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  1. The garbage disposal they use to write the script hasn't been meeting its deadlines. I heard they're in talks with a dumpster fire to Script Doctor it up, but one of the producers is partial to giving that job to a basket full of epileptic spiders so... stay tuned
  2. Certainly I struggle to imagine the Sisterhood allowing sisters to be told of their relation, it would threaten a relation that might supercede the relation to (ironically) the Sisterhood. Though off that you could do something with the two discovering their shared parentage on their own, having conflicted loyalties... but to what point and purpose? It seems like a convoluted conception for a space machine war program
  3. I take it on faith that Villeneuve is gonna do Messiah already, btw. It's just too perfect.
  4. I wrote but never posted a bit about this, to summarize in a less insane bit: If you're not going to do Sheeana... (I dream they're saving the Frank texts for film by the likes of Villeneuve to be followed by Ridley Scott doing Children of Dune, Christopher Nolan can do God Emperor of Dune (he's got the temperament for it), and we will get George Miller for Heretics. I trust him to do something good with the radical feminists who are using sex to produce a melange substitute (). I'm saving Chapterhouse so I can't recommend who should direct.)... then some kind of Bene Gesserit prequel could be a real fun dalliance with the sisterhood. But tying it to the butlerian jihad is folly in the highest order. You're no longer making a Bene Gesserit show, you're making a machine war show. Might as well go watch The Matrix
  5. I cannot imagine this being good. But then, I could not imagine House of the Dragon being good. HBO makes good stuff. Perhaps there is a golden path to be found.
  6. The Last of Us 2 had a very bold, very good, idea for a story about revenge. Unfortunately they edited the story script with a fucking weed whacker.
  7. For real tho. She looks like a sun damaged barbie. She should only talk when someone pulls her string, and then I only wanna hear "Let's go to the mall, Ken!"
  8. "Police are inevitably corrupted. ... Police always observe that criminals prosper. It takes a pretty dull policeman to miss the fact that the position of authority is the most prosperous criminal position available."
  9. I haven't even looked at my roster. One year deals, all of em
  10. QBs: Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen (Dak Prescott, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence) WRs: Terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson, Rashod Bateman, Jerry Jeudy (DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Alec Pierce, Parris Campbell) RBs: Rahmondre Stevenson, Nyheim Hines, Tony Pollard (Kenyon Drake) TEs: TJ Hockenson, Dalton Schultz (Mo-Alie Cox) K: Evan McPhearson Def: New Orleans, Philly, Pittsburgh
  11. Dropping Odell and Calvin Ridley
  12. I feel the same. 1 at most. Personally, I say none.
  13. Would the 24th be possible for Experts? I know it's early but there's only one more preseason game and I don't think it conflicts with anybody. Alternatively I offer the 4th or 5th, a Sunday and Monday respectively. Just trying to help gather momentum towards a consensus, not making demands.
  14. My cap situation should be supreme. If it's not there will be hell to pay with my GM
  15. It disappoints me how little imagination is tolerated in these pursuits. How GoT becomes the round hole every other shaped peg gets smashed into I'll never understand. Because "condense and cut this shit to get it done in 8" really worked out for GoT
  16. I'll make it work, just give me enough heads-up to manipulate my work schedule.
  17. Yo, an emoji isn't enough. This is my nomination for post of the fucking year.
  19. So complicated response coming to a complicated thing... I had -I' assuming a little on your part- that same :gag: response to seeing that they're making a Teenage spinoff. That's pure corporate demograbbing. It's a real life parody of the show that's parodying real life... But that's the world we livin' in, baby. We are in the most fuckwitted timeline. I believe in the satire, and in the artistic message of The Boys. As in, I believe that the show is honest in it's relentless skewering of corporatism and authoritarianism and general hero worship. It's too good not to be honest. Too real. The Deep eating Timothy is exactly what fiction was made for. Insert every one of those Trumpian ghouls who had to endure his pettiness into that scene and you get a new lense from which to view how small, how pathetic, the people who gain power in our systems really are. This show has something to say. That's why it resonates. In an age of hero worship and wilful ignorance as to what the people in power are really like, The Boys is making an effort to show you how malicious and inexhaustible evil really is. Y'all are all upset that the show 'isn't progressing' because 'Homelander isn't beaten' or whatever, you're missing the point. The progress of the show is that the heroes have fought and grown and changed or died to show how evil, cynical, and brutal Homelander and Vought are... But people don't care. They like it when he rants and raves. They like it when he kills people they don't like. Sound a little familiar? Not clapping high-fives and banishing Thanos at the end for a happily ever after is the point. Yeah, that seemed so inevitable. That was like the only good part about the last episode. Homelander + Soldier Boy's daddy issues = fight
  20. Great season, the best one so far. But unfortunately the last episode was the worst of any season, as far as I recall. That said, it wasn't THAT bad. Pretty bad, but Stranger Things' finale was worse than this one. Way worse. I also kinda got the impression that Homelander didn't want to kill Maeve (forced mother and all that) but the episode was so jank they never properly set that (or a bunch of other shit) up.
  21. When he rolls down that ramp and sighs... Lmfao
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