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  1. "They have a...remarkable ability to express their differences without resorting. To. Violence." "Aye, Captain, and perhaps one day humanity will be able to say the same sir." "Sooner than you think. MR. Checkov. Sooner than you think..." [Created by Gene Roddenberry...]
  2. I cannot be blamed that, the way you described this, I pictured like an 8 foot tall gumby-ish green alien meandering amongst the huu-maans like a reverso-Captain Kirk.
  3. YAAAS! ****QUALIFIED*** Shared Congratulations!!!! * qualified because, as I have ranted previous, the fact that this criminal's provisional access to what has become colloquialy seen as the town square is such a big issue raises serious concerns about the kind of systems we are allowing to moderate our interactions with one another no matter the political ideology of the exploiting interest***** But as long as Twitter is seen as a place of free speech then his freech should be chee. FREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDUUUUUUUMM
  4. So help me, so did I! Is that real? I take it all back. All of it. Long live Twitter! But only as long as Less-Compentent Mussolini is allowed on.
  5. Sprezzatura! My name is a swooning word. God Wills It, indeed Islam, then? Some fruits are sweetness worth their cost. To swoon at a word, that is sweet.
  6. Dawg, I used to joke at school about the HILARIOUS dichotomy of your momma handing you a knife. Handing it to you! Putting the KNIFE in your hand. And saying "go get that nice dry one hanging all sad and hardened-looking there. Nah-uh, the other one. Go get it and Imma beat your lyin ass with it." And then you DO!!! Ain't life a riot? Meanwhile my sister's kids are raised like Wade, but with an Ipad since before they can walk. I fear for them. When I visit the youngest one will open the garage door of his own initiative. Open the fridge. Get a Capris Sun, throw it at me and be like "stick the straw in, bitch, I gotta thurst. Spidey and friends ain't gonna rewatch itself." I have never seen him drink water. I feel ick when I drink soda in front of him (my bad habbit).
  7. Shaitan. I do not like it when you feed my people to Shaitan.
  8. I'll take it, thanks. I don't fail to see that Twitter has its perks. Smoking crack will help you lose weight real fucking fast! I just refuse to be blinded to the horrible realities that come with the highs. Perhaps it's egotistical but I really feel like there should be at least one person in every room who can say 'motherfucker you are smoking crack!!!" I will be that person here, in this moment. Because I am, like, the MoST STAble JEanish am blathagammmmm...... PS: My sister and I used to have to cut our own switches from the willow tree out front. Obviously I had to do this far less frequently. Because I was the good one. And by 'good' I mean smart. I was the smart one. Because 'good' is interpreted by way of conformity to existing power structures with only flavorful, ultimately insubstantial (one might say decorative or even virtual), incongruities that do not strain to upset the party. And baby I bring the flavor to every party. Molotovs are so last millenium. Reactive Armor< Half-a-dozen deliberately timed baggies of thermite from the roofs = Be a real hero
  9. Politics is a flat circle... or something. I never saw Dallas Buyers Club. So I have become something of a reactionary realist (I know, I also wanted me to be a radical but that flat circle thingy...) I lack the prerequisite dependency language with which to envision a future of these "social media" (call it Social Subversion and you will be more accurate) that does not include coercive mass delusion and societal fragmentation for the sake of profit. Although my chief complaint against these mass social subversion services is and always has been that it conditions the users to view intangible expressions as physical gain. (Dopamine) What an insidiousness. It has even captured so many of you. Changing your profile pic blue and yellow does nothing to help Ukraine. Bombs, guns, trucks, dollars, and friendly homes for the destitute helps the Ukrainian people. "Raising awareness" is great and can be done with literally any form of communication. (HYPOTHETICALLY!!!) You people (all of you, like all of America except for me and twelve neocons apparently) could have located and murdered... that fella you're all so steamed about... Couldda just found out where he is. Gotten ten or fifteen million of yas together (that fancy-smancy media tool could help!) and just solved that problem. Didn't Couldda done that to the man you fuckholes(with love!) treat like goddamn Voldemort. Didn't Or McConnell when he actioned a premeditated and fucking obvious plan to steal away individual liberties regarding