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  1. P(utin) and E(lon) sit-ting in a tree F U C K I N ...
  2. Revolution is the only natural language Life is water. Vlad is living in the past and you're too emotionally Cool Guy to see that. Look, I'm not unresponsive to the idea that if you're beat- it's ok to give up. Surrendering is a thing for a reason. But not when you're winning. And not when it's their bombs falling on your houses. Nah, dawg. Take that appeasement and I hope it keeps you warm at night. Life is worth losing, and worth losing early to live free of a man like Putin and his goons America, 'the West', totally fucked up. I get it. Every dead Russian and dead Ukrainian is a dollar in the bank for America- that's some seriously SERIOUSLY fucked up shit. The ruining of a generation of Ukrainians is probably gonna help keep this fetid corpse of an American economy on life support for another ten years, that is true And it's also true that those people have a right to defend themselves and we have the means and interest. To abandon a natural ally you have every means to assist out of some latent non-interventionist morality is intellectual cowardice disguising itself as humanism. Maybe Ukraine shouldn't have burned the meatloaf if she didn't want to wear three layers of makeup to church, eh?
  3. Yo that's a ridiculous comparison. Russia AGREED that Ukraine got to be a sovereign state, after much horror at the hands of the U.S.S.R. That means they get to make friends and do shit you don't like- that's what sovereign means Taiwan is the political descendant of Chiang Kai-shek, a man of such opposition to the Chinese Communists that fucking Taiwan exists. Read a book
  4. His constituents deserve their representative, sir. Frankly I'm ashamed of you. (Not really, this is a bit) This lying fraudman huckster-person is following the American Dream, as defined by its 45 President, ok? "Its BeSt presiDENT the best PREcedent there's ever precedentited in presentdential dentiaLism... TUMP! Illegal, Faudulant bad bad vot bad vot not TUMP TUMP! TUMP! TUMP WN TUMP WN TUMP WN! U LY U LY TMP WN" -This dude's voters, I assume
  5. Xi played Putin like a dall [I want some stank on "doll", hence the spelling] The real question is what Putin has to give up to Xi to get the war stopped. Russia will never be able to afford peace with Europe without becoming a satellite of China. All this bellyaching aside, Ukraine is DUH winnning and is going to keep winning for as long as America doesn't disintegrate. This is the kind of war the U.S. has wanted to fight since we teabagged Tojo. Saddam and his 4th largest army in the world was like having a motherfucker say "I'mma go down baby" and then he just kinda blows on that shit then sticks it in. Just totally abrupt and not what you sold me on, y'know. Like, really disappointing TBH. Taliban?? IS-IS/IL? Those dudes drive fucking Ford Broncos! This Javelin Missile cost half-a-fucking-million doll hairs. It costs more to kill these motherfuckers than it does to let them kill! (Also known as the School Shooter dillema, kids learn the damndest things: so desensitized by movies, television, and the internet... to say nothing of what's on the news! [This is a Jim Carrey's The Grinch bit])) Anyway, I only started typing to agree with ... The U.S.S.R. making like a Kesha and going Tiiiimber was quite enough scattering of atomics to the winds of opportunity for a few hundred years. If a few places get their independence from that bass ackwards despotate then all the better, but I would expect the U.S. government to assist the Russian state in surviving Putin's follies and would vote against any politician who did not. We learned this in 1919. You do not erase a structure without knowing what replaces it, and without commiting to that replacement in a spirit of goodwill and genuine humanitarianism. Anything else is revenge porn, and that is not what drives moral actions. Have you seen West Asia lately? Though that's absolutely the furthest I'll agree with certain non-quoted characters. Even the corrupted can cling to a good point, even if the outcome they reach with it is just wrong.
  6. HA! HAHAHAHAHA AH HA! HA HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... ... UH UH UHHAHAHA! It's all you, E! Oh my god. You just made me laugh hysterically as James Bond is about to get cbt by Dr. Lecter. I know Elon was a hero to a lot of people before he bought Twitter, people who admired electric cars and rockets. Who admired this or that or whatever. But after he bought Twitter, after everyone had their baba taken away and this dude has gone full Tiger Blood? That's when Elon Musk became a hero to me.
  7. Like at some point doesn't it stop becoming endless defeats and you start getting value out of having like a HUNDRED papers with red marks and underlines and see after class notes because, um, a bunch of those judges may not be willing to put their shitty salary and eternal reputation on the line for the legal equivalent of a shit-smeared diagram that says "Trump Rulz, Hilray Droolz"... in 2021-present, but the future is coming around tomorrow and I worry about what these people are capable of next midterms when they have the benefit of private tutoring and some fucking adderall or something. Yeah, even the most despicable sellout who gets appointed to a federal bench is still the kind of person who is just too self-serious to stick their neck out for this clown shit But you come back next time, with tutoring and a CHECKLIST from friendly-inclined judges, and you've got a solid C- kinda case here this time... "states rights, you say, and have done your homework!"... I mean that's a different thing. Because in my opinion, I give them a C+ on the Attempt to Overthrow the Republic review. Yeah, they didn't pull it off but they also got away with not pulling it off which almost seems harder than pulling the fucking thing off in the first place. Eta: * i meant MIDTERMS in the bolded instance like in a school kinda way not political. Like midterm testing. Could have been better written but fuck it I'm hungry
  8. I think it absolutely is. Some players have it and they're dangerous. But when teams get it, that's 07 Giants and 08 Cards shit Magic
  9. I don't know nothin 'bout no law. Nothin So, @Ser Scot A Ellison , and other legal minds please take me to school here if you have the time and inclination But in my part-time as moon-shrieking sociologist (we all know it's up to something. Just... up there and all) I have learned that most entrenched power structures are rather unattracted to, even actively allergic to, innovation. It's a bad word in jargon-specific and precedent-reliant professions. "You're trying a NEW argument? Sir, this job is looking for OLD justifications for concurrent actions! Remand yourself from these premises and let the hooker go!"- As I imagine these things go So anyway, my point. Now that the judges have slapped down all these Trump cases and whatnot, haven't they in-doing provided the Trumpies with the legal checklist to abide to next time? Am I oversimplifying or misunderstanding how this process works? Jokes aside, I seriously don't know how this works.
