deficiency in style I only meant to illustrate that we spent several weeks and a number of class sessions on corporatist exploiter types, reverentially I meant to make implicit, and then when it came to actual like World Changing events the teacher didn't even know what some of the fucking Key Terms meant. Like, I don't really care that I sat there in the class knowing more about some -very specific- history subjects than the "professor". She's a different human being than I am. She surely knows all kinds of things, especially about history, that I do not know. That's why it's great to have huu-maans as teachers and not computer-machines or checklist-obeying Huu-bots being paid slave wages. Right? So, like, I'm not fucking unreasonable. But yo! Yo! She didn't know what ARMISTICE meant! Like, the word! The KEY word. I was trying to illustrate ^THAT^ kind of feeling as briefly, and comedically, as I could in order to try and keep a (probably illiterate, by the time I reach my 30s... which is unbearably soon actually) readers attention while moving on to my broader point. Yo, I tried to explain to my shrink this past week the magnitude of the challenge in trying to publish something of quality kinda like this: 1) I have to meet prerequisite publishing standards enforced by people of a generation older than me. Standards are about profitability and market analysis, not quality or prospect 2) Enforcers, readers, of standard are 10-30 years older than me. Fortunately, THEY CAN READ! Unfortunately, they are the MOST infected of any generation with Box Checky Samey Same IdiotGroup Think disease (BCSSIGT) - TASK ONE: Write material that passes ^^^^ conditions ^^^^ in blind review in order to gain access to publishing, editing, research, and -in a very basic way- WRITING tools - Then, if you actually want to do something with all those words and ideas and fucking heart you put on the page. Well, ^^ THAT ^^ That isn't enough. Not if you want to actually achieve something that matters. And not just collect some fucking pennies for the privilege of giving all your ideas away to entities that will profit off you... TASK TWO is very straightforward. You have to write something that people whose brains were neglected until they turned into impulse-driven mush can, will, and WANT to read. And you have to do it quickly. As quick as you can. Because every day you don't you get to watch your countrymen, your government, and your leaders, talk themselves into a grave that we aren't going to get a chance to climb out of for very much longer. Do you have any idea how fucking hard that is? And how hard it is to not let yourself indulge in trying to sell people more bullshit watered-down fluff that is just teaching them to hold their breath a little longer each day as the air turns into poison? Stuff that is Scientifically Designed to make them think they're engaging dynamically with products and platforms, but not too dynamically to upset it or -worse- walk away from it? This isn't meant to be a rant. I'm trying to explain to you that whenever I interact with people. Including you people, on this space, I'm working on this problem I've described. How do accomplish TASK TWO in a way that passes muster with TASK ONE. That is my motive. That's why I change my name and act mean when I think it'll inform me. It's not about how I'm acting, to me. It's how you people react.
  13. In a land of the Monophthalmus the two-eyed bitch is Queen. And Queens be dodging lightning bolts Perception is a powerful tool Depth, moreso
  14. I have basic, like what-I-learned-in-science-class understanding of these things combined with what I can successfully google y'know? I'm not saying I have discovered some secret truth. It's just like a theory. Anyway in, like, the sequel to the first novel I finished the setting is in the Midwest. Where most of Kansas has been turned into a saltwater inland sea, as an effort to reclaim the rest of the interior of the country from desert. It's not just a lake, it's a weather machine. And the entire economy/society is very WildWest but with the universal understanding that they have to protect this process no matter what their individual differences might become. Conflict with limits, eh? Didn't finish that story. Its progenitor sucked. Moved on to something else Anyways, just like "an explanation" or whatever about where such thoughts come from. For persons who care about such things. Meahwhile, The great thing about the POWER OF INTERNET and NOT NEEDING "Traditional" LEARNING pathways or whatever blah blah bullshit Fuckerberg and Musk and all those other shitheads use to justify their leechery? ? ??? The GREAT thing about getting the power (at a price, of course) to learn all by yourself with nobody to ACTUALLY help you learn? You never know if you're learning it right. And what's worse, you really can't trust the 'authority' figures (if you can afford a subscription fee [with +++PLUS plus PlUs+++ status membership only] in order to ACCESS one) to even fucking tell you if you're learning it wrong. For all kinds of idiot reasons, some as fuckwitted as they might leave you to drift in ignorance just to avoid having to actually teach you something. Abdication of the very first principal of being any kind of educator or authority on anything at all. To say nothing of responsibilities implicit to such figures. And you people wonder why your children are killing each other. #SwarmLife
  15. Americans are natural insurgents Very dangerous against "superior" forces
  16. So I got another one. This is one of those things that I'm sure I'd get, like, a definitive answer to if I weren't a lowly peasant and could just ask somebody - a huu-maan beee-iiiing - who might not know the answer themselves, but could direct me towards discovering it. Hard to google. Anyway, I read G.J. Meyer's book on WW1 when I was like a sophomore or junior in HS. And at the time I noticed that they kept saying how cold it was on both of the main fronts (East and West, not the sideshow stuff). Like they keep saying that's it's colder than it's ever been in a hundred years and shit. And discounting biases that come into those kinds of recordings and stuff, like did anyone REALLY take the temperature this time in this place last year and compare it to the historical record or did nobody give a fuck until someone's national security depended on this 2-mile-wide and thirty-miles-deep stretch of land that was arbitrarily assigned to some asshole junior officer who'd never been cold before and decided to stick a thermometer outside his cushioned and lamp heated bunker and wrote it down? Anyway, what