treatment of ones own physical flesh. Didn't When your government was violently attacked, civil servants MURDERED ON LIVE TELEVISION and everybody knew something must be done y'all could have called for every goodly American with means to rendezvous at the capitol building (peacefully) to see the treachers hanged. Didn't Didn't Didn't Didn't Didn't Didn't All the crises. All the Rubicons. Did Twitter help with any of them? Oh, wait, there were those like two Womens Marches where the Democratic party and associated "Action Committees", "Charities", and "Activist Groups" gathered anyone with a big enough heart and small enough attention span to let even more of their miserly pay be siphoned away by an interest group that has no goddamn interest in the people from whom they siphon. At some point it must be realized that this platform and others like it dilutes agency among the many. Because of course it does. Why act when you can opine? Eta: dopamine is spelled with an A. I blame the Russians! Eta2: All traditionally has two Ls
  10. What did Twitter do to overthrow Assad? What did it do to increase the physical, tangible, lives of these disabled users? There was communicative gain from Twitter. Undeniable. Same for TikTok, Insta, BlahBla, WhoGiv_Fuk, SkoolSoot, Incelgram, and Masturbatordon. But, uh, playa. The phone or computer whomever, wherever, used to access the features of the app was far more epowering a device than an explicitly user-attention-exploiting system of data transfers. Twitter's mission goal was always to make users think they could not live without it. THAT WAS THE PROBLEM With love.
  11. There should be a science of discontent. People need hard times to develop psychic muscles. Muad'Dib
  12. Wait, wait! I got another one: After recent changes in front-line commanders Comrade Putin told me that "An Airtight Case for Freshness" had been made to him and he was moving forward under such persuasion. We will see how this strategy works out.
  13. A flying elbow from the top of the cage! 10,000 points for brutality in honesty.
  14. Psychologie Des Foules- Gustave Le Bon 1895 baby. Fear the futurist
  15. Power motivates itself. SpaceX is power. The human dream of foriegn shores onto which it can embed is pervasive. Any further analysis is wishmaking, time wasting, or simple doomsaying. Leave the masterful their follies; lest they refocus to make the masses more miserable.
  16. Employing air warfare doctrine from the 19th century (yes, the 19th!!!) In the year 2022 is the most Russian thing I've heard since they were last organizing penal battalions... in the year 2022.
  17. Good... gooood... Seethe my children. Seethe and let your rages abound. Seethe The twilight of the war on tyrants is upon us! (I had this crazy dream last night where I was late for the bus and cried but when I looked up it was fucking Christmas. I don't know what that is about, but for now I'm calling it a good dream and blocking out the rest... kinda likd I did for Christmas that year after I missed the bus... and the antler shed... papa's carving room... oh the blood it was everywhere. It's all coming back! I told Stacey not to go into papa's shed but she wouldn't listen. The bus! Oh god the bus!)
  18. I just took a gander at Over the Cap and fuckboi Ballard gave Leonard multiple millions guaranteed through 2025!!! The Colts are going to be dragging around this crippled cheerleader for the next three fucking years. I cannot take another pregame expose about a guy who ain't even a football player no more. Every good team in the league would have looked at Leonard and been happy with a 3rd round compensatory pick when he left to fail in NY. The Colts paid him like a fucking QB.
  19. So yesterday I felt like the Colts actually had a offensive identity for the first time in half a decade. Longer, if you like me struggle to identify what the fuck Chuck Pagano was thinking with his OC hires. Anyway, they ran the ball often and from under center. And didn't abandon their best offensive playmaker's entire theater of attack at the first sign of a 2nd and 8. That is better. Go Colts. You can beat anybody with a persistent rushing game and good defense. I do not say that they will beat the Iggles. But they can. And I would not have allowed as much under previous regime. Go Colts.
  20. So I was wrong. The Colts are not tanking. It was a coup. No OC, no HC who was the playcaller. Ryan is starting because he is now the effective OC. Fascinating. I did not think that i could respect Matt Ryan but good for him! Good for him! And if nothing else he rid me of Reich and that is a suicide bombing I must be thankful for.
  21. A swan, break a mans arm? Lies! They break your spirit. I've... seen the videos, ok?
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