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  1. Your #1 WR and #2 WR are out. You can't pass protect worth shit. Jonathan Taylor had 9 rushes. He didn't get hurt or nothin neither (Oh, and that #2 WR is a second round rookie with two career targets, no catches, a drop, and now one missed game out of two eligible)
  2. Right on, I'm caught up now. Yeah, I was just examining the sequence factors that led to war as opposed to dedicated opposituon. I wish no affiliation with whatever madness these people are frothing.
  3. Huh? Nah, I'm saying that U.S.A existed in opposition to Imperial Germany years before war was declared in 1917. And also that one of the disastrous consequences of unrestricted sub warfare was that USA went from opponent to open enemy. Hitler's relation to USA in 1941 is basically the same thing over again. Again with disastrous consequences for the German leadership. So what I'm actually trying to convey here is that Putin would be a fool to try and politic-play himself into some situation where NATO has declared war on Russia. If you're Russia you'd rather fight Ukraine with America in its corner than Ukraine and America both in the ring at the same time. Does that make any sense?
  4. Well I'm not about to be up with whatever I'm sure he's trying to say. But he's not, basically, incorrect. Nazi Germany and America were enemies throughout WW2, for economic reasons alone. Just like, by 1915, the Kaiser's Germany and U.S.A were enemies. For economic purposes, again. There's no Jewish conspiracy of course, it's basic geopolitics as driven through economy. Like literally the easiest thing to grasp about a nation state and its policies. In 1914 U.S.A would have happily supported Germany's war effort exactly as it supported the Entente's. But the British said no, you are our supplier or no ones. And U.S.A took that deal because we're a nation of lazy greedy assholes and thus became a nation of lazy greedy asshole war profiteers. So when Soviet troops are dying wearing American made boots, dying driving American made trucks, and dying firing American made rifles as the Nazis drive on Moscow in '41... C'mon, you're already enemies. Yes, in Hitler's worm eaten brain that pretty straightforward political opposition is some kind of Jewish conspiracy. But that doesn't mean the broader fact that America and Nazisim (used to be) are openly opposed to one another. Now, where it's again a-okay to point out what a dumb fuck Hitler is in this calculation (setting aside the rabid anti-Semitism for dispassionate analysis), is that it's better to have America happy and fat playing banker of the Allies than it is to have them come out their weight on you too. The real failure of unrestricted submarine warfare wasn't strategic (failing to starve Britannia), it was a political failure because it made U.S.A a naked belligerent. One of a hundred lessons from the first World War that Hitler was too batshit to learn.
  5. I mean what it probably is is some kind of hover drone with cray cray stealth capabilities being operated by a high speed gal in the belly of a cruiser in the Mediterranean. But aliens is just funner
  6. I don't know man, none of us know anything man that's the one thing that you can know you know what I mean man???
  7. I'm ready to believe. Why not? Alien? Matrix world? Why not? Fuck it.
  8. Mr Hackett should just start planning to take the family to Greece during the spring now. He ain't gonna have a job to worry about.
  9. Kenny Moore is 'one of the best slot guys in the league' everyone knows it! One of the rare things Ballard has done wisely regarding dispensation of $$$s, not indulging Moore's holdout. Overrated dork just made Christian Kirk look like a 20 million dollar man.
  10. Weaklings should have held out for an idol clue.
  11. For real tho. She looks like a sun damaged barbie. She should only talk when someone pulls her string, and then I only wanna hear "Let's go to the mall, Ken!"
  12. "Police are inevitably corrupted. ... Police always observe that criminals prosper. It takes a pretty dull policeman to miss the fact that the position of authority is the most prosperous criminal position available."
  13. Coffee is a crutch of the mind. All crutches are to be despised. At least that's what my comportment instructor always said when I asked to have some on early mornings, walking between the davenport and chifforobe with perfect posture. Then she'd whack the books off my head with her crutches and quaff more coffee while I gathered the weights and rebegan my steps...
  14. Republican strategists are better than their Democratic (and democratic) counterparts. If they're pivoting to bring more attention to abortion I suspect they have a good plan. Rubio and Graham are two of the smarter ones. Mock your enemy at your own peril.
  15. Lies on the cover itself. Everyone knows Trump is The Son of Orangutan
  16. I'm not gonna tell you I told you so then so I'm telling you now that I'm telling you now that when then comes around you're gonna feel even stoopider for how quickly you let that poison called hope bloat your dreams past their proper placement in slumber. Hope belongs in the bottom of a well with unwanted children. Cast yours away sooner and you'll be better for it.
  17. I've never seen such a thing. It was like they crossed the fifty and thought they'd taken the lead, just had to drain the clock... ... ... So that they could kick a FG... ... ... From the OTHER SIDE of the fifty!
  18. In broad daylight they make their plots against us Democracy doesn't die in darkness, it dies in apathetic impotence
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