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  1. Still workin my way through season 2 of my rewatch. Good show. Great, even. Not the BEST show. But it's pretty fucking great. HBO makes good stuff.
  2. Eh, if there's gas in the tank I say just go. Good ol' American spit and ingenuity'll figure it out on the way.
  3. I like real motherfuckers. It ain't gotta be any more than that. By the standards of the almighty 'market' I hear so fucking much about, he DESERVES it. He's worth more. He's standing against billionaires. This is football. He makes his own life choices. I'm rooting for entertainment. This entertains me greatly.
  4. I agree with the 'education' part... The rest I'm too dumb to have a real opinion on
  5. Maybe Lamar is done? Callin' it quits? Wouldn't be the first time the league blackballed a motherfucker for not falling in step. Then again the season is like literally a half-a-year away so what's the rush to decide today?
  6. Now that's a name I've not heard in a long, long, time. A long time...
  7. I think Tim Ryan is exactly the kinda Aww Shucks kinda NORMAL safe Democratic-liberal NORMAL... socialism That America needs. Just a little! New New Deal! Don't overthink it. Turn it into an environment/modernize-off with China. Doesn't even matter if it's true. Just get people to want to work for their fucking futures. People are sad. Ya gotta give 'em shit to be optimistic about! You're supposed to wear the hairshirt UNDER the sackcloth you idiots! And yo, I like Kamala. I liked that she sank her teeth in on her future boss in that first debate. Go for it!But sister you're like the swing vote in the Senate or something and I literally have no idea what you do Just being honest.
  8. The correct order is clearly 1) Die Hard 2) Die Hard With a Vengeance I love the third one. It's like a try hard attempt to remake a better movie but it is fun. That scene where the car is like spinning on the road is cray cray After that they're all whatever. Who remembers.
  9. I judge no man by the content of his Watched Recently list. Well I do, but I try to be fun about it.
  10. Even thinking about Chelsea Manning's book makes me sadfaced as fuck. So I've been slogging between print and audiobook versions of Anathem while taking long breaks trying to go outside and touch the grass but I feel like the weather itself conspires against me Talk about throwing The Book at someone. Not to take Jeep Chryst's name in vain, but it's splendid! Everything I said about Sanderson, in the Sanderson thread? Yeah, Neal Stephenson should do the opposite. Whatever this man wants. Ten-thousand page manuscript? Single issue, hardcovers only? Covers made of pure platinum bitcoin NFTs? I don't know what any of that means but yes! Give him whatever he wants.
  11. I started listening to The Stormlight book on the audible. But I actually had to stop because Sanderson was frustrating me. He had the best, as far as I'm concerned, top-down description of a battle I've like ever read. It was like Dan Carlin was describing it off Sanderson's fingertips. Really great shit. But then there's HOURS of like... craaaap man. And I'm over here trying to keep to 120k word limits and shit... Like yo, motherfucker... No offense and shit. LOVED Mistborn (1) The others were alright.
  12. Is the Avatar 2 really that bad? I intend to see the D&D movie at some point. I just have no interest in digi-worlds. Like it's cool and all. You can like what you like. But I wanna see a film. Avatar sucked yo. Maybe you had to see it in 3D. I didn't get it. Cool computers bro
  13. Honestly, and this is just my honest-to-god opinion: We need a real dirtbag. Someone who can get down to Trump's level. Senator Sanders, I'm sorry. You had your shot and you couldn't do it. Know your role. We need a real piece of shit. A real stone-faced motherfucker who can meet crazy and outta control with dracarys, if you know what I'm sayin. Sorrey, Mr. Manchin-inan candidate- what's your name again, I already forgot? Go away. Know your role. We need a real kinda brawler. Someone who never stops. That's why I'm nominating Amber Heard As the next president of the United States. Get her while you can. She's not the hero you want. She's the one you need. Just remember who said it first.
  14. If my game got interrupted for something like this I'd be spittin mad
  15. What if someone's just trying to be honest? Like, I loved Mistborn. Loved it. The other two are alright. But I mean... I don't mean to be mean Endings are waaaay overrated. They're also literally the most important part. And can make or break your entire story after it's already over. So... Good luck!
