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  1. I went into the 2nd game almost quivering with yays I felt like chunks of it were missing. I felt like that about a lot of stuff the past couple of years. I was also doing a lot of drink and weed at the time so who can really say?
  2. Fine, I will accept the job of Empress of the Universe but first I wanna go to fucking GREECE And I will need a crew
  3. I always felt guilty even with traditional zombies. 'Cause, like, I'd always wonder if there might be a cure. Even if it wasn't explored in the story. Y'know, imagination and all. But fuck mushrooms
  4. Everybody on the broadcast picked the cats
  5. Sir, Ser, or Mr. I'm inclined to think the last. If I were cooking the meal you'd get as big a cut as you wanted.
  6. (This is Honest Jace talking, not Psycho Bitch Jace)
  7. I might have advocated not going for two there. on the basis that now, as they get the ball back, the Chargers know if they punt then JAX has 4 downs every play to get 3 for a win So if you're JAX, and you're JACE in JAX you would kick the PAT. Let them have their 3 point lead It's still 4 downs to get to FG range (for OT at the least) anyways So you can lull them into being more content with a punt on 4th and short maybe
  8. I suppose if I must then I would enjoy KurtBrady2.Z (like, he's genZ right? I don't know things!) and the FTXers to win the SB. But you gotta beat Brady in the Championship first, otherwise whatt're we even doing?
  9. Sorry, sorry. I know I'm bad. I know. But it's just that I reeeally should have gone with (accents and all that)
  10. I do not follow these people. Or any people really. Not since I had my fill of Social Media influencers
  11. Yeah 13 is pretty ick if you're a grown ass man. C'mon
  12. I am not a doctor or a scientist I know something of the issue It seems to me that there is an incongruity between societal mandates: The age of adulthood, and thus legal ability to dispense with ones person as one wishes: and the 'cmon let's be real. The fucking biological drives. I don't think anyone should be afraid to say something like what I just said. In fact I have, myself, felt quite a bit of resentment that I cannot say such a thing without being afraid that I would get called a pedophile for seeking communal input on my -complicated- feelings regarding the matter. For example, if a seventeen year old and fifteen year old wanna fuck? And, like it's all cool and okay and shit? I do not understand what is wrong with that. Anything beyond that example gets more dicey than I am willing to game atm I mean 'cmon. Are we allowed to say things that are basically true, now, even if it exposes us to an opportunity to learn something we may have been wrong about in turn?
  13. "I'm sorry I shot Steve Lake." "They felt silenced. And they wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine by uploading J.J.'s body (of "work") into yours." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "Not by any means a corrections of the original work, I mean my god can you imagine that kinda hubris? Different people might make different choices though when it's between them and their page. Historical, digital, or physical." - Me
  14. That was in poor taste. I apologize ETA2: this comment, in poor taste I mean. I stand by the above one. I am... excited. And not in a positive direction. I am sorry
  15. Yeah, this whole thing is an exercise in some truly supreme comedic screenwriting. I didn't believe in god until just now, when the scope of the hilarity was finally revealed to me. Guys, this is fucking great. I mean, c'mon. Like we all know that Donald Trump is a Chinese agent. And a Russian agent. And a Saudi agent, an Iranian agent, a North Korean, South Korean, and I'm sure an equatorial Korean agent as well. Because he's the agent of the person who is standing closest to him, hand unseen. That's just who the dude is. It's not even _entirely_ that he's a weak little pissant who couldn't even get pissed on by a fucking ant if he wasn't paying for it. That's actually not it. He's just a fucking traitor. He's a piece of shit. An opportunist of the highest quality. VeRy hIgH quality. We all know this. I'm not saying anything we don't know. Yo, he's not in there rifling through papers looking for what Xi (his delegate) wants, the delegate is just fishing in Donnie DumDum's maelstrom of personality deficiencies that permineralized away his white and grey matter decades ago. And if you use the right baits, a good hook, and the delegate (from Xi, or whomever) brought along a slave who actually knows how to use that mouth of hers DING! <By the way, I'm going to request that you don't remove that slave bit, because there's 50 million slaves in the world right now and men like Donald Trump make use of them directly or indirectly every day > Meanwhile, oh poor President Biden. Seriously. He's a good American. I don't think highly of politicians, but Joe just ain't got it in him to be a scumbag. He's too honest. Just can't do it. Be dumb? Totally. Weird? Absolutely. Excessively Familiar? You Betcha. Behind the Times? Motherfucker was born behind the Post. I think he's a good man. I appreciate that when Gondor's need was most dire, he gathered up his Green Ghostly Bones and marched out of the dimholt road to fulfill his oath. But goddaMMIT JOE! And you know the fuckin sad thing? Folks are right, up thread about how this happens all the time. Because it does. Because whatever. But goddamn if he wasn't probably taking those documents because he actually did want to read them. He's fucking old. We all know what's up. And like a good goddamn man he was almost certainly actually trying to do his job. And he'll suffer more for it, because he actually cares when he fucks up, than Donald ever did for anything. Hang ___
  16. Listen, if the DoD isn't asking these questions what gives you the right eh?
  17. Gaul and Brittany, both. Though the Gauls were on the whole always both more virulently anti-fascist and pro-Communist according to anything and everything I've read going back (at least as far as pro-Communist, because 20th century self-described fascism wasn't a thing yet because a major communist state didn't exist yet and fascism (the scary German kind, not the stupid and embarrassing Italian kind) is just a fuckboi lance corporal's notion of a trollololololz at real socialism) to 1917 Sometimes it pays to be the Empire in slightly-faster decline? Now that's a thought that unsettles
  18. And to say nothing of subscription fees like license plates, insurance (health, car, house, or otherwise) dues, and any number of a billion hyper-marketed addictive pits for you to throw your ever-dwindling paycheck into that the government could work to make sure aren't taking advantage of its citizens without dimishing those citizens' rights to do as they please. But that sounds hard and nobody ever went broke taking a kickba-- I MEAN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION
  19. Now that's an interesting point of view. It never made sense to me that the tax burden for production/maintenance of the state should fall on the worker in a system that -at all but _all_ costs- empowers and subsidizes the employer and those who do not have to trade their time/lives in return for qualities of life that rapidly approach unlivable
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