I'm getting at is that like, recordings of 'facts' are often as unreliable as anything else. We all get that, yes? But yo, they KEEP saying it. Lenningrad in the next war. Stalingrad too, I think (I think, I haven't read a book on that in a few years). One of the early sieges of Constantinople, for sure. Maybe the Umayyads? Everyone notes how cold the winter is. Again, we understand that there's observation bias. But I wonder if these great massings, movings, and conflicts of peoples changes the weather. At a physical, air/heat displacement level. First, you have disruption of normal peacetime/traffic behaviors. I don't KNOW if that could change the weather on its own 1000 years ago, but I bet it would tomorrow. Then, you have the consolidation of persons for massed movements- Mobilization, yes? This takes heat generating entities away from spread out areas and puts them in one big area. Usually, but not always and depending on the level of state sophistication, close to an existing large urban center. I don't KNOW that that could change the weather. Five hundred dudes? Probably not. Five thousand, maybe? Fifty thousand? Five million? Then you have those masses of persons moving along the -now displaced- peacetime routes in different (probably much much more dense, but also more gradual depending on the technology) patterns. Could this change the weather 1000 years ago? Doesn't seem too likely. But what if PRC kept detonating EMP devices EVERY DAY in orbit over USA and the only vehicles that could reliably operate were hardened military/government types. Think THAT would change the weather? Everyone thinks that the great migrations of Goths and others that brought down the (decadent) [weak] Western Empire was caused by climate change. Like, that's just accepted historical fact. And I'm not here to dispute it, per say. But what if the weather was changing so much -also- because so many people were moving. And it doesn't matter why they were moving. Whether famine, or raiders, or climate change itself initiated the movings. Once they started moving, whether because of the weather or whatever, they changed the weather. Does that make any sense? #HardToGoogle #NotAllOpportunitiesAreEqual #HowDoYouEvenAskAnAdjunctSomethingLikeThat? #TryHarder #I'mPrettySureSomeoneIsOnThis,Don'tKnowHowToKnowForSure #I'dLoveToResearchIt,ButWeOnlyLearnedTo"Write"And"Research"| 5 Paragraph Essay |In"School"
  17. You cold blooded bastard... I love it! Bad! Bad! Bad ruthless strategist! Bad, bad, baaaad... So... um... so bad...
  18. Fading? Yo, if they weren't ALREADY on their 3rd stringer when the QB went down I think they could have won that game with a backup. Even Josh Johnson might have settled in and maaaaaybe given you a shot in some ways. Maaaaaybe. But yo, the defense played fucking amazing, all things considered. I mean I don't know what Lance is worth, really. But don't be too hard on 'em. No offense to Josh Johnson, but he isn't ACTUALLY a backup QB. He's not even a backup's backup. Give 'em a break.
  19. I can take this question, if I might presume: Ser, Scot, Pal... You have no fucking idea what the People's Liberation Army has at its disposal. And much less what the People's Liberation Army Navy has at its disposal. The difference between China and Russia is well drawn out by Wert right there, though it's more of a passive byproduct of what he was actually addressing. Russia is weak and wild. They have more ambition than capacity. And have really always been that way. That's just Russia baby. Now they can box! Yo, they can box. But they kinda suck. Sorry. They're really better off, like, self-image wise I think; as a fucking terrorist state. Like, that's their crowd. Hooking up with Iran? Yo, Russia's the Cool Kid at that table. Or at least that's their future with Putin and his policies. IMO. New Year new day eh? Who knows what another government might be like. Meanwhile, China. China is not weak. And they are not wild. China is strong. And China is focused. Do not underestimate them. That's all I got.
  20. Well, as the newly-minted Good Girl of the Board Militarists... I don't think Ukraine should attack as a matter of course in Spring, Summer, or Fall. I mean, obviously, their general staff knows what they're doing. I wouldn't tell them NOT to do whatever they're gonna do. I would just put forward the fact that Ukraine grows stronger every day. Has gigantic reserves it had all year to train and incorporate. Is well armed with small arms and AT weapons. This is good! But yo, they ain't got no armor! They ain't got no air! Don't just slap some donated shit together as fast as you can and try to schwerpunkt your way to gaining back some territory. That's an excellent way to ruin all your best new equipment in exchange for a new status quo. And god forbid you lose or just fail to win... Eh. I say wait. Get ironclad deals from US and Nato for equipment (tanks, planes, drones) to finish the war for good in '24 That gives Russia a whole nother year to wither on the vine. And it sucks to have to eat punches and lose lives that way, but in the coldest calculous of war... Ukraine's losses are more replaceable than Russia's. At the equipment and personnel level. That's just the way it is. However, I think that the optimal use of that strength is to hold back for a knockout blow against an enemy who may very well defeat itself very very soon instead of chancing many many more lives on an optimistic meat grinder strategy. Just my opinion. Having their army routed (but not beaten) by a Ukrainian attack might actually do more to strengthen Russian resolve than if Putin is seen as just feeding more and more sons of Russia to the spears of NATO for the sake of his vanity. IMO
  21. Exactly what someone whose team didn't get Sean Payton would say. I mean, you guys aren't wrong that this team is bi-polar AF. It has no idea what it's doing with itself. That being said... Russell Wilson + Sean Payton... Are you kidding? Don't overthink it. Feel it.
  22. I'm not anti-semitic... but... ..but.. .but. if perhaps "You People" Are looking to hire a broke-ass dimestore-discount-rack Dr. Strangelove (without the wheelchair, or degrees, or knowledge, or presumably work-ethic) character... I know somebody like that. It's a joke. Anti-semitism is bad. But I think bad things are funny sometimes. I'm bad that way ETA: The whole point of that setup was to do a Tarantino revenge-of-the-Jews joke but I completely forgot about it with all the emojiis Goddamit
  23. Trust me, okay? There's no problem with the size of this drumstick, okay?
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