  16. But it works. In a country full of angry and dissatisfied people they're going to turn to, if nothing else, what makes them feel good. Or at the very least virtuous. He should have been charged with something by the senate and congress. Do something then and you don't have to worry about this shit now. People died!!! The fact that McConnel and crew allowed this coup-starting murderizer to walk away with political cover is proof that the party will never actually stand up to him. China invading Russia or Russia invading the Baltics is fantasy land shit. Ukraine is real. Trump is real. Russia is real. Do I really have to step out on a limb to make this point? My god, he doesn't have to pull out of NATO. He just has to say "Look, I love the yukrane. I love the yukrane, ok? Nobody was tougher on Russia than me. That's why, that's why you'll notice that the yukranes were free when I was precedent Ok?" and the crowd will be like... "Huh?" Then they'll be like "Whatever, yeah! MAGA MAGA MAGA!" "But look, peeple! The Demo-chats have runed the enonomy! And they've scared away all of the joobs. Ok, where are all the joobs? I can't find 'em because they're all scared away... scared away to Ghiiiinah. Scary scary Ghiiiiinah, folks... Joobs like Ghiiiiinah, they like 'em. But I LOvE the yukrane, peeple. LovE the yukrane. That's why I lost Vladdy's number, and picked up Daddy's. That's right, folks. I'm not signing anymore aid. I've picked up the Red Phone. There's a Red Phone, did you know that peeple? I've picked up the Red Phone and we're calling for Peace in the East." I mean it basically writes itself.
  17. Hey I've been wrong before. I don't claim to be some political science wonk. I'm just telling you what makes sense to me. I can be obnoxious, perhaps. And could do better in managing that condition.
  18. Call in the mods and BAN IT Be strong. The kids will forget about it in a month. Literally. Their brains don't work so good no more. Get them back on Twitter. Nice, barely working, American owned Twitter. (Elon is American right? I don't care). Or the meta or whatever that sociopath is building under the sea... or is that Google? Whatever. My social media policy boils down to: If anyone is going to be puppeteering the massive mass of asses in America then goddammit it better be an American! These platforms are not your friends. Letting countries who aren't your friends use them to control the information your children see is... um, stupid.
  19. Never tried it. I didn't care for the Imperator: Rome game and Crusader Kings III was unplayable and unrecognizable as the Empire of Rome so, y'know. I'm out. I'll stick with the games that work.
  20. As I've developed into something approaching an adult over the years I've come to believe that other people are people too, sometimes. Weed does fucking smell. One should make attempt to smoke it outside. That's fucking difficult sometimes with laws and pandemics and shit. We all grow right? Each of our own individualized strain of person or something? I never cared about plants, which made being a quasi-farmer's kid a real pain in the ass.
