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  1. To borrow a line from Conway Stern when it came time to be enlightened as to the concerns of Hobbits: "I'mma take your word on that."
  2. Even though we hates and loves the Twitter, as we hates and loves ourselves precious, goddamn if sometimes it ain't fucking worth it.
  3. I was just being vicious The only cost-effective way to do high-volume space (orbit) tourism is with gliders. Why are you making things out of metal? It's famously heavy. Wind is light, but pushes other light things strongly Wind is free ETA: little grammar. I was being mean, not volcanic
  4. Who the fuck puts engines on a glider? Are they bad at math but strong in vroom-vroom engineering somehow?
  5. Like aside, it is well-known and undeniable that the family uses... asymmetric efforts... to induce pain and incentivize docility I find it hard to believe that if the Prince Harold or his superior American wife had sent any kind of private message that could be effectively used against them without undue backsplash on the 'family' that it would have been used long ago
  6. Alright. Step One of operation Is Our Children Reading looks complete... get them to possess a book Now comes the real dance, folks. We gotta teach these savages what letters are and how they cooperate to perform communicative feats from across time and space. The ideas box is open.
  7. "... [sic] screamed with laughter and clapped her hands."
  8. Amistics It's actually funny Wade brought it up, I grabbed it on audible this past summer/fall because obviously nothing beats a physical book. But I sometimes enjoy revisiting stuff, especially if I don't have a copy, or taking in certain kinds of non-fiction with my ears instead of my eyes. I pay for the app, gotta put it to work! Anyways, I was gonna give it a listen now that I'm older and wiser, but it got bumped by Malcolm Nance's new book and then a succession of biographies and Anand Giridharadas... I am a compulsive multitasker... Anyway, this has been an episode of Jace's Excuses for Not Being Sharp as She Should Be: Niccolo Machiavelli edition
  9. Well that's why, when I make it to the end, I'm gonna leave explicit instructions for construction of a Kafes like the Ottomans had to house my most politically relevant descendants. The flaws of a Versailles-style distraction for the nobles are apparent in American culture today. Too much fetishization of braindead wealthiness and it's just fucking wasteful besides. A Kafes is a much better idea. The bureaucrats and generals can bicker over whomever they wanna elevate outta there to be Empress of the Americas, and if she's more or less insane than you were hoping for just do whatever with her and try again! Very stable system. A very stable, genius, system! You're welcome, America(s)!
  10. So, full Radical honesty BBB Jacelyn talking here... The first one is fucking cringe But that second post looks pretty fucking cool ETA: Ain't that just life though?
  11. Yo I even pointed out how stupid it was to give him those guarantees
  12. COUGH COUGH Smart boys give the priestess her due. August? Motherfucker I was on this shit in March. I'mma keep fucking bringing it up too until Ballard is gone (like not AT you, Ty, you're just the excuse I needed today. Tomorrow it might be Rhom, or even Maith. Live in fear. )
  13. That being said, I think I side with the one who spoke. Anderson Cooper ain't no kinda journalistic ideal, but he ain't no fucking 'unnamed source' in the tabloids, y'no'w'a'd'i mean?
  14. Alternatively, you can pound sand old man.
  15. Yeah! Withdraw from that salient in good order! That's what real leadership is!
  16. Fun game. Good for Coach Campbell and his Knee biters There's a big part of me, as an eternal Rodgers-"An-Tah-Ghont-Tist" (that's an obtuse -perhaps inverted- reference to one of the opening minutes and messages of the RedLetterMedia production of Mr. Plinkett's comedic review of Star Wars:ThePhantomMenace) that's actually kinda would-be 'Andrei Sator'-at-the-end-of-Christopher-Nolan's-TENET about wanting to see Rodgers win the SB as a 7 seed and ride off into the sunset as Brett Favre never could. ETA: lololololool TENET
  17. Just for clarity's sake, so that -like- I don't seem like some kinda CrAzY pErSoN, is that I'm pretty sure (preeetty sure) that the preceding line to that bit I quoted goes something like "One Reins (spelling?) is as good as another Reins (spelling?)..." and then the whole 'it never Reins (spelling?) but it pours.' bit. Because, like the Bad Guy in the movie (Gone in Sixty Seconds), is kinda disappointed not to be able to inflict harm on one character <the object of his original ire> but is contented to have his cronies inflict said harm on that object's brother, who is more readily available to be abused by Bad Guy's goons. But it's a bit of a social gamble, I'll admit, to expect other randomly-dispersed persons about the globe to comprehend my obscure references to a 1990's Nicholas Cage film that I watched a hundred times with my sister in decades past. That's my bad.
  18. "It never Reins (spelling?) but it pours." - Bad Guy (Gone in 60 Seconds) They call him The Carpenter
  19. I'm hip to this weird disparity. Maybe it's 'cause I'm a drunk psychopath who butchers hitch hikers -but only if they drink milk out of the carton- ( < that was a silly nothing joke by way of a casual reference to a line of dialogue from the character Simmons, from the RoosterTeeth production Red vs Blue, circa Season 4 (I think(?), maaybe season 5[?], yo that was like fuckin fifteen or seventeen frickin' years ago) and not an admission or advocation of violence against transient persons or individuals or animals of any type) but I, like don't get it It's like this: So if I'm at 3 and I wanna go up to 1 I trade #3 A future 1 Another future 1 (whatever other irrelevant change) And in return I get... -Player- That's 3 picks for 1 player That's how math works right? I'm not being snarky. I had a relatively good education by American Standards, but the "American Standards" part of this sentence betrays the falseness of its entirety.
  20. ... (In an effort to pre-merge threads) ...
  21. Nah. The Japanese sank some outmoded deep-sea fishing equipment and by way of butterfly-effect skullfucked Hitler Trading (was it a 3rd and a 5th?) up 1 spot or whatever to select Mitch 'NVP' Trubisky like ten spots ahead of Swaggs Mahomes will live in infamy. ETA: syntax
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