  10. Naw dawg. Classic BoyBrain thinking How the fuck you gonna fuck with a liquid, even a sliquid like eggnogg? Take that shit outside. Gonna burrr burrr buuuurrrn so good downtown once conditions have, uh, hardened into ice.... Once the roads are, uh, slick Dangerous, even Hopefully Biden really Built Back Better the tunnels, yknow what I'm sayin'? (I'm 'bout to Christmas with In-Laws, I gotta blow off steam, it's your fault for engaging )
  11. Den? Outside, I said! I'm in the Den. With the fire and the eggnogg Motherfucker's out there
  12. Well the Vet absolutely forbade it, as a general practice entirely apart from this current cold, but she also acknowledged that because :legally speaking: that was a man taking a shit in her office litterbox she really didn't have any business, to say nothing of jurisdiction or inclination, getting involved.
  13. What kind furry do you have? Do you keep yours outside too? I had my furry neutered, even though I don't hold with the practice when it comes to cats or dogs.
  14. I think there has to be something worth exploring, the level of emotional investment and dependency people have with these things is... alarming. I, just personally, this is just me- think about it in terms of where the money that people are making is funneled, because we know they aren't saving it. When seventy-five percent or more of your budget is food/housing/transport/utilities (so, like, the basics of having a job and place to live) some people prioritize emotional sugar rushes like kidstalgia and pseudo-relations like twitch streams and friendcast shows. They could be doing meth instead. Which might be preferable, because that meth money would go to a local entrepreneur and that Disney+ subscription cash goes into the Mickey Mouse offshore account and is never seen again... or is that how economics works? As far as I'm concerned, I don't care what braindead podcast/youtube/QAnon/Disney bullshit you fill your head with, as long as you do it on your employer's time or while you're at school. When you're at home you better not be on that shit or I'll come Emotionally ReDevelop you (berate the shit out of you) as part of my 26 week live-in NewYearNewYou Personal Improvement course. And don't give them your FUCKING MONEY It like legit makes me sad when I see folks who probably don't make a lot of money buying E-stickers and making E-fetti rain over the chatbox while someone else gets paid to play a game. Like yo that ain't healthy If you're watching something like that at work I get it, you're chained to a desk I dig it. But this is what people think of is fun? Like, for your own personal recreation? Paying someone else to recreate for you?
  15. It's really fucking cold. I had to keep typing going to avoid hypothumbia
  16. Value is entirely subjective without an open score keeper, yes. That's why nihilism is stupid. A value of 0 is always less of a number than any other number. So even if the entire universe is corrupt or bad to you, at a value of minus-INFINITY That minus-INFINITY is a number. That has value somewhere to something, even if not to you. Hence nihilism being an overwrought exercise in self-importance. That being said, nihilistic stupidity is measurable and therefore valuable. Philosophical arithmetic. GOML So get religion or get an authoritarian algorithm-driven power structure into place locally and you'll find all kinds of value and meaning in every interaction again. I just cured Wallowing Nihilism- you're welcome that'll be 69 payments of $69.96, Canadian quarters only. Exact change required (It's cold, let me riff)
  17. Huh? Somethin somethin nukes? Motherfucker worry about what you can do or not do in your own life. Powers gonna do or not do whatever the fuck their lever operators think will benefit them- no amount of anxiety will reduce this reality There's nothing any apocalypse-capable power (including Russia) can gain by putting pieces of the sun in Ukraine or anywhere else on Earth right now that is worth the Skydive sans Parachute that is nuclear escalation. That being said, crazy people do crazy shit- crazy people CAN come to control major, even apocalyptically armed, powers. Watcha gonna do? Desperate people do crazy shit when they feel the walls locking in- the situation in Russia CAN get so desperate that Putin goes all TEnET on us, but again watcha gonna do? You could get stabbed in the eye by a pen-wielding homeless former Secretary Rice who mistakenly put all her savings into FTX because she thought she was gonna get an NFL GM job- watcha gonna do, playa?
  18. Nuclear smuclear Take a fuckin chance once in a while
  19. I mean that's the truth though. C'mon. We all know it. Lols and shit aside, someone told fukboi Josh he better not be seen with Zelensky or else Sir will be mad. Josh doesn't want to make Sir mad. I wouldn't either, if I were into what fukboi Josh is into. I can't say it here, now, because I'm making this libel up as I go but I hear it's some daaaaaark shit man. Tell everybody you know!
  20. You can't base a general off me. If I were a General I'd run my whole staff out of one of those armored Spas the Ukrainians just got. In fact, my treachery well established, I might betray our Ukrainian allies to the NuReds just to get my dirty dirty footpaws on theirs. You don't want me to run a bath without an authority figure nearby. It's not that I -can't- It's that nobody knows what I'mma do. Least of all me
  21. Hannibal? Ok, I like GEnerAls who don't lose Afrika (You know Donald spells Africa like a German, just for reasons[lol, who am I kidding, we all know Donald couldn't spell "spell"]). You take twenty years to be LOSer, I don't need you, Ok?
  22. Blood don't pay bills, playa Not unlike a Republican, my loyalty is never for sale - but it is always for rent.
  23. When I was six years old my father got me and my brothers and sister (I don't actually have brothers) together and made us swear a blood oath to live in peace with no spider and to always be an enemy of Rome.
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