  21. tsk tsk 1) You think the Chinese will be sanctioned??? And the American people will be ok with that? That's fucking adorable. 2) Prove it. Like, prove that China is making bullets. Go prove that to the Republican party when Donald Trump is all of a sudden saying "we can't lose trade with Ghinaaa, deeep state". As if he's never flip flopped before. 3) Russia is playing short game, China is playing long game, America is playing suicide games Russia is fucked when Putin dies. I don't know what he thought was gonna happen after him, but nobody does. He's a dog caught chasing cars. Ukraine will be his grave or the thing that historians look back on and say "It changed him, and he died a few years later." I'm sure he knows this. He just doesn't care. 4) China is smarter than you. Xi isn't stupid because he's not infallible. He's smart because he learns. The party adapts with him. Bye bye Hong Kong. Nice to know you. How long did outrage last over that? What happened with those sanctions eh? You think old Joe is gonna do... what exactly? To the "news" that some shell casings have Chineseish rightin' on 'em? You think he's gonna put it all on the line. All of it? All of it. Over China doing the exact same thing we're doing? Just imagine what Donald will say on that debate stage. My god, HE'LL BE RIGHT! He'll be right! Again! Xi doesn't need to like Donald Trump to do things that will help him. He just needs to like a broken America. 5) All you care about is money. In a general "western values" kinda sense. Yeah, yeah, democracy or whatever. But c'mon. What China gains by Russian war with Ukraine is the STAG GER ING expenditure of western money and resources on a war that they don't have very much to gain from. I mean what do you -get- at the other end of this fight? Ukraine has been ruined for almost the last ten years. Rebuilding is expensive as well. Meanwhile China can make a little dough or trade for cheap oil or gas or whatever with Russia (they're literally next door, friends) while aiding their psychopathic dictators' ruining of his country. Like I said. He ain't gotta send troops (which America has in Ukraine atm) and tanks and planes. What if he only sends "medical and quality-of-life" equipment? For "humanitarian" reasons? And of course the trucks and whatever else to transport them right? You think the American economy, it's corporate masters, are gonna let you ruin their profits to stop the "alleviation of Russian suffering"? THEY'RE COMMUNISTS
  22. Also, China and Russia have no reason not to be friends. Russia needs a daddy China is literally next door. Putin's not an idiot. Xi isn't gonna make him grovel. Tanks? I don't know. I don't know if China's gonna give those up. But bullets and shells? Why not? The same rationale y'all are making for the supply of Ukraine applies in reverse. 7.62mm is cheap Shells are cheap Russian lives cost China nothing What's the next Ukraine aid package gonna cost? Or the next one? Sleep tight.
  23. I'll step on this third rake (that's how that saying goes right?) first, I suppose. All this talk of TERFS (and a little bit of the devil's lettuce) got me to wrap up the podcast series, as I've been reading from Bari Weiss' site the past few months and well lo and behold... I think she makes a lot of good points! Mostly from the perspective that I'm basically a free speech absolutist, I have hated twitter since the second I met it, and I know exactly how stupid and hateful human beings are so... uh, yeah. I agree with her that I think a lot of young people have latched onto ideas about the gender and identity in ways that are... kinda not healthy. It's not their freedom to be whatever they want that I'm concerned about, its the fervor of it. I have held this opinion for a while. It's cool to be however you are. And I think it's brave to stand up to bullies. But the internet makes people terrible people. (Hi, my name is Jalen and I'm an internetaholic) I don't like being accused of being TERF or anti-woke or parroting right wing talking points because I have a principle that I hold more dearly than someone else does. For anything! Gimme a fucking break man, the first amendment is my thing. I'm a writer. I wanna write what the fuck I wanna write and say what I wanna say without worrying that my own people. My fucking liberal brothers and sisters and (Egdod bless your pea pickin hearts) the xers. Without worrying that my own side is going to leap to bad faith assumptions and make me afraid to... do shit! Chill, guys! Chill the fuck out! I'll stop using exclamations! But for real, yo. I get defensive too. I am also an internet asshole. But I got some real trauma and shit. And yo, I'm allowed to think that you're being weak when you let the fact that J.K. Rowling has opinions like impact your life and shit. I'm allowed to think that without being accused of enabling my own genocide. C'mon guys. We're better than that, as a society. I'm allowed to think that TERF is a nasty word without being one. I mean if I cross the line I get it, help reel me back in. And I would do the same except that I have trouble remembering where the line is It's a real fuckin problem. I see people about it and shit. Compared to that, yo. I just don't give a fuck about culture wars and shit more than that I have to navigate a minefield. Talking to my cousin, I'm dancing around trying not to find out what he watches on YouTube 'cause I ain't seen him in a long time and I'm trying to be nicer to people. I don't wanna know, I hope he doesn't tell me. I watch Stephen Kotkin. And U.S. Naval War College and the School of Transnational Governance and shit about WWI and WWII and sometimes I watch a funny fucking movie review and that's all I do and I don't give a single goddamn fuck about cancel culture or woke or anti-woke or whatever stupid horseshit you people waste your time with on Twitter. And sometimes I listen to Professor Chomsky too, when he's not being a pussy. Guy's got a lot of smart shit to say and I hope he lives forever. Love ya, out!
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